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3 Things Thursday {2.2.17}

marquee number - 3


Poor Mason has been battling the sicks for a week so I took him down to the minute clinic at Target on Friday. Never again. This place was so awful. When we got there we were #3 in line. 2 hours later the PA on duty came out to announce that she was taking a lunch break. She only managed to see 2 patients in 2 hours. At the MINUTE clinic. I was so hot. So were the 7 people in line behind me. I packed up my sick kid and headed for another urgent care where they have real doctors with time management skills. He was #8 in line and we were seen in less than an hour. Poor kid has a severe sinus infection and double ear infections. He finally went back to school a couple of days ago. 



We had another exciting week of basketball for the boys. Tyler’s game was amusing. They were playing a conference rival team, one that we beat badly in football this year, and it was an ugly game. One of their players (who was also a football player) was committing some ugly hard fouls to the point that he injured 2 of our players pretty badly. Tyler played the first half and was supposed to sit out the second half because they had played a game the night before as well. Instead, coach sent Tyler back in to “handle” the fouling player. Tyler handled him all right. He flat out tackled this guy into the stands. I mean, full on football tackle. It was awesome. Tyler hopped right up, stared the guy down, and walked away. The entire gym went silent. Then the applause and cheering started when the other guy needed help getting up. Normally I don’t advocate for my kid to do stuff like that but we have 2 players out for the playoffs because of the flagrant fouls (fractured tailbone and dislocated shoulder). I snapped this picture of Tyler laughing when the guy finally got up and made it to the free throw line. Some of the other varsity football players who don’t play basketball were there watching and they were chanting his name. And there were no more flagrant fouls in the game. The football coach was watching and I think he might have cheered the loudest. Ha!


Mason’s game was a bit more sedate. Ha! He had a great game. His coach has worked a lot on defense this year, which is Mason’s favorite thing ever. He loves defense. He had 5 steals, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. And 4 fouls. Ha! That’s my boy. His team won again so they are 6-2 and headed to the playoffs in a couple of weeks. 



The teenager, y’all. I know he’s tired. He’s very busy and he works hard. But there are times that I look at him and think “I’m going to have to apologize to your future wife”. This is the text exchange that we had a few nights ago. I mean, really? 



2017 Monthly Goals: February


How is January already over? What in the world? I did really good on my January goals this year. All month I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing much but when I sat down and really thought about it, I did great!

January Goals:

1. Pack up the Christmas decor and get rid of stuff I don’t use. Done. I had so much Christmas decor that I really never used anymore because it just doesn’t match my style now. I weeded through all the tubs and got rid of a bunch. I went from 7 full tubs down to 3. And I made a list of the stuff I want to get for next year. 

2. Add 4 new recipes to the dinner menu. Done. I made Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff and Crockpot Chicken Taco Burrito Bowls. Next up is Baked Spaghetti and Spinach Lasagna. I have the ingredients already and both are on the menu for the next 2 weeks. 

3. Make a huge donation. Done. I donated 3 big boxes and 4 trash bags full of stuff to the Women & Children’s Shelter. It felt so good to get it all out of the house. 

4. Read more. Done. I read a lot of books in January. I spend a lot of time sitting in the car waiting for kids and instead of playing on Facebook or Instagram I’ve been spending that time reading. And I’m much happier. 

5. Schedule appointments. Done. Tyler had his dental cleaning and his dermatology appointment. I made Mason’s 9 year check up appointment and Maia’s eye appointment. I’m still working on her orthodontist appointment and Zoey’s eye appointment. It feels good to get these out of the way. 

February Goals:

1. Do our taxes. Ugh. I hate tax time. But it needs to be done and we have plans to use any tax return we get back to pay down debt so sooner is better than later.

2. Clean out my closet. I have a lot of clothes and I’m always overwhelmed when I walk in the closet to decide what to wear. I end up grabbing the same stuff because there’s just too much. I want to pare it down to the things I really love and simplify my life. 

3. Plan Tyler’s bedroom redo. I have a lot of ideas on what I want to do but I need to see what is really going to work in there. He needs a new bed and I know I want to mount the TV on the wall. Other than those two things I really am still trying to figure it out. Oh and we need to do the sliding barn door for the entry to his room off the kitchen. He really needs that. The curtain just isn’t working anymore. 

4. Clean out the master bedroom. I have a collection of junk in there that has migrated from other areas of the house and I’m tired of looking at it. So all that stuff needs to go- either find a home or donate it. 

5. Do the Couch 2 5K program. I did it last year and loved it. Then I slacked off. But I need to get moving. My arthritis is acting up again and I know that being active will help me keep my joints from freezing up. But man it takes willpower to run everyday when you’re in pain. I started this a couple of weeks ago so I want to finish it completely in February and then keep running every day. 

I feel good about those goals in February. I can do them!


3 Things Thursday {1.26.17}

marquee number - 3


We attended Tyler’s varsity football end of year banquet last week. The date had to be changed three times but we finally got it done. It was so much fun. I loved seeing all the guys together again. The coaches told funny stories about stuff that the parents wouldn’t have known about otherwise and gave out awards. Tyler won Best New Player for the year, which was awesome. Next year he’s going to try for All Conference. He didn’t qualify this year because he switched positions in the middle of the season this last year. I think that’s stupid. Anyway- I’m counting down the days until football starts again. I just love it.



Saturday was a hard momming day for me. I had to miss both of Mason’s basketball games because Tyler had football practice at the field during the same time frame. I felt horrible. And of course, Mason had 2 amazing games with lots of blocks, steals, and rebounds. He wasn’t upset that I missed it but mom guilt, yo. Tyler had a great time at practice. It was the first off-season field practice and they let the rising freshmen attend. Tyler looked like a giant next to them. It was hilarious and one of the smaller guys was lined up across from Tyler when he was doing some nose guard work. The little guy flinched and jumped everytime Tyler came up out of his stance. Tyler kept patting him on the shoulder to calm his nerves. Poor little kid. He’s out of his league lining up across from Big Red. 




Mason turned 9 on Sunday. My little dude is a big boy. He wanted a family party only this year with ice cream cake and spaghetti for dinner. I love this kid. My sister and her family came and we had a great time. Mason is such a funny little guy. He’s smart, determined, stubborn, and fearless. He loves basketball and football and let me tell you, he’s counting down the days until mom lets him play tackle football. He wants to play cornerback and he’ll be a great one! He loves Pokemon and Beyblades and funny animal videos on YouTube. I can’t believe my boy is 9. One more year until double digits. Sob. 


The 10 Commandments Of Sam’s Club Shopping


We are dedicated Sam’s Club shoppers. With this many kids in one house plus all their friends, we go through a lot of food. We typically make a big Sam’s Club shopping trip every 2 weeks and it can either be a pleasant experience or it can be the Seventh Circle of Hell. There are just basic commandments that should be obeyed when shopping at a bulk warehouse store. It’s common sense, people. Follow them and nobody has to get hurt.

1. Always have a list. For the love of everything Holy, never ever enter without a well thought out list. Especially if you’re shopping on a budget like we always are. A $100 trip can easily turn into a $400 trip without a list.

2. Some things should not be bought in bulk. Do you really need a 30 gallon drum of deodorant? Are you actually going to use that 50 lb vat of crisco? Buy smart, people. 

3. Only take your kids on Free Sample Saturday. There is nothing worse than taking kids who are expecting samples on a non-sample day. Oh the horror. The horror.

4. Never ever go when you’re hungry. See #1. 

5. Avoid impulse purchases. Again, see #1. 

6. Make it worth the trip. I can’t count the number of people I see in line with a bag of oranges, a gallon of milk, and a big bag of chips. Really? That’s worth the $99 yearly membership fee? 

7. Follow the flow of traffic in the store. It’s like a road, people. Don’t drive on the wrong side of the road. It causes traffic jams and anger.

8. Bring your membership card. There is just no excuse. You can even pull it up on an app on your phone these days. And have it ready when you get to the front. Don’t hold up the entire line while you search through that suitcase you call a purse.

9. Do not leave your cart in the middle of the aisle. I mean, really people. Move to the side. The aisles are extra wide so there is no reason to block up the entire thing. You are not special. Move.

10. Get in, get your stuff, get out. This is not social hour. You don’t need to make friends or have a playdate at Sam’s Club. Go to Chick-Fil-A like everyone else if you want to catch up with your neighbor’s sister’s boyfriend’s daughter who you haven’t seen since they broke up 12 years ago. Really.

Consider Sam’s Club a privilege. It can be revoked. Obey the laws of common sense. Or you’ll be forever banished to WalMart. May the odds be ever in your favor.


3 Things Thursday {1.19.17}

marquee number - 3


Friday was an in-service day at Tyler’s school so he had the morning off before the basketball game that night. We packed a month’s worth of stuff into that one morning. He saw the dentist, then the dermatologist, and then had blood work done. Tyler unfortunately has cystic acne and it’s severe. We’ve tried just about every prescription and non-prescription treatment out there and now we’ve moved on to Accutane. He starts it this month and he’s so ready. I’m not, but he is. So he has to have blood work done every 28 days to check his levels and we went ahead and got month one bloodwork done on Friday. I had to go back with him since he is a minor and I snapped this picture of him waiting for the tech. He looks like a giant baby in a highchair. I laughed so hard at this. Then I sent it to everyone I know. 



So we had a busy weekend of basketball. Tyler had a Friday night game and Mason had a Saturday morning game. Both were insane and intense and involved crazy parents. Tyler’s game was against our conference rivals and those games never go well. The other team’s parents were absolutely off their rockers crazy. The game went into double overtime and we lost by 2 points because of a non-call on a bad foul. One of our players was slammed to the ground with .5 seconds left on the clock but the foul was not called. When his teammates tried to help him up a dad from the other team threw a water bottle and hit our player on the court. It all escalated quickly from there. Parents were on the court, a referee was almost tackled, and police were called. It was insanity. Parents be crazy. In this case it was even worse because half of our team are also football players and half of their team are also football players. We beat them 42-0 this year in football so they brought some of that anger onto the basketball court. Their players recognized our football players immediately and it was ugly. 


Then we went to Mason’s basketball game on Saturday morning and met some more insane parents. Now these kids are 8 & 9 years old. I’m fairly confident none of them are going to be the next Lebron James. Yet there always seems to be at least 2-3 crazy parents who are just over the top. I mean, heckling little kids while they’re playing is just wrong. They made 2 of our players cry and one kid refused to go back in the game. Absolute insanity. I’m so glad Mason plays on a team where the parents are respectful and show some class during games. 



We had to do a Sam’s Club trip this weekend because my kids eat a lot. While we were in line Matt nudged me and nodded towards a man in the line opposite of us. He had 6 big cases of Clorox, a large bag of Domino Sugar, and a shovel underneath. Basically he had a murder clean up kit in his cart. He was covered in tattoos, including 2 huge face tattoos, and nobody made eye contact. I have questions. But I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know the answers. We left as quickly as possible. I’m unclear how you cannot buy 3 bottles of cold medicine in my state but you can buy all the supplies to clean up your murder scene with nary a question. It seems wrong.