The Cowboy Burger Recipe: Fast & Delicious

I’ve been trying for years to make the perfect cheeseburger at home. I’ve tried countless recipes, added countless spices to the meat, tried all kinds of toppings….my burgers were still never as good as the ones I get from a restaurant.

Until this weekend.

I made the perfect burger. I consider it to be a life-changing miracle in our house. Ironically, I didn’t even make the burger meat. I recently bought a huge box of pre-made burgers from Wal*Mart- 34 patties (frozen but not pre-cooked) for $17.

We were planning our Labor Day block party so I needed burger patties in bulk for the lowest price possible. I was going for bulk, not premium flavor. Little did I know I was getting one of the best burger patties I’ve had in a long time.

We grilled a few of the patties a few days before the block party just to try them out. The patties were large and seasoned perfectly. Matt grilled them for 6-8 minutes per side and they had the best chargrilled flavor without being too overdone.

They were so easy and fast- and it eliminated all the messy prep work. I hate the prep work. Matt has been dying for me to make a Cowboy Burger and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I have to say, I liked it a whole lot more than I anticipated.

Cowboy Burger Recipe

The Cowboy Burger

2 perfectly cooked burger patties, seasoned if you prefer
2 slices Munster deli cheese, sliced thin
1 slice tomato
2 crispy onion rings
1 T honey BBQ sauce
2 slices crispy bacon
dab of mustard

Layer it all on the bun- Ball Park Golden Buns are my favorites right now- and enjoy. The kids did not like the BBQ sauce so they substituted ketchup and it was still delicious. Better with the BBQ sauce though. I served it with extra onion rings on the side.

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