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2017 Monthly Goals: January


I cannot believe we’re starting a brand new year. I’m amazed by how quickly 2016 went by and I don’t anticipate life slowing down at all in 2017. I did great on my December goals last month.

December Goals:

1. Finish the holiday decorations. Definitely done. I found new homes for all of our favorite decor and added a few new pieces to round it out. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I have a vision in my mind of what I want to do next year so I plan to start gathering pieces through the year. 

2. Wrap all the presents. Well duh, of course I got this one done. Although I will admit that around hour 6 of wrapping I started to consider that maybe Santa should drop the gifts off unwrapped next year. Still, it got done. 

3. Find some new budget friendly dinner recipes. I added 4 or 5 new ones. I’m not done trying new ones but it was a good start for December. 

4. Enjoy the season. Oh I did this one. The first few weeks were super busy but I managed to enjoy them anyway. I watched Christmas movies, drank hot cocoa, baked cookies, and enjoyed Christmas lights. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the new year. 

January Goals:

1. Pack up the Christmas decor and get rid of stuff I don’t use. I have at least 3 tubs of holiday decor in the attic that hasn’t been used in years. Time to let it all go. 

2. Add 4 new recipes to the dinner menu. Finding all new recipes is daunting but I can find 4 and try them out. I want to find a few new chicken recipes and maybe a meatball one. 

3. Make a huge donation. I spent Christmas break going through closets and kids bedrooms so there is a huge pile of stuff in the living room waiting to be taken for donation. I need to get it out of here before the kids start digging stuff out!

4. Read more. I’m missing reading on a regular basis. I want to carve out time to read more during the day while the kids are at school. Turn off the tv and read, that’s my goal!

5. Schedule appointments. Ugh. Tyler needs to go to the dermatologist. Maia and Zoey both need eye exams. Mason needs his 9 year physical. Maia needs an orthodontist consult. Tyler needs his 6 month dental cleaning. So many appointments.

Here’s hoping for a productive January!


2016 Monthly Goals: December


It’s my most favorite time of year, y’all. I love December. I love Christmas. I love it all. I especially love the 2 week holiday break from school schedule. Just sayin’. November was super busy with football playoffs, Tyler’s basketball starting, Mason’s basketball starting, and then the holidays. But I did better on my goals than I thought I would. 

November Goals:

1. Finish organizing my Kindle categories. Praise Jesus, I’m done. It took months. That should probably indicate I have a book hoarding problem but I’m in denial. Anyway- this project is finally finished.

2. Finish all the projects on my house list before Thanksgiving. I did everything on my list with the exception of the master bedroom. I almost finished the master bedroom but not quite. Still, I got a lot done and off my list.

3. Finish Christmas shopping. I only have 2 things left to get and both are online. It feels so good to not have to rush out to the stores. I’ve decided that I’d rather pay full price than fight the holiday crowds. No shame in my game.

4. Celebrate all the birthdays. Done. Tyler had a little mini sleepover/pizza/video game party with his friends. Maia didn’t want a big party this year so she had a few friends over to celebrate. We drove up to my parents house to help throw my mom a surprise party for her birthday and we had a cake for my brother in law at Thanksgiving for his birthday. 

5. Find some new dinner recipes. Nope. I totally forgot about this one. I’ll be adding it to my list for next month. 

December Goals:

1. Finish the holiday decorations. I moved so much furniture around this year that it’s been a challenge to find new homes for some of our favorite decor. 

2. Wrap all the presents. Having all the kids in school makes this a much easier job than in years past but it’s still a lot. So is finding hiding places for gifts that I can actually remember. 

3. Find some new budget friendly dinner recipes. The kids are tired of even our favorites and my budget has shrunk significantly so I’ve got to find some new stuff for dinners.

4. Enjoy the season. I want to enjoy Christmas movies and hot chocolate and see Christmas lights. Our schedule is so busy that I’m going to have to be very intentional with my free time but I’m going to do it.

I’m sticking with only 4 goals for December so I have a chance of actually making number 4 happen! 


2016 Monthly Goals: November


How is it already November? I don’t understand how this year is going by so quickly. I guess when life is busy it goes by faster. I understand it but I sure don’t like it. October was so very busy with football and basketball is starting so I didn’t do great with my goals. But I kept everyone alive and fed and the house did not fall down around us so I’m calling it a win. 

October Goals:

1. Finish organizing my kindle categories. I worked on this a lot but I’m not quite done. I’m getting there. It’s been a slow process but it will be worth it when I’m done.

2. Finish the master bedroom redo. Nope. I got nothing done in the master bedroom. At all. 

3. Finish up some small house projects. I got a few little ones done but not as many as I hoped to do. And I added twice as many to my list as I crossed off.

4. Start planning for the holidays. I actually did some of this. I figured out Thanksgiving- at least I figured out what time we’re going to eat. I made Christmas lists. That’s progress, right?

5. Organize the pictures on my phone. I got a decent start on this but I’m not done. It takes a long time to go through 3500 pictures. A long time.

November Goals:

1. Finish organizing my Kindle categories. Ha! It’s staying on the list until it gets done, y’all. I’d say I’m 70% done. And I have well over 4000 books on my Kindle. 70% of 4000 is….well, a lot. That’s math and I don’t like math.

2. Finish all the projects on my house list before Thanksgiving. We’re hosting a huge crowd for Thanksgiving and I need to get this house in order so I’m not stressing out the day before they arrive.

3. Finish Christmas shopping. I do not want to be doing last minute shopping this year. I want to be done. I’ve already gotten a good head start but there’s a lot left to do. 

4. Celebrate all the birthdays. Tyler turns 16 this month, Maia turns 12, and we have 3 other birthdays in November too. It’s a busy month.

5. Find some new dinner recipes. I need to add some new stuff. Preferably some stuff that all my kids will eat. I’m tired of them turning their noses up at dinner and eating PB&J sandwiches instead. I’m going to find some recipes that they all will enjoy.


2016 Monthly Goals: October


Oh my gosh, September went by so dang fast! I swear I blinked and it’s already October. I feel like I say that every single month these days. Life is busy. I did pretty well on my goals list for September.

September Goals:

1. Finish the large gallery wall in the living room. Done. I finished the large gallery wall and tweaked the small one too. I’ll be sharing them in a post soon or if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen sneak peeks. 

2. Work on the master bedroom. Done. Well the room isn’t totally done but I worked on it. I got the furniture moved around, got the television mounted on the wall, and I’m working on purging and doing some decor tweaks. 

3. Clean out and organize my closet. Ugh. I started this but didn’t get very far. I purged some things that don’t fit and a couple of things that I don’t really wear anymore but I still have a bunch left to do.

4. Clean out the kitchen cabinets. Nope. All the tupperware still falls out at me every time I open the cabinet. It’s still on the list. I’ll get to it. Eventually.

5. Finish organizing my Kindle. I got a lot done. I don’t think I realized just how many books were on my Kindle. What I thought would be a weekend project has been dragging on for months now. But I’m halfway done so I’ll keep plugging away.

October Goals:

1. Finish organizing my kindle categories. Still. I think I’m a little more than halfway done now so that’s something. I’m finding a lot of great books that I forgot I even had so that’s great. But my TBR lists are going to be out of control!

2. Finish the master bedroom redo. I want the master redo done completely this month. I want to walk into the room and not feel stressed out and the only way to do that is to get the room back in order!

3. Finish up some small house projects. I have lots of little projects waiting to get done- like touching up paint in several rooms, rearranging the bookcase, etc. I need to just buckle down and get it done. 

4. Start planning for the holidays. We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, as usual, and are planning to have 25-30 people here which means I need to get planning. I love hosting Thanksgiving but this year is more stressful because of Ty’s football. If his team makes it to the third round of the playoffs then they will practice on Thanksgiving for a game the day after Thanksgiving. So I need to get planning now. I also need to get started on making my Christmas gift lists. How is it time to plan the holidays already?

5. Organize the pictures on my phone. We are switching back to AT&T next month which means I need to upload and back up all 3,000 + pictures on my phone. I’ve let that slide recently and I’m going to pay the price now. But it has to get done. 


2016 Monthly Goals: September


So it’s September. Really? How did this happen? August was a whirlwind blur of getting ready for back to school. I’m not even sure what happened in August, to be honest. I blinked and it was already over. I accomplished a lot in August, not necessarily the stuff on my monthly goal list but at least I got some stuff done.

August Goals:

1. Finish up my Back to school list, which included finishing up back to school clothing shopping for both Ty and Maia, purchasing school necessities for all 4 kids, and organizing some of the hot spots in our house. I did well on this goal. Both Maia and Ty have all the uniform pieces they need to make it through Fall. Ty needs 2 more hoodies. Maia needs some long sleeve uniform shirts and 2 more pairs of pants. All school supplies are bought including insanely expensive calculators. And I organized 5 out of 7 of the hot spots. The only ones I haven’t gotten to yet are the garage and the kitchen cabinets. It’s on the list.

2. Clean out closets. I got all 4 kids closets cleaned out and organized. I didn’t get to mine yet. 

3. Organize my Kindle. It’s in process. I’m about halfway done. It’s a tedious process but I know it will be so worth it when I’m done.

4. Start the Couch to 5K program. Nope. I’ve mentioned that I have a form of autoimmune arthritis and I had a big time flare up in August so that meant no running or even light jogging. 

5. Finish up house projects. I got a good start but I still have a list. But when don’t I have a list? Sigh.

September Goals:

1. Finish the large gallery wall in the living room. I have the small gallery wall done but I’ve been waiting on some pieces for the big wall. I think I have them all now so it’s time to get busy.

2. Work on the master bedroom. I have plans for the master. I need to rearrange some furniture, mount the TV, and do a little mini makeover. I’ve been putting it on hold while I worked on the downstairs but it’s time to get busy.

3. Clean out and organize my closet. My closet. Oh my closet. It is awful. I need to do a major purge and I need to try on a lot of stuff.

4. Clean out the kitchen cabinets. Especially the tupperware cabinet. Does that stuff multiply at night or something? And where do all the containers go? I have a hundred lids that don’t go to anything. Why? How?

5. Finish organizing my Kindle. I’m halfway there. I’m finding so many books that I forgot I had that I want to read. I’m sure I’ll find a lot more too!

Here’s hoping I accomplish all of my September goals!