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Life Lately {March 2017}

It’s been a week, y’all. Actually it’s been a rough 2 weeks around here. I figured since I missed last week’s 3 Things Thursday I would just do one big Life Lately post to catch up. First, you might have noticed a lack of posts last week. I was really really sick and then someone hacked my blog. I didn’t have the energy to fix it last week so I got to spend all day yesterday fixing the issue. So what else has been going on? Here’s the last 12 days in no particular order. 


Maia got a hair cut finally. She’s needed one for about 6 months but she didn’t want to lose the length. She finally asked me to cut it last weekend so I did. I chopped off about 5 inches of hair! It looks much better now and she can straighten it or curl it herself, which is a big bonus because nobody wants to mess with that at 5:30 in the morning. Amen.


Tyler got his drivers license. God help me. Matt took him one day last week during Tyler’s spring break. He passed on the first try and was told that he is an excellent driver. Now the search is on for his car. I think we might have found the one we want so we’ll see. Because I really don’t want him driving around in my year old Honda Pilot!


I spent over an hour cleaning out and rearranging the kitchen pantry and the second hall pantry. It was a disaster. I found empty wrappers, expired and open food, and a big ole mess. I took everything out and cleaned all the shelves before putting it all back inside. It’s so much better now! I’m working on a system for making it easier to pack lunches every day and this will help a lot.


I took Tyler for his monthly blood work to check his levels for his Accutane based medication. He has to do the blood work every 30 days and then see the dermatologist. I hate that he has to be on a medication that requires blood work because I worry about what it’s doing to his body. But the dermatologist says he has excellent blood work, better than 95% of  people. All his levels are great and the medication is not causing any issues with his body or internal organs. So that’s good news.


We had a string of really strong storms come through last week and one dropped huge hail balls! It sounded like the windows were going to shatter from the hail. The dogs were outside and you should have seen how fast they came running when that hail started coming down! There were some that were as big as golf balls! I’m glad our cars were in the garage.


A couple of days after he had blood work done we went and saw the dermatologist. She’s really pleased with how he is doing on the Accutane medication. He’s finished with month 2 and she doubled his dose for month 3. He had a really rough first week with the side effects but then it seems to even out. We’re starting to seeing some real difference now in his cystic acne. His face has cleared up almost completely, his chest is clearing up and his back is finally starting to show improvement. I’ll be so happy for him when he’s finished this course.


After his dermatologist appointment he had to go to school for weights with the football team and wrestling. Then he had basketball shoot arounds right after. On Spring Break. No days off in varsity sports. No days off for mom either. I sat in the car for 3 hours waiting for him. I really can’t wait for him to get his car. 


Matt and I had to take all 3 dogs to the vet last week. It was…..fun. We schedule them together because we get a 10% discount for bringing them at the same time. But man, it’s hard work. Plus we had 2 sick kids tagging along with us. We looked like a traveling circus. Chase tripped the nurse, Abby hid under a chair and had to be dragged out, and Bailey peed on the vet. They were happy to see us leave, I’m sure.


Matt turned 40 last week. I wanted to do a big party but he threatened to run away to Alaska if I did. So I thought about it for awhile and then decided not to. I took him to lunch one day instead. Sans kids. That’s a real birthday treat. His company gives employees their birthday off as an extra paid vacation day and he tacked on 2 more so he had a 5 day weekend to celebrate being 40. 


I got to spend more time at urgent care on Friday. I just finished a 10 day course of antibiotics for a sinus infection but a couple of days later it was back. And it was angry. The whole side of my face was swollen, I couldn’t chew or even really open my mouth because of the pain in my jaw, and I had a fever. They put me on really strong antibiotics for the sinus infection and discovered that I had a severe ear infection. My eardrum ruptured a couple of days ago and it was gross. But I felt better once all that icky drained out of my ear. I’m finally on the mend I think. I hope.


And Tyler got to drive himself to Saturday football workouts and basketball shoot arounds for the first time this past weekend. It was so nice to not have to sit in the car and wait for him for hours. I’m alternating between happy and terrified. But mostly happy. He’s a great driver. It’s all the other crappy drivers out there that worry me! I feel like we’ve reached another milestone and right of passage with him. He’s more adult than child now. We’re working on our driving contract with rules and expectations for him since he’s going to be getting a car soon. I can’t believe I have a kid old enough to drive. 


3 Things Thursday {2.16.17}

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Tyler had his last regular season basketball game on Friday night and it was a great game with a huge win against a conference rival. Tyler had a great game, hit all his free throws, got several blocks, and had a bunch of rebounds. It was a good season and now they’re onto the playoffs!


Mason also had his last regular season game this week on Saturday. They destroyed their opponents and had a great showing. His team starts the playoffs this Saturday and they hope to go all the way to the championship game!



Tyler had his second dermatologist appointment since starting an Accutane based medication for his cystic acne. We sat down in the waiting room and not even a minute later my neighbor walks in and sits down. I’ve mentioned this neighbor before. She’s the gossip of the street. She’s super nice but you just have to watch what you say. I’m just waiting to hear what the word on the street is about why we were there. It should be interesting. I’m hoping for something fun- like flesh eating bacteria. 



Mason made the A/B Honor Roll for the second quarter. He missed the A Honor Roll by one point in one subject. He was bummed. But I’m really proud of him. He worked so hard. While we were at his award ceremony I got word that he and Zoey both got a spot at the same charter school where Tyler goes. Maia did not get a spot because there were no open spots for 7th grade, but she is number 1 on the wait list so fingers crossed she’ll get in. I have mixed feelings.  I absolutely adore the charter school. It’s amazing. And there’s just something so appealing about having all my kids on one campus (in different schools but on the same campus). But I really love the elementary school that all our kids have attended and I’m going to be sad to not have any kids there anymore. It’s just a hard transition even though I know it’s for the best. 



3 Things Thursday {12.8.16}

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Tyler’s basketball teammates have taken to comparing him to Syndrome from The Incredibles because of his haircut. Pretty startling resemblance, don’t you think? He is thrilled. Obviously. I, on the other hand, am truly thrilled and take every opportunity to call him Syndrome. I’m a good mom. 



Mason had his first basketball game on Saturday. His team is really good this year and they won the game easily. Mason didn’t have any points but he had 4 steals and 9 rebounds. He’s a funny boy- he’d rather play defense than shoot the ball. 



I’ve been feeling pretty blech for a week now. I finally went to urgent care and I have pneumonia plus an autoimmune arthritis flare up. Basically I feel like death right now. And it’s one of the busiest weeks in December so there is no time for this mess. I spent this morning laying on the couch watching my favorite Christmas movie and drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire. I don’t feel any better tonight but I don’t feel worse so there’s that. 

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Hope you’re all having a great week. 

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What We Did: Thanksgiving Edition

What a busy, fun filled week with family! The week started off with a mad rush to clean up the house because it was a disaster. Busy life = messy house.


I finally got my last gallery wall done in the family room. I’ve had all the pieces sitting here for about a month but just haven’t had a minute to actually get it all put together. It turned out better than I expected given that I did it in 15 minutes with only one try.


You know what rocks? Realizing you have a tween old enough to help cook for Thanksgiving! Maia was put in charge of the Pumpkin Crescent Rolls and she did a great job. We made 8 batches and she did more than half of them.



What isn’t easy is keeping the teen boy out of the kitchen so those Pumpkin Crescent Rolls actually would make it until Thanksgiving dinner! 


Getting ready to host Thanksgiving takes a lot of work. But we pulled it off. Just in time too because our first guests rang the doorbell not even a minute after I took these pictures!



We had such a great time with our family. Tons of food, tons of laughter, tons of football, and tons of pie!








After dinner was over we tried to get some family pictures. It did not go well. Now, remember we had about 20 people present. Clearly not all 20 people got the memo about the family pictures happening.










I just don’t know what to do with these people. We ended up with a ton of leftovers this year so it was a weekend full of food. I’m a little afraid that my real people pants won’t fit this week. But man, it was so delicious. 



The rest of the weekend was spent watching college football, putting up Christmas decorations, and then watching NFL football. Exactly how I like it. 



I’m still only half done with the Christmas decorations….and that might be a bit of a stretch. But I’ll get it done soon. It was a great Thanksgiving and I’m super sad that we’re back to real life now. I’m already counting down the days until Christmas break!


What We Did: Weekend Edition {11.21.16}

We had a great weekend. Extremely busy but it was really fun too. We’re just in a season of life where we don’t get a minute to breathe sometimes but it’s a good life. Our weekend started off Friday night with Tyler’s 1st round football playoff game. The game was over 2 hours away from our house and we had to leave in the middle of rush hour traffic which is always…fun. We made it in 2 hours and 48 minutes. Yay us! I’m going to miss Friday night football. I’ve made some amazing friends with other moms of the players and I just love it so much. This week was hard. We lost. It was a really poorly officiated game and the other team was pretty dirty. Tyler played nose guard on defense and also some at guard on the offensive line. He doesn’t necessarily like the o-line but he sure is good at it. He had some amazing blocks on a guy who was way bigger than him. 


Tyler took more than a few helmet to helmet hits from the other team, he got kicked in the head twice, he came off the field with bloody cleat marks in his back from being stepped on, his jersey was torn and blood stained by the time they walked off the field.



I hate that they ended their season that way. But man, what a team. These guys will always hold a special place in my heart for the way they embraced Tyler, made him right at home, and made sure he felt part of the team from the very beginning. They are great guys.




It was a long night. We didn’t get home until after 1am and didn’t get into bed until almost 2am. Then I had to wake up every 2 hours to check Tyler because of the head hits. He was not diagnosed with a concussion but the trainer wanted me to watch him for symptoms. So it was a rough night. The alarm went off appallingly early on Saturday morning because Mason had basketball practice at 8:30am.


Right after his practice ended we raced home and loaded everyone up in the car to drive 2 hours up to my parents house for my mom’s surprise 70th birthday party. We have never ever ever once been able to surprise this woman. She has some kind of weird radar about surprises. We’ve been planning this party for months now and hoping for the best. 


We actually pulled it off. There were about 18 of us there for the surprise. We kept it small with only close friends and immediate family so mom didn’t freak out about whether her bathroom was clean enough for guests. Ha! Her face when she walked in was priceless.


It was so much fun. We ate great food, drank more than we should have, and laughed a lot. I love my people. The kids had a blast. 




We stayed later than we anticipated and didn’t get home until after 10pm. But it was worth the exhaustion to party with my peeps. Sunday morning was lazy. The kids slept in until after 10am. I was up checking Tyler most of the night but so far he doesn’t seem to be showing any concussion symptoms. We’ll know for sure in another 24 hours. Symptoms usually start within 72-96 hours at the latest. We’re about 60 hours out now. So far so good. Sunday afternoon meant a quick trip to Sams Club for food.


The rest of Sunday was spent switching our cellphone service. Bye bye Terrible-Mobile and back to AT&T we go. Poor Matt had to spend hours at the store getting our phones switched. Then he surprised me and came home with an iPad Mini for me. My first iPad. I’m in love. 


The rest of Sunday was spent setting up phones and iPads, watching football, and doing massive quantities of laundry. So much fun! But that’s ok, this week will be great. Tyler is off school all week but has basketball practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The other 3 kids are off starting Wednesday, as is Matt. I’m excited for some family time! And turkey. And pumpkin pie….yum!