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2016 Monthly Goals: August


It’s August. How is this possible? Where did my summer vacation go? Oh right…high school varsity football. Time suck. So now I’m in full back to school mode with lots to get done in the next few weeks. But first, how did I do on my July goals? Not great, my friends. Not great. 

July Goals:

1. Finish the gallery wall in the living room. Nope. I bought almost all the pieces to do the gallery wall but a few of them haven’t arrived yet. 

2. Get all paperwork done for Ty and Maia’s new schools. Done! And it was a lot of paperwork, y’all. 

3. Go through the kids closets. Nope. I started this project. Then I got distracted. 

4. Create a new master meal list. I started this and it’s almost done. I’m working on it. 

5. Do some fun stuff with the kids. We did a few things but it was too hot for the zoo and the kids didn’t want to go to the movies. So that was a fail. Most of our time was spent in the pool with friends.

August Goals:

1. Finish up my Back to School list that I shared last week. I’ve made some progress but I still have work to do. 

2. Clean out closets. I need to work on the kids’ closets. I just bought new school clothes for Mase and Zoey so I need to weed out their outgrown stuff. Maia is getting a whole uniform wardrobe for her new charter school so we need to get rid of the stuff she doesn’t really need. And the same goes for Ty. Not to mention my own closet…

3. Organize my Kindle. I spent 40-some odd minutes searching for a specific book the other day. If that’s not a clear cry for help then I don’t know what it.

4. Start the Couch to 5K program. I used to run every day. Ever since my diagnosis of auto-immune arthritis I have slacked off. My joints are often sore and swollen and overdoing it brings on flu-like symptoms. So I stopped running. And I feel like crap. I’m determined to get back into good health. I’ve used this program before when recovering from a knee injury and I know it works for me. I won’t be running any 5K’s but at least I’ll feel better.

5. Finish up some house projects. I need to do the large gallery wall in the living room and I also want to do a smaller one in the living room too. I want to try my hand at making a couple of big wooden signs for the kitchen and the family room. I want to clean out and organize the master bedroom. Just stuff that has been lingering on my to do list for quite awhile. 

I still can’t believe we’re so close to school starting. Ty starts in 17 days and the other 3 start in 28 days. I’m not ready. I’m not on board. Sad panda.


2016 Monthly Goals: July


School is finally out and we are basking in the glory of sunshine and summer time. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool and we had our beach vacation in June so I may have been a tad unrealistic with my June goals. Ha! 

June Goals:

1. Finish all little projects. This one kind of got halfway done then I ran out of time and steam. And the pool was much more inviting than working. Oops.

2. Do a huge declutter/donation. I did do a pretty big donation in June. But I still have a lot more that needs to be decluttered and donated. It’s a work in progress but every little bit helps!

3. Finish the master bedroom/bathroom. Nope. Not even close. It looks exactly the same as it did when I wrote out my June goals. I just ran out of time. And nobody sees the bedroom and bathroom except for us so it’s always last on my list.

4. Finish the living room redo. Almost done. I need to do the gallery wall above the couch and buy some new cushion covers for the throw pillows but other than that, it’s done.

5. Relax and Enjoy summer break. Doing it and continuing to do it. I love summer. 

July Goals:

1. Finish the gallery wall in the living room. The space just looks totally unfinished with the wall blank so I need to work on that. And I want to spend no money if possible so I’ll be pulling things from around the house to use.

2. Get all paperwork done for Ty and Maia’s new schools. With school transfers come paperwork. Lots of paperwork. I’m in the middle of working on Ty’s NCHSAA waiver so he can play football for his new school next year. Maia still has to pick her 6th grade classes and turn that in. I need to secure spots on the buses for both schools. I have about 15 checks to write. And both Ty and Maia need physicals and forms signed. 

3. Go through the kids closets. I need to do another big purge. They have all grown so much in the last few months and I need to weed out the old clothes. Plus Maia and Ty will be wearing uniforms next year so I really want to cut down on the amount of clothes they have. They don’t need 3 weeks worth of outfits when they wear uniforms 5 days a week. I like this. 

4. Create a new master meal list. Next school year is going to busy. Really busy. 2 kids in charter schools that require me to transport them, plus multiple sports being played, and I’m going to need to step up my meal planning game so we don’t either starve or resort to fast food every night. 

5. Do some fun stuff with the kids. We go to the pool almost every day and play in the hot tub almost every night but I want to do some more stuff. I want to take them to the movies a couple of times, go get sno-balls from our favorite Pelicans Sno-Balls, do another zoo trip, and a few other fun things that don’t cost a ton of money.

We’ll see how much I accomplish in July. Wish me luck. Ha!


2016 Monthly Goals: June


Y’all, we are down to only a few days of school left- 5 to be exact. I can see light at the end of my tunnel finally. The kids are maxed out on brain cells for the year and if I never see the words “End of Year project” again it will be too soon. I was so busy with end of the year stuff that I didn’t do great with my goals in May.

May Goals:

1. Make a comprehensive list of house repairs. I did do this. It was a pretty long list. I went through every single room and made a list of every single thing that needs to be done before we put our house up for sale. And then I had a mini panic attack.

2. Make a financial plan to help us get out of debt. Done. Actually Matt did this one but I’m totally counting it as meeting my own goal. It’s hard to make a definite plan when we’re still waiting on Matt’s new position to become available but we have a pretty good idea of how long it’s going to take to be debt free. Spoiler alert- a long time. 

3. Clean out the linen closet. Nope. Didn’t even open the linen closet. 

4. Narrow down our home search. Done. We’ve actually narrowed it down to 5 specific neighborhoods so now we know how much we need to have saved to afford a house.

5. Start our garage clean out. Nope. And that sucks because now it’s in the mid 90’s and it’s going to suck. But the garage has got to get cleaned out! 

June Goals:

1. Finish all little projects. I have so many half done projects in this house right now and it’s driving me nuts. So this month I want to take some time and just finish them up.

2. Do a huge declutter/donation. I have some furniture that needs to go, a lot of toys that nobody plays with, and a whole bunch of knick knack clutter that can be donated. 

3. Finish master bedroom/bathroom. This kind of goes with goal #1 but I specifically want to finish up the master bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is pretty much done- there’s just a few little details that need to be finished. The master bedroom needs to be decluttered and simplified so that’s a big goal for me in June. 

4. Finish the living room redo. Again, it kind of goes along with goal #1. I started the living room redo a few weeks ago and I need to get it done. I already love the difference but I can’t stand it being half done. 

5. Relax & enjoy summer break. The kids are getting older and we’re able to do more stuff in the summer now. I want to spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying summer this year. More time at the pool, in the hot tub, hanging out in the back yard…I want to spend less time in front of the TV, the computer, the phone. I’m going to blog 3-4 days a week this summer instead of 5 days so I can enjoy my kids more. 

I have high hopes for June! Lots of fun, lots of relaxing, lots of decluttered spaces!

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2016 Monthly Goals: May


We’re down to about 30 school days left until summer vacation. I cannot control my excitement. I am so ready. This seems to be the time of year when I’m anxious to start projects and do stuff. April was not as productive as I’d hoped but I have great plans for May. Let’s see how I did on my April goals. 

April Goals:

1- Find some new recipes to try for Spring. Done! I found a whole bunch. I pinned some, tried some, and have a list of more to try in the coming weeks. 

2- Plan our vacations for the year. Done! Our beach vacation is planned and set. We decided against taking the other 2 vacations this year so we can save money towards a new house. 

3- Continue walking/running on treadmill 3x a week. Done! Some weeks I even managed to do 5 days a week. 

4- Drink at least 40 ounces of water a day. Fail. I did continue drinking at least 30 ounces but I need to keep working on drinking more water. I bought some lemonade flavor drops with no sugar and no calories so I’m going to try those this month.

5- Read 10 books off my TBR list and buy no more than 6 new books. Done! I read 16 books in April and 12 of them were from my TBR lists. I only purchased 3 new books!

May Goals:

1- Make a comprehensive list of house repairs. We want to sell our house as soon as financially possible which is probably 18 months away. But there’s a lot of stuff that needs to get done in our current house so we can get top dollar for it when we sell it. I’d like to start checking things off that list a little at a time so it’s not too much to do later.

2- Make a financial plan to help us get out of debt. We know what we need to pay off but now we need to have a plan to help us pay it off quickly. 

3- Clean out the linen closet. This linen closet is the clutter catcher of the second floor. There’s stuff in there that I have no idea where it came from or how long we’ve had it. I plan to pull every single out and start over. 

4- Narrow down our home search. We know what we want and where we want to be but we need to narrow down our top neighborhood choices and start tracking home sales so we know when prices start going up.

5- Start our garage clean out. This one makes me want to cry. I hate cleaning out the garage but it’s a mess. And it’s going to need a lot of work before we put our house on the market. Better to start now and take our time. 

Hopefully we accomplish a lot in May while the weather is not too hot and we have a little free time. 


2016 Monthly Goals: April


Spring has arrived! Along with the allergies, pollen, mosquitoes, and fluctuating temperatures. But still, it’s not winter! March was a really productive month in our house. Lots of spring cleaning was done and I feel 100 pounds lighter. Figuratively, not literally. Unfortunately. So let’s see how I did on my March goals.

March Goals:

1- Clean out kids’ closets. Done, done, and done. I took out everything they had outgrown to pass on to others and made a list of what they each needed for Spring/Summer. I’m on top of things this year. 

2- Donate stuff. Big ole check! We made 4 trips to Goodwill with loads of stuff to donate. I cleaned out toys, clothes, linens, books, household stuff…it feels so good.

3- Finish up all little projects. I did this one too. I walked around the house and made a list of all the little projects that were unfinished and then I checked them off one by one all month long. 

4- Finish the master bedroom & master bathroom remodel. Almost done. The walls are painted, the vanities are installed, the accessories are almost completed in the bathroom. I’d say the bathroom is 99% complete. I’m still working on the master bedroom. But I’m making progress.

5- Run on treadmill 30 minutes every day. I didn’t do so well on this one. I ran several times a week for the first 2 weeks but my knees started swelling so I had to stop. I’m still walking on the treadmill though. 

6- Drink 60 ounces of water a day. I tried my best. I averaged about 30 ounces a day. I need to do better next month.

April Goals:

1- Find some new recipes to try for Spring. I’m tired of the same old recipes now and I’m in a rut. I want to find some new pasta salads, some grilling recipes, and some easy stuff for busy nights.

2- Plan our vacations for the year. I’m determined to have at least 2, hopefully 3 trips this year. One will be the beach, one will hopefully be to Washington DC to visit Matt’s brothers, and I’m not sure on the third one yet.

3- Continue walking/running on treadmill at least 3 times a week. I feel better when I’m active but running every day just isn’t physically feasible anymore. 

4- Drink at least 40 ounces of water a day. Like I said above, I averaged 30 ounces a day last month. So this month I want to increase that by 10 ounces/day.

5- Read 10 books off my TBR lists and restrict my book buying to only 6 books for the whole month. I just have too many books to read and I need to stop buying books until I make a dent in my TBR lists.