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We’ve lived in our home for over a decade now. When we first set out to purchase a home in a brand new city several hours away from our extended family, we only had 3 small kids with no intentions on adding anymore. 11 years later we’ve added 2 more kids and 3 dogs to our family. We love our house, we love our neighbors, we love our neighborhood. Our house is just over 2400 SF with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We plan to move from this house to a much larger house within the next few years but for now, we have to make use of every space in our home to fit everything we need. I have to get creative. So here is the current version of our house- except the living room is totally different and so is the master bathroom but I haven’t had time to blog those rooms yet. I’ll get it done soon. You can click the links to see more pictures of each room.  
Current House Tour
The Front

Previous House Tours: