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2018 Monthly Goals: February


It’s my very first monthly goals post of 2018! And I have a whole lot of goals that need to be met in the very near future. We are short of time and long on stuff to get done. Our goal is to sell our house in the next 3 months to enable us to move closer to the kids’ charter school. The commute is killing us. So all of my goals this month have to do with getting this house in order. 

1. Get all the trim in the house painted. I didn’t realize just how much trim and moldings were in this house until I started prepping to paint. Oh my gosh. It never ends. I’ve already gotten the trim in the kitchen, nook, and family room done. I’m working on the living room right now. So much trim. I’m going to have nightmares about painting trim. 

2. Make all necessary small repairs around the house. Ugh. I have a list started for each room and I’m already tired just looking at it. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it. 

3. Clear out all the clutter in the house. I’m going room to room and decluttering every single part. I foresee a whole lot of trips to Goodwill in the very near future. There is so much stuff in this house that we really don’t need and I have zero intention of moving anything we don’t need. I’m being ruthless. It’s just stuff. 

4. Get every room staged. There are several rooms that need to be painted- 2 bathrooms, Mason’s bedroom, Zoey’s bedroom, and the master bedroom. The other rooms just need to have the paint touched up. But pretty much every room needs to be staged. I’ve already removed all personal photos but I need to remove any furniture or knick knacks that are unnecessary. 

5. Take pictures of each room after it’s staged. We’re considering giving this new OfferPad service a try. I don’t know if it’s legit or if the offer will be any good but we’re willing to give it a shot before listing with a realtor. Who knows, maybe they’ll make us a good offer and we can be out of here sooner? You never know unless you try, right?

So all in all, February is going to be a busy month! Wish me luck!


3 Things Thursday {1.25.18}

marquee number - 3

While we’re in the middle of making some huge life altering decisions we decided to go ahead and get some much needed and long overdue house projects done. Project number one is painting all the trim in this house. We bought this house almost 13 years ago and it had been freshly painted. I ran out of the trim paint for touch ups about 5 years ago. The trim looks awful now. And it’s cream. It’s way out of style now. So I’m repainting all the trim in the whole house in a nice bright white. I’ve completed the kitchen, nook, and I have one wall left in the family room. I cannot believe the difference it’s making. I should have done this years ago!


Mason had his 10th birthday this week. 10! He’s double digits. I love this kid. I took cupcakes up to his class to celebrate his birthday and he was so excited to see me. I’m savoring these last couple of years when he’s still excited to see me walk into his class. Ha! He’s such a cool kid. He’s funny and strong willed. He’s an introvert who is happy surrounded by a few really great friends. He’s a math whiz, tolerates reading, and wants to be either an Infectious Disease Doctor or an Epidemiologist for the CDC when he grows up. His favorite books are Captain Underpants and the I Survived series. His favorite TV show is Monsters Inside Me. Ha!


We attended the Varsity Football end of season banquet this week also. I was team mom so I had to plan it and pull it off. Otherwise, quite honestly, we probably would not have gone. Tyler is still a little bitter about missing 3/4 of the season with the concussion and I’m bitter about the way one of the coaches treated him. But it was a banquet to celebrate the seniors so we went. And it was fun to hang out with the parents and to see the guys together again. I got to talk to the coaches and the trainer, who had no idea about the struggles Tyler is still dealing with because he never says anything. Boys. So I have fulfilled my obligation as team mom for this year. And I doubt I’ll be volunteering again next year. Ha! Zoey and her best friend hit the dessert bar and had the best of times. By the time we found them among all the giant football players they’d already consumed multiple cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. The players just kept handing them treats. Ha!



Friday Favorites: Snow Edition {1.19.18}

Friday Favorites

This week my Friday Favorites are all about SNOW! Because we finally got some snow! It’s mainly a once a year event where we live so we are always super excited for a snow day. We woke up on Wednesday morning to a couple of inches of snow and no school so Matt decided to just work from home. 


We hunkered down enjoying hot cocoa and a roaring fire for a good part of the day while Mother Nature dumped another 4ish inches on us. It was so pretty! The dogs were in heaven. They went in and out all morning, frolicking in the snow and wrestling with each other. After lunch the heaviest snow was tapering off into flurries so the kids decided they were ready to go out and play. Tyler was snowed in up at a friends’ house near school so it was just the younger 3. 






My poor mismatched kids. We pretty much only get snow once a year so no expensive snow suits and boots for us. Zoey is wearing 2 layers of fleece, Mason’s old mittens and hats, and snow boots that are at least 2 sizes too small. She didn’t care. 







The kids had a great time building snowmen and having a snowball fight with the dogs. I’m pretty sure the dogs won! 




The first attempt at snow angels was unsuccessful for Zoey. Apparently she is not a fan of snow down her pants. Ha! Tears were shed but just momentarily. 

IMG_7048 (1)

IMG_7049 (1)

IMG_7050 (1)

The second attempt went much better. I tucked her first layer shirt into her pants and that helped a lot. Her snow angel turned out great! She was really proud of herself. 

IMG_7051 (1)

IMG_7052 (1)

IMG_7053 (1)

After the kids were frozen ice pops they came in to warm up with some hot cocoa in front of the fire. While they were defrosting, I upheld a long honored tradition in my family. Every snow over 2 inches means we make snow cream. My mom started this when I was a little girl and we always looked so forward to it! Now my kids are the ones who look forward to it. 





We capped off the snow day with some delicious Loaded Baked Potato Soup and french bread. Yum! The kids watched movies and school was officially closed for Thursday so bedtimes were abandoned.

IMG_6952 (1)

I love snow days! I especially love them when the snow drops 4-6″ on us in one day, we enjoy a couple of days off school, and then the temps hit the 60’s 2 days later. A postcard snow- that’s right up my alley. Ha! I would not do well in the North, that’s for sure. 


3 Things Thursday {1.18.18}

marquee number - 3

We spent part of last weekend house hunting. Planning, dreaming, praying. Hoping. Trying desperately to find a way to make it work. We’re in the middle of some major, big, life changing decisions right now. Big things are on the horizon and I feel almost paralyzed by the magnitude of the decisions we need to make very very soon. I don’t do well with this stress. It makes my stomach hurt. 

IMG_7061 (1)

Maliah and one of her besties hit up the mall on Monday and tore it up. It’s crazy watching my kids grow up. Tyler is barely home. Maliah is always making plans. The only ones who want to be at home are Mason and Zoey. And I know that will be changing soon. 


We finally got snow. The kids woke up to about 2 inches on the ground and no school yesterday. Then we got another 4 inches or so during the daytime so school was closed again today. Tyler is snowed in up near school with friends, making questionable decisions and giving his mother an ulcer. The others played in the snow today with the dogs and then helped shovel the driveway. I’m crossing my fingers that they’re out on Friday too. Nothing like a 5 day weekend to make my soul sing. 



Friday Favorites {1.5.18}

Friday Favorites

Helllllo first Friday of 2018! I’ve decided to start participating in Friday Favorites again this year. I need some positivity in my life right now. Today I’m sharing some favorite things I’m grateful for right now. 







One of the biggest things I am grateful for right now are the amazing friendships my kids have made at their new school. Making the decision to switch them to a charter school was full of anxiety for me. I knew in my heart that they were better off in this new school but switching them to a school where they knew nobody was hard. It was a rough few months- especially for Maliah. But they’ve adjust so well and they’ve made some great friends. I was worried that I would never see any of their friends because we live so far away from the school. Having a house full of kids, knowing their friends, and knowing what’s going on in their lives is something I have always really enjoyed. It took a few months but my house is full of kids again. Tyler has football teammates and basketball teammates here all the time and recently there have been new friends too. Maliah always has gaggles of giggling girls over here- which I’m sure has nothing to do with the amount of teen boys also hanging out here ha! Even Mason and Zoey have had quite a few friends over in the last couple of months. I love it. 




Something else I’m grateful for is my master bedroom. Matt and I upgraded to a king size bed in 2017 and it’s been amazing. Somehow the master bedroom is always last on my list to get done so it never gets finished. I finally buckled down and finished some long overdo projects. I also splurged and bought some of the most amazingly soft and comfy sheets ever known to man- Cuddl Duds Luxury Plush sheets. They’re like being wrapped into minky fleece and sleeping on a cloud. Seriously. Life changing. 


2017 was a hard year for our family with Tyler’s concussion and complicated recovery, some health scares, and just a lot of stressful things. But looking back at our best 9 of 2017 reminded me that we had good stuff happen too. We visited family, we went to Niagara Falls, we hosted family, we had fun. It wasn’t a total wash of a year. There were a lot of memories made.