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These Are My People.
Matt is my partner in crime. He’s the more sane Yin to my slightly crazy Yang. He has been putting up with my craziness for over 20 years now. He works in investments at a big bank and he works super hard to keep me in the lifestyle of which I would like to become accustomed. We got married when we were just youngsters and we will celebrate 20 years of Semi-Domesticated bliss in August. We make each other laugh, we finish each others sentences and we appreciate that our differences are what keep things spicy. He is an amazing dad and the kids adore him, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a dad playing tea party with his little girl. He loves NFL football, college basketball and he’s learned to appreciate the game of soccer. You can read our love story here.

Ty is our 16 year old son. He is artistic and hilarious and has a sensitive soul that hides behind a wall of sarcasm. We adopted Ty from foster care, he’s been with us since he was a month old and I firmly believe he was meant to be our son. He loves basketball, video games, and football. He’s a Sophomore in high school, homework is the bane of his existence, and he is too smart for his own good according to his teachers. He plays varsity football and basketball, and he’s constantly on the move. He loves to argue and most of the time he actually has a good point. He just got his drivers permit and he’s counting down the days until he gets his license. You can read Ty’s story here.


 Cam is our 14 year old son who was also adopted from foster care after coming to be with us at one month of age. He has some serious disabilities and special needs that require constant vigilance from everyone around him. He has a chromosomal disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome that affects every aspect of his life and will do so forever. The limitations that come with his disorder are enormous which makes every small accomplishment a real victory for him. He loves video games, legos, and WWE. A couple of years ago we made the difficult decision to remove him from public school and let him live with my parents while he attends a private school for special needs children in the hopes he can catch up with his peers. He just recently graduated to the Sixth Grade! We see him often and with the support of his new school he has surpassed all expectations of the “specialists”. You can read Cam’s story here.


 Maia is our 12 year old daughter. She is our first child by birth, the one that the fertility doctor said was impossible. Ha! Shows what he knew, I want my money back. She is quite the diva and already very sassy. She is very opinionated and not afraid to stand up for herself but she still has a very sensitive heart. She loves photography, animals, and her iPhone. She’s in Sixth Grade and loves to read and write. She has become quite obsessed with photography and takes some amazing photos. She enjoys music, gymnastics and soccer. She has decided she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, which is a much more reasonable goal compared to her plans to become a princess a few years ago. You can read Maia’s story here.


 Mase is our 8 year old son, also our birth child. He is our wild child, I am reasonably confident that he is part monkey.  Every time I turn around he is climbing on counters, scaling the staircase or hanging off the banisters. The child has no fear and he is so full of mischief that we call him Curious George. He loves Minecraft, sharks, and annoying his older sister. He is in 3rd Grade and has decided that he wants to play both soccer and basketball this year. He’s very much a mama’s boy and he’s incredibly stubborn. But he also gives the best hugs and smooches, both of which keep him out of perpetual timeout. You can read Mase’s story here

Zoey is our 6 year old daughter, the last baby. No really, I mean it this time. She is the last baby. She was without a doubt the easiest baby out of the five of them but she’s become a mischievous little girl now. She is quite the drama queen with a very strong personality. She’s hilarious and silly, she has a strong independent streak and she’s definitely a tough girl- courtesy of being the youngest. She loves Shopkins, Minecraft, and Monster High dolls. She loves to dance and the girl has some rhythm. She loves to laugh and she loves to eat. She also seems to sit back and watch everyone around with amused tolerance, occasionally raising one eyebrow just like her mommy. She is in Kindergarten this year and she loves it. You can read Zoey’s story here.

 Bailey is our 7 year old Boston Terrier, affectionately referred to as Bailey the Boston Terror. He has lots of energy whenever the doorbell rings but the rest of the time he spends sleeping in Mase’s bed where he hogs all the covers and the pillow. He loves potato chips and will fight you for a french fry. He’s the cranky old man of the house with a perpetual scowl and occasional grunt of dissatisfaction. 

 Chase is a 1 year old lab/basset hound mix pup who we adopted from a local rescue group. He has more energy than a power plant, chews on anything he can find, and loves to give kisses. He’s obsessed with tennis balls, he plays tug of war like a pro, and has a real love affair with shoes. His favorite pass time is bugging Bailey. 

Abby is our 1 yearold lab/basset hound mix pup. She is Chase’s litter mate who we rescued a couple of months after Chase joined the family. She is the sweetest pup who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She fits right in with the craziness in our house and holds her own against the boy pups in the family. She sleeps with Maia at night and she shares Chase’s love of shoes.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the members of my nuthouse. I think they’re pretty amazing and I’m blessed to call them my family. Now excuse me while I go pry Mase off the banister and rescue the neighbor’s cat from Zoey…..