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2016 House Tour: Family Room

The room we spend the most time in is the family room. Last year we bought an amazing sectional U-shaped couch that is finally big enough to fit our whole family plus a couple of extra people for movie nights! The couch is huge, y’all and it takes up a lot of room so I’ve spent some time in the last few months simplifying this room and re-arranging stuff to make it as open as possible. 


This is the view from the hallway. The dining nook is over to the left with the kitchen and the back deck is through those french doors. This room is so hard to photograph with all the light coming in, this is the best I could get from this angle. 


This is the view when I’m standing in the kitchen. I love being able to prep dinner and watch TV at the same time. Man this couch is huge. It doesn’t seem that big when I’m standing in the room but it’s huge in pictures. Ha! 


I finally did away with the huge family command center that took up the whole wall on the left of the fireplace. I just got tired of it and needed a change. I found the narrow bookcase on sale at IKEA and snapped it up for $29. All the decor came from around the house so it was a great change that cost me less than $30! We also redid the fireplace surround this year. If you look back at the last family room tour you’ll see the awful gold & glass 80’s fireplace doors that were so ugly. We removed them and added a free-standing fireplace screen instead. Instant update for less than $60!


This is the view from the french doors. Through that doorway is the second family room. Don’t mind the baby gate, it keeps the dogs from trying to run out the door whenever the doorbell rings. They’re like a herd of stampeding elephants when that door bell ding dongs. 


I moved the black cube unit to the long wall, added some lamps that used to be in the master bedroom and that big silver mirror came out of our master bathroom when we did our big remodel a few months ago. It works perfectly in this space and adds so much light to the room!


A couple of months ago I added the indoor/outdoor rug from Target and found some awesome cushion covers on clearance at IKEA for $1 each! I love all the light pouring in from the kitchen and dining nook but it sure does make it hard to get any decent pictures. See how massive the couch is? But it’s so comfy! I’m about ready to change up that gallery wall but I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. 


The colors in the space make me so happy. I love the teals and aquas with the orange accents. They’re just bright and cheerful and they make me smile. I’m enjoying them while I can because I know when we put this house on the market in a couple of years I’m going to have to tone it down.

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