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House Tour 2015: Maia’s Room

Maia was really excited to get to move back into her original bedroom. This room was her nursery when we moved into this house when she was just 9 months old. For the last couple of year she’s been in Zoey’s old nursery when we combined Zoey and Mase into the larger bedroom. Now that we’re re-arranging kids again we let her move back to the larger room. I didn’t want to paint right now but luckily the room is a very light khaki color so it works for now. 


Maia is big into bright colors right now and I really don’t think her room decor could get any brighter. She loved the polka dot rug from our family room so I moved that into her room as well as the turquoise and orange photo display. Abby sleeps in Maia’s room now so we put up a toy net to contain all of her stuffed animals to avoid them getting chewed up at night. The black saucer chair moved from the old kids’ TV room to give her a comfortable reading area with some fuzzy pillows and a soft blanket. 


I found the adorable pink and white heart and round poofs hanging from the ceiling at IKEA on clearance. We also found the pretty flower picture and frame at IKEA. Maia chose the fuzzy pink comforter, the body pillows, and the sheets from Wal*Mart. I found the throw pillows at Kohl’s and Target.


We made the picture display from bakers twine and push pins with little clothespins I found in the dollar section at Target and I had all of her favorite instagram pictures printed from Postal Pix for her. The desk area is pretty much the same as from her old room just moved into the new room.


My mom gave Maia an old vintage vanity that has been in our family for many many years. Maia has been coveting it for years and now she finally has the space for it. She immediately filled it with all her girly stuff. We found the # and the @ at Target and she painted them. 


Since I didn’t want to paint I found these adorable polka dot stickies at Kohl’s to add some pops of color to the wall. She loves them and they really pull the space together. It’s very much a tween girl room now. It’s not what I would have picked but she loves it so much and that’s all that truly matters. 

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House Tour 2015: Living Room

The formal living room used to be a rarely used room in our house until I realized that the only reason I was keeping it as a formal living room was because that’s what my mom always had and what the room was set up as when we bought the house. But it didn’t fit our lifestyle. I don’t know if you have noticed but we are not exactly formal people. The Queen of England will not be coming for high tea at our house any time soon. We sold our formal furniture and turned the space into a second family room. 


When we bought our new sectional sofa for the family room we brought the leather sofa and loveseat into this room. The kids have the Xbox set up in here and it’s a great place for them to hang out with their friends. This is the view if your coming in from the family room. The white boxes hold the kids’ Xbox games, my collection of gift bags and tissue paper, some craft supplies, and all the extra chargers, HDMI cords and stuff that otherwise doesn’t have a home. 


I keep the decor very kid-friendly in this room with the exception of my Snow Babies collection in the curio cabinet in the corner. My mom started that collection for me many years ago and I love it. The kids know to steer clear of it or face mama’s wrath. Everything else is mostly IKEA, Target, and Hobby Lobby so the kids can play in here without stressing me out.


This room gets the most natural light in the whole house. I wanted to take these pictures with the blinds open but the light was blinding and drowning out the pictures. We keep the blinds mostly closed because this room faces the street and we have a couple of nosy older ladies who like to peek in windows in the neighborhood. I can’t wait to get old so I can peek in windows too. 



I still love my gel-stained stair rails and banisters. They’ve held up amazingly well with all the traffic in this house. Our next project for this room is to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. 



We build the sliding barn doors from scratch when we converted the formal dining room into Ty’s new bedroom. I love the way they turned out and they are exactly what I was hoping for. 



I moved the buffet table that matches my dining room table into this room for now. I don’t have room for it in the dining nook but I didn’t want to get rid of it. So it works in this space for now. It won’t be here long term but for now, it’s fine for me. I use the white boxes for storage of extra school supplies and the kids art supplies.

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House Tour 2015: Dining Nook

As I shared before, we gave up our rarely used formal dining room to create a 5th bedroom for the teenager earlier this summer. I donated our old breakfast nook table because it was pretty much destroyed after 8 years in this house with all these kids. The larger table that came out of our formal dining room is actually the table that I grew up eating at every night. My mom passed it on to us when we bought this house a decade ago. It still looks almost brand new and it’s large enough to fit 6 of us for every day use and if I add the extra leaf we can fit 8 to 10 people around it. So it found a new home in the dining nook. 


I have 4 of the dark brown chairs and 4 of the white chairs. I’m trying to decide if I would rather have the 4 white chairs in the middle of the table and 2 of the brown chairs on the ends or leave it as I have it. The white chairs are smaller so there would be more room to walk around the table. The table is rather large for a dining nook space but we are a large family and I want everyone to fit around the table for dinner time. Family dinners are important to us.


 The only things I bought for this space when I did the redo were the placemats. I found them at Wal*Mart for $1.97 each! They are the perfect color and I can rinse them in the sink when I need to. I would love to have a rug under the table but I know better- it would be destroyed in less than a week. And that’s a conservative estimate. One day I’ll have nice things….probably in 14 years when the last child leaves this house for college. 


 I snagged the candle sticks from the family room to use as the centerpiece for the table. They work well and add some height to the table top. One of my favorite things about the dining nook is all the natural light that pours in during the day. I’ve contemplated adding curtains but I really like the uncluttered look of having no curtains. 



You can see that the space isn’t huge but it works for our family. We can all fit around the table and that’s what matters to me. Now that I’m seeing the pictures I think maybe I will try the 4 white chairs and 2 brown chairs. Poor Matt, every time he comes home the house is different!

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House Tour 2015: Kitchen


It’s been 2 years since I gave our kitchen an overhaul and gel-stained our cabinets. I still love the gel stained cabinets and they’ve held up really well with the amount of wear and tear things get in this house. There are a couple of very small minor spots underneath a few of the handles that I will touch up and re-apply the poly top coat when I gel stain my master bathroom cabinets this fall. Other than that- they still look brand new. I wipe them down with Clorox wipes at least once a day and I’ve used all-purpose cleaners such as 409 when needed and the finish hasn’t come off or had any issues. The kitchen is the hub of our house. I spend a lot of time in there, it’s a hang out place when Ty’s friends come over, and I try very hard to keep it simple, clean, and uncluttered. 


You can see the black out curtain that is separating Ty’s new room from the kitchen. Soon that will be covered by another sliding barn door but for now the curtain is working out fine. As you can see, I’m still waiting on my stainless steel appliances. I just can’t justify buying all new appliances when these are still working fine. 


 I try to keep all the appliances off the kitchen counters because they just make the space look cluttered. The lazy susan makes a great appliance garage for our most used appliances- toaster, ice shaver, blender, mixer, etc. 


 I toyed with the idea of putting up curtains but I really love the amount of natural light that pours in through those windows during the day and I’d hate to cover that up. Plus the lack of curtains really adds to the whole un-cluttered look that I’m going for. One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is being able to look out into the backyard from those great windows. 


 I found those great turquoise cooking utensils at Wal*Mart for around $2 each! They match perfectly with the decor and I love them sitting out in my orange watering can that I found at Target in the $1 spot. I found the big E at Walmart for $6.88. 


I recently turned this little area of the kitchen into our coffee bar. We’re serious about our coffee in this house- it’s pretty much all that keeps us alive. I found some huge mugs at Wal*Mart for $3.88 each and I love them. They have great sayings on them that make me smile. Please ignore the fact that our fridge is missing the bottom handle. It broke off and I’m waiting for the replacement to come in the mail. I’m also on the hunt for a cute coffee print to hang on the wall but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. 


I made a little weekly menu area on the wall beside the fridge. I found the chalkboard menu at Wal*Mart on clearance for $3 and couldn’t resist it. I plan my meals monthly but it’s nice to have a reference for what I’m making for the current week and when the kids ask for the 100th time what’s for dinner I can refer them to the board. 


I love how open the kitchen is to the dining nook and the family room. I can cook and still talk and interact with the people in the family room. I can also see the kids on the back deck or in the hot tub from pretty much anywhere in this area. 

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