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Foster Care & Adoption

As most of my regular readers know, Matt and I adopted our two oldest sons from foster care. We were foster parents for many years- mainly to special needs infants and toddlers. My old blog shared a lot of stories, advice, and experiences from our years as foster parents. I’ve decided to bring some of those old posts to this blog because I know quite a few people in real life as well as in blog land who are in the process of fostering and/or adopting children. I’ll be adding the posts to this page as quickly as I can so check back often.


*Please Note- these posts are about our experiences as foster parents and about how the system works in our particular state and county. They do not reflect the system as a whole or every scenario that could occur. If you are a foster parent and have questions about the laws in your state, please contact a social worker at your county office. 


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