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This house needs some organization. There are many children living here…with their stuff. They have a lot of stuff. Our house is overflowing with stuff. I have made my list of places that require organizing/remodeling and I’ve put them into categories: Minor, In-Depth, and Bring the Dumpster. Sadly, most fall into either the In-Depth or the Bring the Dumpster category. Matt was darn near hyperventilating when he saw my Master List for 2010. I think he saw the tax return disappearing almost as soon as it hits the checking account. I tried to show him my plans and to explain that the majority of them were all about moving existing things to new places to maximize storage and organization. I don’t think he heard me though, he was too busy trying to make the ringing in his ears stop.

The first major project up on the list is The Big Playroom ReModel. It involves a lot of moving around of furniture and a lot of getting rid of excess clutter and old toys. I am super excited about this remodel. The kids are getting older and I’m trying to make the playroom into more of a second family room. The second major project up on the list is Mase’s Big Boy Room. The toddler bed, which was converted from the crib, is going to be put up in the attic. I would get rid of it but the last time we got rid of all the baby stuff, I got a Big Fat Positive on a pee stick the next week. No kidding. We had a yard sale on a Saturday and I sold all of our baby stuff- the cradle, the crib, the toys, the swing, the stroller, the carseat, the bathtub….everything. 5 days later, on Thursday, I peed on a stick and dollar signs started scrolling past my eyes. I will not be making the same mistake again. The crib and all other baby items will gather dust in the attic until I hit menopause. Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, Mase’s Big Boy Room. The chest of drawers in his room is heading for Ty‘s closet and Mase is getting the white armoire that used to be Maia’s. I spent yesterday sanding, cleaning and painting a wood headboard and footboard that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale over a year ago. It’s been gathering dust in the garage since then. I gave it 2 coats of white paint and it will fit nicely with his sailboat themed room. I’ll add some new linens and his big boy room is done. Which leads to the next big project. Ty‘s room. Maia got a brand new remodeled room in October, which was a huge undertaking but so worth the work. Now Mase’s room is being redone. All that is left is Ty‘s room. He finally picked out the bedding he wants and I found most of the other decor that I want to use. He’s getting the old corner TV stand from the playroom and the older 19″ tube TV with a DVD player and the Playstation 2. This will be the first time he’s been allowed to have a TV in his room, but he’s 9 and quite frankly he’s tired of watching Elmo with Mase and Max & Ruby with Maia. I cannot blame him. He will not have satellite access, just the DVD player. Right now there is a desktop computer in his room that Matt uses for the budget as there is no internet access anymore on it. That is being recycled and we’ll be buying a nice new desktop to keep in the family room. The laundry area is getting a mini redo as well. That’s just a portion of my project list, I’m tired just reading it!


I’m on a roll. And it feels good. This past week I tackled the big boys closet. It was scary. Ty had 3 seasons worth of clothes in there and they were all mixed in together. Which made getting him ready for school in the morning fun….really fun.
Here’s the before:

Scary, isn’t it? I hope you all realize how hard it was to post that picture. I had to visit my inner well of deep courage. I started by taking every single thing out of that closet. I enlisted the help of the short people. They can destroy anything in 5 seconds flat, time to put some of that chaos to work for me. Then I reconfigured the closet organizer system. It just didn’t work. The kids clothes got all mixed in together and quite honestly, putting the laundry away in a closet that looks like that is a real chore. Which is why their clean laundry ended up stacked in the laundry basket for the entire week, unfolded and mixed up from trying to find clothes to wear every day. Chaos.
Here is the after:

Isn’t is purty? I gave each boy his own side of the closet. We are right in between seasons in our state and it’s 82 degrees one day, 45 degrees the next. Drives me insane, pick a damn season already why dontcha. So I had to be able to fit both winter and summer clothes in the closet. But they have so. much. stuff. I had to sort it all out. I made 3 piles for each boy: donate, storage, closet. Anything they have outgrown that I don’t want to sell next season, I donated. I ended up with a huge garbage bag of donate clothes and shoes. Anything that they wouldn’t wear again this season, like sweaters and thicker pants, I put in Large Rubbermaid tubs labeled Boys Winter. Then I separated the rest of the clothes into seasons. The long sleeved shirts got hung up. The shorts and tshirts got folded on the upper shelves. Ty’s pants got folded on the bottom shelf and Cam’s pants got hung up. I gave each boy one drawer to hold their undies, socks and PJ’s. The bottom drawer holds their dress up costumes- all 500 of them. I bought the red bins at Tar-jay and used them to separate and sort their smaller toys. I’m forever stepping on legos, Star Wars action figures and transformers. Now they are all separated and sorted.

It’s official. I’m an organizing addict. Where’s the nearest 12 step program?