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15 Signs You Might Be Ready For Summer Break To End



1. Your left eye has developed a permanent twitch.

2. Packing the kids up and taking them to the pool for the afternoon has become more work than fun.

3. You’ve started hearing the phrase “But I’m bored” by 10am from multiple kids.

4. When it rains 3 days in a row you’re happy because it means you don’t have to shave your legs for the pool.

5. Your kids have started fighting over stupid stuff- like what to name the cat that we don’t own and won’t be getting.

6. Your 1 nightly cocktail has morphed into multiple shots of straight up liquor.

7. Your house has the perma-stank of many teenage boys because they congregate in your living room to play Xbox for hours every day after playing basketball outside.

8. Your monthly grocery bill has hit 4 digits and your checking account has hit double digits. The two might be related.

9. Your husband comes home and whines “not pasta salad again” because it’s too hot to turn on the oven.

10. You are 1 mosquito bite away from being infected with some deadly disease that will probably turn you into a zombie. 

11. Little Kid Fight Club is starting to sound like a great way to make some quick cash since the kids are fighting anyway.

12. If the temps hit the 100’s one more time you are committed to moving to Alaska. 

13. Your house could be featured on an episode of Hoarders just from the dirty laundry waiting to be washed. 

14. The DVR is out of space because of all the cartoons your kids have figured out how to record.

15. You recently paid each kid $5 to just go spend 30 minutes in their rooms quietly so you could work on getting your left eye to stop twitching. 

 My left eye is still twitching. That was not money well spent. And I’m out of liquor. I think it might be time to call it quits on Summer Break. 


10 Free Or Cheap Ways To Beat The Kid’s Summer Boredom Blues

We’ve reached that point in summer vacation where the kids are getting a little tired of each other. They’ve started fighting more, annoying each other on purpose, and complaining of being bored. The pool is no longer as exciting, they’ve watched every movie we have, they’ve colored all the pages in the new coloring books, and even the sprinkler has lost it’s appeal. Time to break out the big guns.





1. Build a fort. We use blankets and cushions to make a multi-level fort so each kid has their own space. It’s a great way to encourage quiet time without fighting the naptime battle.



2. Have a treasure hunt. For older kids I like to do an alphabet hunt where they search for something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. For the little ones I use pictures of items for them to find. It’s at least an hour of fun and giggles!



3. Make your own photo booth. Find old dress up costumes and props, hang up a bright colored sheet, use an old frame from a large picture. Be creative and watch your kids spend the next few hours posing for pictures.



4. Make water balloon pinatas out of large water balloons and hang them from the jungle gym. Fill a few of the balloons with a little prize.



5. Make giant bubbles in a baby pool.



6.Make felt faces. I stock up on felt pieces, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes through the year so I can whip them out when the summer boredom sets in. The kids love trying to make their own faces out of felt.



7. Have a backyard movie night. Invite the neighborhood kids and make it a family event. Buy the boxes of $1 candy from The Wal*Mart and divide popcorn up in little paper bags. Ask each person to bring a beach towel to sit on.



8. Make a shaving cream slip ‘n’ slide. Place a cheap vinyl tablecloth at the end of a slide and cover both with shaving cream! We use the slide attached to our playground set. It’s perfect for our yard- we can’t have a traditional slip ‘n’ slide because of the bumps and hills.



9. Freeze small toys in a tub of water. When it’s frozen, dump the big ice cube out on a trash bag and let the kids chip away at it with plastic spoons and forks to claim their prizes!



10. Make ice cream in a bag- always a crowd pleaser and easy enough for the toddlers to help! Take 1/2 cup half & half, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and 2.5 teaspoon of sugar and combine in a tightly sealed sandwich size ziploc bag, pressing the air out as you seal. Place that bag inside another sealed sandwich size gallon bag. Then fill a gallon size ziploc bag half-way full of ice cubes, and mix with 6 tablespoons of coarse kosher salt. Put the sealed sandwich size bag into the middle of the ice and seal the larger bag. You need to shake the bag for 5-10 minutes until the ice cream forms. Make it into a game, toss the bag back and forth, see who can shake it the fastest or the hardest. When it’s done, enjoy an icy treat!



So there you go. 10 Pinterest-inspired free or cheap ways to beat the summer boredom blues! Your kids will love it and the lack of whining and fighting will be it’s own reward!



The 2013 Summer Bucket List

School is out for the summer. My shouts of glee could be heard up and down the street all morning long yesterday. Why? Because every one of my kids slept in past 9:15am. That is reason enough to celebrate. Oh yes, it is.

I love summertime.

Now that my kids are getting a little older I want to make sure we are making summer memories and doing things other than sitting in front of the xbox or watching television. We try to pack a lot into the first part of summer vacation because by the end of June the temps will be approaching 100 degrees and outside fun becomes torture.

1. Have a water balloon fight
2. Go to a drive in movie
3. Have a block party
4. Take a trip to the safari park
5. Run through the sprinkler
6. Have a lemonade stand
7. Make root beer floats
8. Have a 4th of July BBQ
9. Watch 4th of July fireworks
10. Catch fireflies
11. Draw with sidewalk chalk
12. Go to the outdoor concert series
13. Have a picnic
14. Fly a kite
15. Make smores over the fire pit
16. Dance in the rain
17. Make sno cones
18. Go to the childrens museum
19. Take swimming lessons
20. Go to the zoo

I sat down with the kids to make our summer bucket list this year and most of these things are their suggestions. And might I add that I’m particularly stoked to see that most of their ideas are either free or very low cost. Clearly they have been paying attention to Matt’s “we’re on a budget here people” speech that we listen to at least once a week…usually when he sees the Target receipts collecting on the counter. My response tends to lean towards “budget smudget” to which his reply is always “government housing” so I know this bucket list will make him proud.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Summer Etiquette Lessons from an Irritated Mama

It seems that some parents need a refresher course on what constitutes acceptable behavior during the summer months. Let me help you out with that. Please consider this a very specific but not all-inclusive list of things that you should not do to anyone, but especially not to me. This mama don’t play.


1. Do not send your kids to my house to ring the doorbell before 10:30am. This includes sending them at 8:30am, 9am, 9:45am and 10:15am. I’m looking at you, lady down the street whose name I don’t even know. Don’t foist your kids off on me because you don’t want to deal with them. Guess what? I don’t want to deal with them either. My kids sleep late in the summer. I told your kids when they rang the doorbell the first time that my kids were still sleeping and I would send them outside when they woke up. There was no excuse for your kids to come back and ring the bell again, 3 MORE TIMES, before 10:30am. I would tell you to teach your kids some manners but clearly you don’t have any either.

2. Do not send your kids to my house at dinner time. I have enough kids to feed. And if I tell your kid that he (or she) cannot come in to play because we are sitting down to dinner, I do not want to hear him (or her) say “oh, my mom said I can eat over here.” Um…..no. I will be sending your kid right back home. The same applies for sending your kid over here to tell me that he (or she) can spend the night. If I want your kid to spend the night, I will issue an invitation. If you have not received such an invitation then guess what? You’re kid is not invited to spend the night. Der.

3. Do not tell your kids to ask me for snacks, drinks, Popsicles, bathroom breaks, or phone privileges before you send them to my house. You live 3 houses down, your kids can walk home for any of the above things. This not a 7-11. If you continue to do this, I will return the favor. And I have more kids than you so be warned.

4. Do not assume that I am running a free summer day camp. Just because I am technically a Stay-At-Home Mom does not mean I am available to babysit your kids whenever you need me. I realize that you work full-time but I am not free summer child care. I have work to do also and I have plans that have been made that do not include your kids. Getting offended and snotty when I turn you away at the door as you try to drop your kids off at 8am only makes you look stupid. 

5. Do not send your kids to my house armed with messy art supplies. I will not let them in the door. Send them with colored bubbles, play-doh, un-washable craft paint, or those stupid markers made for windows and I will be sending your child home with a puppy. This also goes for Sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint, and water guns full of colored paint. You know who you are.

Please do not make me repeat myself. If necessary, I can print out this list for you and put it somewhere that you will be sure to see it every day. Stapled to your forehead, perhaps?

I’m Pouring My Heart Out.

Our Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about you guys but Summer sure seems to fly by around my house. One minute we’re wrapping up the end of the school year with parties and graduation ceremonies and the next minute it feels like we’re buying Back-to-School supplies! This year I decided to do a Summer Bucket List to make sure that we got to do as many fun things as possible. Each of the kids got to have input on what they wanted to do before school starts again at the end of August. I think we came up with a fantastic list full of free or cheap things to keep us busy this summer!

My goal is to finish all 24 items by the time school goes back in the last week of August but it might be too hot to do the zoo until September. Yay for summer vacation! And double yay for making fun memories with my kids!!

Have you made a Bucket List for summer yet?