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7 Signs You’re A Stay Home Mom During Cold & Flu Season




I love being a stay-home-mom. I really do. But during cold and flu season I put the emphasis on “stay-home”. We don’t go out all over town exposing ourselves to all the germs. We spend a lot of time at home or at the park on warmer days. That means by March I am generally going stir crazy. Sometimes there’s even twitching.


7 Signs You’re A Stay Home Mom During Cold & Flu Season


1. You ate half a pop-tart, 3 bites of a banana, and 5 M&M’s for breakfast because that’s what was leftover on your kid’s plates and you’re trying to stretch the groceries to avoid going to the store.


2. You haven’t worn anything other than yoga pants and baggy tops for a week because the only person you ever see during the day is your toddler and she still wears diapers so who’s she gonna judge.


3. You can recite an entire season’s worth of Doc McStuffins episodes. 


4. Your husband comes home from work 20 minutes late and you give him the evil eye. Then you talk non-stop for 5 hours because he’s the only adult conversation you’ve had all day. Finally he falls asleep in self defense.


5. You see your neighbor for the first time in 3 months when you walk down the driveway to get the mail. That’s how you know the hibernation is coming to an end.


6. You’ve bought more hand sanitizer than wine over the past few months.


7. You considered opening the door for the Jehovah’s Witnesses that came to your house just so you’d have an adult to talk to that day. This would be the sign that you need to start venturing out into the world again. Because clearly you’re losing your mind.


The height of cold & flu season is coming to an end soon and I cannot wait. We have avoided malls, playgrounds, libraries, and pretty much anywhere else that flu germs love to invade for the past 3 months. We’ve been very lucky this winter- aside from a few colds we have been fairly healthy. Last year I was ready to start taking bids from someone to build a bubble over our house by this point. The flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is starting to shine, the street is full of kids on bikes, and the stay home moms are starting to look a little less crazy. Life is good.


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