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2018 Monthly Goals: July


I accomplished a lot in June! It felt so good to get back on track and do some things that didn’t revolve around moving! ha!

June Goals:

1. Get the rest of the house unpacked. DONE-ish. I still have a couple of boxes but they are things that don’t have a spot yet so I’m waiting. 

2. Finish the decor in each room. DONE-ish. ha! The main living areas are done- kitchen, dining room, and family room. All 3 bathrooms are done. I’m 90% done in the bonus room. I’m only waiting for curtains in the master bedroom. And I’m getting there with the kids bedrooms. 

3. Figure out the backyard. DONE. It’s fantastic! I added a hammock, the hot tub, the trampoline, and then I had to figure out where to put everything. It took several weeks and lots of trial and error. Matt’s over it. ha!

4. Organize all the things. DONE. Every closet, cabinet, and drawer is organized. And it feels great. 

5. Take the kids on some outings. DONE. We did the zoo and the movies already. I did buy season passes for Carowinds so we’re going to do that soon. The kids are having a good summer so far!

July Goals:

1. Finish the kids bedroom decor. I’ve bought their new bedding and some of the decor. Now I just need to put it all together. 

2. Find some new recipes for the Instant Pot. I’m loving the instant pot. I want to use it all the time. Now I need new recipes to try! I’m scouring Pinterest!

3. Create a cleaning station in the laundry room. I have enough room and it will make life easier so I want to create a cleaning station in the laundry room with duplicates of all the cleaning supplies I use on a regular basis. It’ll be so much easier than carrying everything up and down the stairs. I already bought a stick vacuum for downstairs and it was life changing to not have to carry a vacuum up and down all the time. 

4. Finish the bonus room. I want to create an art center for the kids and I need to hang some things on the TV wall. I think I’m going to do movie posters. 

5. Sort through school uniforms. I need to list the ones we’ve outgrown for sale and make a list of what I need to get for the upcoming year. People will start listing things fast and furious in late July/early August and you have to be ready to jump on the things you need or they’re gone!

6. Furnish and decorate the front 2 rooms. They’re intended to be formal living and dining rooms but we won’t be using them as such. I’m doing a office/sitting room on one side and a bar/lounge on the other side. I’ve already ordered some of the furniture and I can’t wait to pull it all together! Decorating is my favorite part!


Favorite Things Friday {6.29.18}

1. I finally broke down and bought myself an Instant Pot. The big 8 quart one went on sale on Amazon and I snapped it up. I already have a handful of recipes saved and I’ve tried the spaghetti, orange chicken, and Bang Bang Shrimp already and they were aaaaaaamazing! So easy and so fast and cleanup was simple. I’m hooked! I cannot wait to build my recipe collection! I’ll be sharing some of the really good ones soon!

2. I’ve been waiting for a few years to get a large wooden sign with the Forever Young lyrics. I wanted one so badly but I had nowhere to hang it in the old house. Well in the new house I made sure to leave a wall free for my sign. And when Small Wood Home had a big sale last week I snapped up my sign. I love it. I love it so hard. And it’s perfect where I wanted it. 

3. There’s been a lot of Amazon Prime packages showing up on my doorstep lately courtesy of insomnia, margaritas, and late night impulse shopping. Luckily they’ve mostly been useful things…..although the giant bag of kitty litter wasn’t needed. Not sure what happened there. But the most recent purchase that arrived was a Quesadilla maker. And it’s awesome. How did I live without it before? No seriously, how? The first night I made 6 quesadillas in less than 15 minutes! The kids are thrilled!

4. So I was shopping at Sam’s Club recently for the necessities and this fabulous giant flamingo pool just flung herself into my cart. I mean, what was I supposed to do? It was kismet. So I named her Poppy and brought her home and now I love her. Ha! Seriously though, this pool is HUGE and amazing. It was on sale for $40 and it also doubles as a float for the lake. The kids love it and I love to sit in it and get some sun with a margarita. Basically I’m living my best life right now with my Hillbilly Hot Tub, my Flamingo pool, and summer. It’s awesome to be so happy and less stressed after 6 months of constant panic and stress. 

5. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my hammock too! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to sit in a hammock with a new book and enjoy my backyard without being eaten alive by mosquitoes! We rarely used our huge back deck at the old house because we could not control the mosquitoes! Now we’re outside all the time and I love it. 

Life Lately: Moments In May

There were lots of moments in May that I don’t want to forget and they all kind of got lost in the stress of moving! This first picture makes me laugh. Friday is spirit day at their charter school so all the kids can wear spirit shirts. Tyler and Maia both wandered out of their rooms wearing matching shirts. I found it hilarious. Maia found it hilarious. Tyler was less amused. 

Our new bonus room is huge and upstairs. I love it. It’s not the first thing you see when you walk in my house and all the noise is contained upstairs. How did I ever survive before? Since it’s so big up there we were able to buy the kids some fun things. I found this basketball arcade game on clearance at Walmart for less than $50! Sold! The kids have spent so many hours playing with this thing- even the teenagers have enjoyed it. 

One huge benefit of being up near school is that we’re also near their friends and near the lake. We love the lake! Maia and Tyler especially have spent hours and hours on the lake with friends. 

One of Maia’s friends lives on a farm and has a bunch of adorable goats. Maia is in heaven. She loves these goats. And the friend only lives a few minutes away from us, close enough that Maia can walk to her house! 

I surprised Maia with a spa day in mid-May. We both got much needed hair cuts and highlights. This was her first time getting professional highlights and I think I created a monster. 

One thing the kids love is board games. When we were packing to move I got rid of every board game that was missing pieces or broken- which was probably 90% of them. I’ve been slowly replacing them for the kids as I find them on sale. They really love Trouble and Battleship so those were 2 that I replaced immediately. 

We celebrated Memorial Day with my family. They wanted to see our new house so they came down for a cook out. It was really fun, although my nephew was not pleased that the old hot tub was not there. Ha! We had fun anyway!

The dogs have been really enjoying our new backyard. It’s flat, fenced, and near their people. They spend a lot of time out there. There are dogs on both sides of us so they have lots of other friends to bark at. The girls are enjoying it too. 

Maia had her annual eye exam in May and was thrilled to find out that the muscle weakness she had in her eyes has resolved completely. Her prescription didn’t change at all and she now has permission to wear her glasses a lot less. 

One of my favorite things that happened in May was my new SUV! We were nearing the end of my lease on the Honda Pilot and also nearing the mileage limit thanks to the distance from our old house to school. So when Nissan had a great sale over Memorial Day weekend we went ahead and traded the Pilot for a Pathfinder. I love this car! I went with silver this time and a charcoal leather interior. I’ve named her Penelope. 

Zoey had a birthday party at a great gymnastics place and had so much fun that she now wants to try gymnastics again. She did it when she was little but didn’t love it. I guess I’ll be finding a place closer to our new house for her to take some classes. 

Tyler’s car needed some work done after his various incidents over the last year. Matt replaced the broken headlight and the missing wheel well but we had to take it to the auto shop to get some of the other work done. New tires, fixed fuse in the headlight, oil change, inspection, brake work….over $1000 of work was needed. Sigh. Teenage drivers. 

May was a good month but I’m glad it’s over. It was a stressful month and I was so ready for summer break!

Life Lately: The End Of School Year

The end of the school year slammed into me like a train this year. All the STUFF that gets piled into the end of the school year on top of moving about did me in. I developed a twitch in one eye and crippling insomnia. It was not a pretty time in my house, y’all. Even the dogs hid. But we made it. And no children or animals were harmed. I didn’t even get a picture of the 4 kids on the last day because of the exam schedules (part of the cause for the eye twitch). Tyler had morning or afternoon exams for 3 days and then he was done for the year. Maia had 3 days of morning exams so she had to be picked up at noon every day. The little kids were the only ones who had school all week the last week. It was chaos. But I did manage to get a picture of these two cuties. 

This was our first year having kids in the lower school so it was our first experience with their annual butterfly release. I loved it! Zoey’s class was at 9:15am and we had a little celebration in her classroom first. I got some adorable pictures with her and two of her besties, who are just adorable!

And of course we had to get a picture with her beloved teacher who has become a friend of mine. I was one of 2 class coordinators for her and we spent a lot of time chatting this last year. And now, she practically my neighbor. She lives in the neighborhood across the street for our new one. 

The whole first grade went out into the reading garden to release their butterflies. It was so cute! Teachers are so smart, y’all. they gave these kids about 15 minutes to run and jump and get their wiggles out. So very smart. I got some more adorable pictures.

Every child got a butterfly wrapped in paper and when the principal gave the command they all released their butterflies and watched them fly away. The reading garden and sky was full of beautiful butterflies. 

About an hour after Zoey’s butterfly release ended we had Mason’s. We stayed on campus in between and watched some of Maia’s 7th grade field day. I cannot tell you how much I love having all of my kids on one campus together. It’s amazing. I can pop in and see all 4 kids in one trip if I need to. I love this school. 4th grade kids are so much more calm compared to the 1st grade kids. ha! There was no running wild, they just gathered in friend groups and hung out while we waited for the butterflies to be passed out. This is Mason’s best friend (one of them) and we just adore him. 

And this is the 3 muskateers. ha! These boys have been his best friends this year and they are amazing. So are their parents! And funny enough, the boy in the white shirt is the younger brother of one of the guys Tyler plays football with on the varsity team. Another benefit of our school- siblings know siblings all over campus. 

That same evening we attended the middle school art show. Maia had 3 pieces chosen for the show but she decided to only display one. She loves this drawing of the eyeball. We walked around the explored all the other art and holy cow, these kids have talent. I can barely draw a stick figure so I was incredibly impressed by the artwork of these middle school kids!

It was a great end to the school year and I survived. I can’t believe I have a senior, an 8th grader, a 5th grader, and a 2nd grader! That is crazy! 

Life: Closing Day & Settling In

Closing day came quicker than we imagined it would. We had a short closing anyway but when you’re trying to coordinate a move, cleaning a new and old house, and everything else that goes along with moving….it get busy. I’m glad we made the decision to move into our new home the week before we closed on our old home though. Matt and I were able to spend a full days at the old house cleaning and making sure everything was ready for closing. It wasn’t as emotional or difficult to say goodbye to our old home as I thought it would be. I took it as a sign that we were ready.

We closed at 10am in the morning and it was a looooong drive from our new house. Matt and I ended up about 40 minutes early so we stopped at the cutest little coffee shop first. Closing took all of 15 minutes- sign here, sign there, wire transfer done, here’s the keys. That was it. The buyers weren’t present so it was easy peasy. 

We took the kids out to Texas Roadhouse that night to celebrate the closing and went ahead and hit up IKEA to order some furniture while we were on that end of town. We used to be only 10 minutes from IKEA, now we’re 45 minutes away. I miss you, IKEA. I promise to visit often.


We paused from our new house unpacking to half ass a 1st grade animal habitat project. Literally half assed it, y’all. All my craft stuff was packed and so were most of Zoey’s toys. We ended up doing a Toucan in a “rainforest” because we found a clay toucan in bright colors (wrong colors, haha). I slapped some green felt in the bottom of a shoebox, added some Littlest Pet Shop animals, some LEGO palm trees, a Barbie swimming pool, and called it a day. If they wanted my A game then they should have assigned this back in October when I still had cares and effort to give. Amen and Hallelujah.

We paid the $59 to have IKEA deliver our new furniture because it was A LOT. We ordered 3 queen size bed frames, 2 queen mattresses, 4 dressers, a desk chair, 4 bar stools, a table, 4 stools, 2 nightstands, and all the bed bases. No way were we getting all that home in one trip. Well worth the $59!

Poor Matt. He got the job of putting all the furniture together. Although to be fair, I put together all 4 dressers and both nightstands by myself. So boom. I don’t think he was impressed. 

While he was in furniture assembly hell I started on my gallery walls. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do gallery walls but I had to. It just didn’t feel like home without them. I did scale them back a bit though and spread out the stuff. I did a wall in the dining room and one in the family room to start. Since then I’ve done one in the hallway upstairs, one in the bonus room, and one in the master bedroom.