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Life Lately


Now that we’re back in a school year routine, I’m re-evaluating this little blog and what I want to write about each week. I’m changing some things up. I do better with a real writing routine and schedule so I’m going back to that. I want to share books I’m loving on a more regular basis. I want to share how I’m cutting our grocery budget way back. I want to share moments from our week. So look for some changes here soon. 

Tyler had his first home football game this last Friday. It was a great game and he played really well, although when he watched the film he picked his performance apart like a seasoned veteran. He started at both nose guard on defense and right tackle on offense. He held his blocks and made his tackles. We won 14-6 which was a great start to our season! A couple of talented parents were taking pictures down on the sidelines and sent me some amazing shots of Tyler. 










Aren’t those great?! There are a couple that I want to have printed on a canvas to hang in a gallery wall. Poor Tyler had a rough practice yesterday. As hard as his coaches are on him, he’s harder on himself. It’s painful to sit back and see him reviewing game film and making notes of every thing he did wrong. Being a mom is hard, y’all. 

Yesterday we took the 3 younger kids up to my parents house in the mountains to see the solar eclipse. Tyler couldn’t miss school or football so a friend who is a teacher at the school took a picture of Tyler for me. We originally planned to go to Charleston, SC to meet up with Matt’s brother and his family but then we saw the traffic nightmare and changed plans. My parents were at 99.2% totality so we headed up there instead. The traffic was still intense. It took us 4 hours to get there and normally it would only take 2. Coming home was worse, the interstate was a parking lot. But it was worth it!









It was really fun and I’m so glad we went and made it a whole experience for the kids. Now we’re back to reality again today, getting up at 5:30am. 


Life Lately {May 2017}


I missed last week’s Five Things Friday because I was so busy getting ready for our Memorial Day picnic so I figured the easiest thing to do was just make one big recap post. We had a lot going on in the last week or so!


Tyler had his last exam on Monday of last week and he was DONE with his 10th grade year. He’s had a great year and has really thrived in the charter school system. I’ll have a whole post soon about our first year in charter school. 


Zoey decided at the last minute last weekend that she wanted a hair cut so I chopped off about 6″ of hair. She had a lot of dead ends and tangles so it was definitely time for a cut. I’ll miss being able to braid her hair but she’s happy so that’s what matters. I don’t like that she looks older all of a sudden. No. 




We finally finished our back deck redo. We assembled our conversation set and our dining set and our new hot tub cover finally arrived. It’s made such a difference on our back deck. Everyone wants to be out there now! I’ll share more pictures soon. I added some potted plants and hanging baskets and I’ve kept them alive for a whole week so I’m feeling pretty confident now. Ha!




Tyler had a bunch of appointments this last week. First up was the dermatologist. He’s starting month 5 on Accutane and seeing results finally. He’s a big guy and guys with that much muscle mass take longer to respond to the medication apparently. He has another month left (6 months total) and we’re hopeful that he’ll be pleased with the end result. Then he had to see the sports medicine doctor about his knee. Long story short- he took a bad helmet hit to his kneecap last season and pretty much limped his way through the rest of the season. It’s been really bothering him lately and the trainer finally told him to go see the sports med doc. We saw the same doctor that Tyler saw for his concussion and he’s fantastic. Tyler has Chondromalacia- which basically means his kneecap slides out of place when he bends his leg in any way. The cartilage under his kneecap is damaged and his MCL is loose from overcompensating for his kneecap. So he starts rehab therapy next week and we’re hopeful he’ll have a full recovery. He’s worried about being 100% for the season but with a knee sleeve and kinesio tape he should be able to play.


My parents came down to celebrate Memorial Day with us and my sister and her family came to join us. It was such a fun day. We had our picnic on Saturday because we had plans to attend our neighborhood cookout on Monday. The kids had a great time in the hot tub and the adults got to enjoy the deck and all the good food. 




We had a really laid back Sunday. We spent a few hours at the pool then chilled in the hot tub and finally grilled dinner out on the deck. It was perfect. We were outside for pretty much the entire day and everyone was happy. It really made me excited for summer vacation!









Our neighborhood hosted the annual Memorial Day picnic at the pool on Monday and it was amazing as always. It was so nice to see friends from the neighborhood that we hadn’t seen since last summer. In our neighborhood most of the kids attend different charter schools or are homeschooled so we don’t always see them during the school year. My kids have school friends and neighborhood friends, it’s weird but it works. I have pictures of most of these kids going back 10+ years so it’s been fun to watch them grow up together. The neighborhood did a pot luck so there was tons of food and drinks, great music, and lots of laughter. I love our ‘hood. We made a definite decision recently that we don’t want to move. We really love our neighborhood and our neighbors. We just can’t see leaving here. Anyway- Memorial Day was a blast and we spent more than 6 hours at the pool partying with friends. It was a rough re-entry into the real world on Tuesday morning, let me tell you. It was ugly. But we’re almost at the finish line. This Friday is Maia’s last day and next Friday is the little kids last day. Bring on Summer!


Life Lately {March 2017}

It’s been a week, y’all. Actually it’s been a rough 2 weeks around here. I figured since I missed last week’s 3 Things Thursday I would just do one big Life Lately post to catch up. First, you might have noticed a lack of posts last week. I was really really sick and then someone hacked my blog. I didn’t have the energy to fix it last week so I got to spend all day yesterday fixing the issue. So what else has been going on? Here’s the last 12 days in no particular order. 


Maia got a hair cut finally. She’s needed one for about 6 months but she didn’t want to lose the length. She finally asked me to cut it last weekend so I did. I chopped off about 5 inches of hair! It looks much better now and she can straighten it or curl it herself, which is a big bonus because nobody wants to mess with that at 5:30 in the morning. Amen.


Tyler got his drivers license. God help me. Matt took him one day last week during Tyler’s spring break. He passed on the first try and was told that he is an excellent driver. Now the search is on for his car. I think we might have found the one we want so we’ll see. Because I really don’t want him driving around in my year old Honda Pilot!


I spent over an hour cleaning out and rearranging the kitchen pantry and the second hall pantry. It was a disaster. I found empty wrappers, expired and open food, and a big ole mess. I took everything out and cleaned all the shelves before putting it all back inside. It’s so much better now! I’m working on a system for making it easier to pack lunches every day and this will help a lot.


I took Tyler for his monthly blood work to check his levels for his Accutane based medication. He has to do the blood work every 30 days and then see the dermatologist. I hate that he has to be on a medication that requires blood work because I worry about what it’s doing to his body. But the dermatologist says he has excellent blood work, better than 95% of  people. All his levels are great and the medication is not causing any issues with his body or internal organs. So that’s good news.


We had a string of really strong storms come through last week and one dropped huge hail balls! It sounded like the windows were going to shatter from the hail. The dogs were outside and you should have seen how fast they came running when that hail started coming down! There were some that were as big as golf balls! I’m glad our cars were in the garage.


A couple of days after he had blood work done we went and saw the dermatologist. She’s really pleased with how he is doing on the Accutane medication. He’s finished with month 2 and she doubled his dose for month 3. He had a really rough first week with the side effects but then it seems to even out. We’re starting to seeing some real difference now in his cystic acne. His face has cleared up almost completely, his chest is clearing up and his back is finally starting to show improvement. I’ll be so happy for him when he’s finished this course.


After his dermatologist appointment he had to go to school for weights with the football team and wrestling. Then he had basketball shoot arounds right after. On Spring Break. No days off in varsity sports. No days off for mom either. I sat in the car for 3 hours waiting for him. I really can’t wait for him to get his car. 


Matt and I had to take all 3 dogs to the vet last week. It was…..fun. We schedule them together because we get a 10% discount for bringing them at the same time. But man, it’s hard work. Plus we had 2 sick kids tagging along with us. We looked like a traveling circus. Chase tripped the nurse, Abby hid under a chair and had to be dragged out, and Bailey peed on the vet. They were happy to see us leave, I’m sure.


Matt turned 40 last week. I wanted to do a big party but he threatened to run away to Alaska if I did. So I thought about it for awhile and then decided not to. I took him to lunch one day instead. Sans kids. That’s a real birthday treat. His company gives employees their birthday off as an extra paid vacation day and he tacked on 2 more so he had a 5 day weekend to celebrate being 40. 


I got to spend more time at urgent care on Friday. I just finished a 10 day course of antibiotics for a sinus infection but a couple of days later it was back. And it was angry. The whole side of my face was swollen, I couldn’t chew or even really open my mouth because of the pain in my jaw, and I had a fever. They put me on really strong antibiotics for the sinus infection and discovered that I had a severe ear infection. My eardrum ruptured a couple of days ago and it was gross. But I felt better once all that icky drained out of my ear. I’m finally on the mend I think. I hope.


And Tyler got to drive himself to Saturday football workouts and basketball shoot arounds for the first time this past weekend. It was so nice to not have to sit in the car and wait for him for hours. I’m alternating between happy and terrified. But mostly happy. He’s a great driver. It’s all the other crappy drivers out there that worry me! I feel like we’ve reached another milestone and right of passage with him. He’s more adult than child now. We’re working on our driving contract with rules and expectations for him since he’s going to be getting a car soon. I can’t believe I have a kid old enough to drive. 


3 Things Thursday {2.16.17}

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Tyler had his last regular season basketball game on Friday night and it was a great game with a huge win against a conference rival. Tyler had a great game, hit all his free throws, got several blocks, and had a bunch of rebounds. It was a good season and now they’re onto the playoffs!


Mason also had his last regular season game this week on Saturday. They destroyed their opponents and had a great showing. His team starts the playoffs this Saturday and they hope to go all the way to the championship game!



Tyler had his second dermatologist appointment since starting an Accutane based medication for his cystic acne. We sat down in the waiting room and not even a minute later my neighbor walks in and sits down. I’ve mentioned this neighbor before. She’s the gossip of the street. She’s super nice but you just have to watch what you say. I’m just waiting to hear what the word on the street is about why we were there. It should be interesting. I’m hoping for something fun- like flesh eating bacteria. 



Mason made the A/B Honor Roll for the second quarter. He missed the A Honor Roll by one point in one subject. He was bummed. But I’m really proud of him. He worked so hard. While we were at his award ceremony I got word that he and Zoey both got a spot at the same charter school where Tyler goes. Maia did not get a spot because there were no open spots for 7th grade, but she is number 1 on the wait list so fingers crossed she’ll get in. I have mixed feelings.  I absolutely adore the charter school. It’s amazing. And there’s just something so appealing about having all my kids on one campus (in different schools but on the same campus). But I really love the elementary school that all our kids have attended and I’m going to be sad to not have any kids there anymore. It’s just a hard transition even though I know it’s for the best. 



3 Things Thursday {12.8.16}

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Tyler’s basketball teammates have taken to comparing him to Syndrome from The Incredibles because of his haircut. Pretty startling resemblance, don’t you think? He is thrilled. Obviously. I, on the other hand, am truly thrilled and take every opportunity to call him Syndrome. I’m a good mom. 



Mason had his first basketball game on Saturday. His team is really good this year and they won the game easily. Mason didn’t have any points but he had 4 steals and 9 rebounds. He’s a funny boy- he’d rather play defense than shoot the ball. 



I’ve been feeling pretty blech for a week now. I finally went to urgent care and I have pneumonia plus an autoimmune arthritis flare up. Basically I feel like death right now. And it’s one of the busiest weeks in December so there is no time for this mess. I spent this morning laying on the couch watching my favorite Christmas movie and drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire. I don’t feel any better tonight but I don’t feel worse so there’s that. 

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Hope you’re all having a great week. 

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