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Favorite Things Friday {6.22.18}

1. We checked another thing off of our 2018 summer bucket list this last weekend and went to the NC Zoo. We actually are season pass holder so we can go to the zoo for free whenever we want. Now that we’ve moved it’s only about an hour and 15 minute drive so not too far at all. The kids love the zoo and we picked a perfect day to go. It was cloudy and only in the high 80s instead of the high 90s. Summer in the South, y’all. Tyler didn’t come with us because he had football in the morning and then a party at the lake in the afternoon. I’ve accepted that he will not be participating in 99% of our summer activities. I don’t blame him. I didn’t want to hang out with my family when I was 17 either. 

2. We finally got the trampoline set up and the kids are loving it! I wasn’t sure about whether this one would be too small for the kids but it’s perfect. It fits great in our fenced area. All 3 of them are having fun with the basketball hoop attached to it. I need to figure out where it’s going to live in the yard to give it the most shade but it was well worth the $160!

3. We are absolutely loving our hot tub! I had low expectations for this hot tub with it being an inflatable portable one but holy cow, it’s awesome. It’s deep, the bubbles are strong, and it keeps the water hot for a long time! I ordered the cup holder for the side and I had to order the 2 seats for the bottom because otherwise my chin is touching the water! ha! For $300 I highly recommend one of these things! The kids have been absolutely loving playing in the bubbles every night. 

4. I found a cheap slip n slide on clearance at ALDI for $6! It’s not the best but I figured for $6 if the kids only use it a few times it wouldn’t matter. I wanted to put it on the big hill but Matt decided to be a responsible parent and he vetoed that decision. Spoilsport. To make up for his spoilsportedness I squirted the whole thing down with liquid soap. I also didn’t tell him. What? Come at me, bro. The kids had a great time and they even got Matt to take a turn. We ended up hooking up the sprinkler instead of using the hose attachment and it worked much better. 

5. I took Mason and Zoey to see Incredibles 2 this week. Maia went to the water park with a friend instead because of the migraine/seizure warning with the strobe lights in the movie. Her migraines are not yet completely controlled so her doctor felt it wise to avoid the movie. Truthfully, she’d rather have gone to the water park anyway. Ha! We met up with friends and enjoyed the AMC $5 Tuesday tickets and $5 kids snack box deal. You really can’t beat that! The movie was amazing and so worth the 14 year wait! 

It was a great week of summer break. Mason actually mentioned that he’s having more fun this summer than he ever had just going to the pool every day at our old house. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!


Life Lately: New House & Moving Week

Our house sale was scheduled to close on May 10 but we had to sign the lease on the rental house on April 27. So we decided to spend the first week of May moving into the new house. I scheduled movers to come on May 5 to do all the furniture because I’m old and don’t want to move furniture anymore. ha! 

The new house:

We spent the whole week taking loads of stuff to the new house. Back and forth. There was literally no time for anything else. I cooked nothing because everything was packed. We ate fast food all week. The kids were in heaven. I had constant heartburn and gained 8 pounds. Awesome. 

You know you’re moving to the country when…..you can’t identify the giant farm machinery driving in front of you. Mason said it was a transformer and I tend to agree. 

I literally grabbed all the clothes out of my closet still on the hangers and just took them to the new house. The only clothes packed were the things I shoved into garbage bags when staging the house. 

More trips to fast food. I don’t even want to think about how much money we spent eating out. But it had to be that way. The weekend we got the keys to the new house was busy. We scheduled the cable and internet installation for the Sunday so we ended up at the house sitting in camping chairs while they installed the services. Then we hit McD’s, Sam’s Club, and Dunkin Donuts with the kids (and our bonus child who is Maia’s best friend). 

Watching them tell Matt how to hold the camera to get the best angle was hilarious. Poor Matt. He has no clue what to do with teen girls. 

It was such a nightmare getting the kitchen stuff over to the new house. I used these big reusable tubs to haul stuff so we didn’t have 1000 boxes everywhere. But that meant the kitchen looked like this after I unloaded. It took me 3 hours to get it all put away and situated. 

We knew we were going to fence the yard before we moved in so the dogs weren’t stuck inside. So we went to Lowe’s and bought all the fence material in 2 different trips because I should never be allowed to measure anything ever again. It was a great decision though and took so much stress off our shoulders during move in weekend!

Tyler had some of his football teammates come help us on moving day. We hired movers to do the furniture but these guys (and 5 more not pictured) hauled everything out of the attic and shed and garage for us. They took loads to Goodwill and to the trash. They were so helpful!


Five Things Friday {6.15.18}

1. Tyler and Maia recently had their sports physicals and both failed. Sigh. And not for the reasons one might expect. I would assume Tyler failed because of repeated concussions. Nope. He failed because the nurse heard a heart murmur and sent him for an EKG. So now we’re in a holding pattern waiting for his EKG to be read by a cardiologist. Maia failed because she has a lingering foot injury that needed further evaluation. They were both so bummed that I treated them to Chick-fil-a afterwards. 

Maia had her follow up this week for her foot. Thankfully it’s not a break. But it is a severe high ankle sprain with a moderate foot sprain and mild ligament damage. So she’s in an ASO brace for the rest of summer and doing rehab twice a week. Hopefully she’ll be fully healed and ready by the time cross country starts at the end of summer. 

2. We’ve been working some on our backyard this week too. We enlarged the fenced area to give not only us but the dogs more space to run. We might actually enlarge it some more soon. But for now it works. We love this no dig fence from Lowe’s Home Improvement. Easy to install and sturdy enough to stand up to the dogs. 

My hillbilly hot tub was delivered and I got it set up this last week. It’s not as janky as I was fearing. It’s actually really well made. It’s filled and fully heated now so I can’t wait to take my first dip! 

I snagged a Badminton set for the kids on sale a couple of weeks ago and we finally got it set up for them. They have spent hours outside playing Badminton! Our backyard is fully in the shade by about 3pm and we get a fabulous breeze all the time so they’ve been outside a lot. Best part? No trees means no mosquitoes! 

Another thing I snagged on sale was a full size hammock with stand, blanket, pillow, and cupholder! It ended up only being $69 with free ship on Kohl’s! I’ve wanted a hammock for so long but never bothered to get one because I knew I wouldn’t use it with all the dang mosquitoes at the other house. Now I can enjoy it!

We’ve been enjoying the backyard so much that I haven’t cooked in a week! We’ve grilled every single night and I love it! Last night we did chicken skewers and Zucchini boats. Delicious!

3. Tyler has been bugging me for a year to let him get his ears pierced. I always put it off because of football and basketball and training camps, etc. I finally caved this week and took him. Now, I could have taken him to the tattoo place and had it done but it was much more fun (for me) to make him go to Claire’s to get it done. HAHAHAHA! It was awesome. The best part was the unicorn sign over his head. Of course, he didn’t even flinch and even asked the lady when she was going to start. She laughed and told him he was all done. 

The girls came along too. Zoey because she wanted me to buy her stuff. And Maia because she wanted to video Tyler just in case he shed a tear. He did not. But they had fun anyway. And I took 2 more pictures of them to add to the big ball collection. 

4. I broke down and bought a Ninja Coffee Bar this week. I’ve been unhappy with the Keurig for a long time but I was trying to hold out until the stupid thing broke. But it would not die! Then my ENT recommended I get rid of it because I tested positive for mold spores which he thinks are contributing to my constant sinus infections. Considering how many times I’ve cleaned a spot of mold out of the Keurig I feel confident that it’s a source. So it went into the trash immediately and I replaced it with this beauty. So far I’ve made both hot and iced coffee and it’s delicious and easy! I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

5. Zoey’s best friend came up to spend the day with us this week and brought her mommy along to (who happens to be one of my best friends). So we took the kids to the amazing park down the road from us and let them play on the playground and then walked along the Greenway for awhile. It was so much fun and so nice to spend the day with friends!

Life Lately: Field Trips, Friends & Fun

Life goes on no matter how busy selling a house makes it. One pro tip- never sell your house and move during the last month of school. It will seriously test your sanity and make you lose your **** on more than one occasion. I speak from experience here. 

Tyler spent most of his time on the lake with friends. Basically he has no poor friends. They’re all rich and they all have pools, boats, and lake houses. So he is living his best life right now. That cutie pie in the picture with him is his best girl friend and she’s amazing. I wish they would date but they don’t have that kind of relationship. Her 2 older brothers are good friends of Tyler’s. 

Zoey had a first grade field trip to the zoo and she loved it. She got to be in a small group with 3 of her favorite classmates and they had a blast. I was originally supposed to chaperone this trip but it was rescheduled due to thunderstorms and I couldn’t do the make up day. I was bummed and so was she but my co-class coordinator stepped in and had Zoey in her group for the day. Her son is Zoey’s best friend. 

Maia hung out with friends nearly every day. Because we didn’t have enough going on in life. I am grateful for the amazing girls she has in her life though. 

Tyler was invited to go to the beach with friends (and 2 parent chaperones) so he spent 4 days partying his way up and down the coast. Fortunately he did not come home with third degree sunburn. 

Mason had a field trip to a local place that emulates a small town. The kids all have jobs within that town and they learn how the real world works. Mason’s job was office manager at the urgent care center. He had a blast and learned a lot!

Zoey had lots of play dates with her best friend while we finished packing up our house. She was bored silly so spending time with her friend was such a blessing!

Maia’s 7th grade English Honors class was fortunate enough to have the man who inspired the book, A Long Walk to Water, come speak at their school. She loved the book and really enjoyed hearing what he had to say. It was a great experience for her!

Life Lately: The Week Of Chaos

So after having such a successful open house and first weekend of showings we had received several strong offers. We decided to close to showings and call for best and final offers by Monday at 5pm. We declined all requests for showings on Monday and just waited. It paid off. By 7pm on Monday our realtor was presenting 9 over asking price offers, most with escalation clauses. We knew immediately which offer we were accepting- an all cash offer $5000 over asking price with a short due diligence and fast close! It was like the unicorn of offers- a once in a lifetime kind of offer. We accepted and thus began our week of chaos. Because we had a short due diligence period and short closing date a lot of things had to be crammed into one week. 

We started the week with a second realtor coming in to do a short market analysis. We sold our house to a company who planned to lease it out so they didn’t do a formal appraisal. It was scheduled at 8am so I had to pack up the dogs and drive around for half an hour. I ended up just parking the car up at our neighborhood clubhouse and reading while the dogs barked at every person, animal, leaf, or wind gust that went past. It was a long 30 minutes. 

Then on Saturday we had the first inspection which lasted for several hours. We had 3 dogs and 3 kids in the car and literally just drove around for 3 hours.We got breakfast from a drive thru, drove up to the new house to let the dogs check out the backyard, swung by a dog park to let them get out some energy, and went back home. 

A very wonderful amazing dear friend surprised us with dinner one night which was so appreciated. Between the packing and cleaning the kids were pretty much fending for themselves for food. Thank goodness they all know how to work the microwave. Ha!

The buyers requested to do a second roof inspection (on a less than 9 year old 50 year roof still under warranty) so once again we had to clear out of the house. At least we didn’t have to take the dogs this time though since it was an outside inspection. We hit Target and browsed for a couple of hours. 

During this week we also had an incident in our neighbor’s yard. A teenager running from a speeding ticket jumped the curb on our street and ran up into our neighbor’s yard. He took out the fence and just barely missed the deck. Then he jumped out of the car and took off running through my yard. I had come outside to see what the loud noise was and he jumped my fence right in front of me. I’m not sure who was more shocked- me or him! He kept running and soon our neighborhood was full of cops, K9, tactical units, and a helicopter was circling above. Way too much excitement for our neighborhood. All I could think was please don’t let this be on the news and the buyers see it. ha!

We also had all the usual end of the school year events going on during this week. Maia had a party to go to and Zoey had her little best friend hanging out with us while her family dealt with a serious health crisis. 

The poor dogs were so out of sorts. Abby stopped eating and Bailey started losing his fur. So we had 2 trips to the vet that week also. Fortunately the dogs rebounded well and were back to normal quickly. 

We ate out almost every night during that week. I just did not have time or energy to worry about dinner. Steak n’ Shake probably knows us by name now. 

The next 2 pictures crack me up. I’ve been telling Matt about this giant metal chicken that I see on the side of the road every time I drive to the kids’ bus stop. But the ONE time he comes with me, the chicken was gone! So while we were out driving around during our inspections we happened to pass not one but TWO giant chickens. I’m still trying to convince him that one of these needs to come home with me!