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Favorite Things Friday {8.17.18}

1. I always forget what a crap show the first week of school is around here. It’s like labor pains- I block it out completely when it’s over. Which is why I have so many kids. The week started with Tyler having to go get new game cleats for football. He ripped his other ones in practice. And he ran into several teammates at the store who were also needing new cleats so I guess practice was intense lately. $200 later and he’s all set for the beginning of the season. The newspaper came and took pictures of the team last week for the online publications. Big Red is front and center and so very happy to be back with his teammates this season. 

2. These kids had their last hurrahs of summer this week. Maia had 2 sleepovers, played tons of Fortnite, and slept until noon every day. Mason hit Carowinds with his 2 best friends and had a sleepover. Zoey had 3 play dates and I didn’t get a single pictures of any of them! I think they had a fantastic summer!

3. We saw this beautiful double rainbow over our house this week. It was simply breathtakingly gorgeous. It made me stop and stare. And then give thanks for all the blessings in my life. What a timely reminder that I needed. 

4. Back to school prep was hard y’all. It was hard. I had to sort all the school supplies and somehow was missing 4 bags! I still haven’t found them. We had Maia’s open house on Monday morning, a football meeting on Monday afternoon, Tyler left for his senior trip Tuesday morning, Zoey and Mason’s open house on Tuesday afternoon, 3 doctor’s appointments on Wednesday, and school started Thursday. It was a painful week. Is it summer break yet? 

5. And yesterday was our first day of school for 2018-19. Here they are- 8th grade, 5th grade, and 2nd grade. Tyler was still gone on the senior trip so he missed out on mom’s annual tradition. The kids all got new alarm clocks and they were up on time, dressed, and pretty much ready to go on time. It was a good morning. 

Favorite Things Friday {8.10.18}

1. We are well into Varsity Football Pre-Season now. Poor Tyler. He did get a sensor helmet designed to help prevent and detect concussions. It has 3x the amount of padding and sensors all along the inside of the helmet. If he takes a hit to the head the sensors will alert on the trainer’s tablet on the sideline so she can pull him out and evaluate him. The helmet won’t fully prevent a concussion but it will help eliminate the risk of multiple compounding hits to the head! I’ll take what I can get at this point. It’s been a really long week for Tyler. He’s had morning practice with full pads from 7:45-10:30 and then afternoon practice from 12:45-3:30 and then he’s had to go to work from 5-10. He’s so exhausted. And it’s so freaking hot! Monday was miserable- he came from morning practice sick and dehydrated. He also ripped his cleats doing blocking drills. Ripped the cleat right off the bottom and had to have the trainer tape them up so he could finish practice. Ha! At least the coaches can’t accuse him of slacking in practice! We felt so sorry for him practicing in 95+ heat that we went to the QT and grabbed him a Powerade Mountain Blast slushie after his second practice because he wouldn’t have time to do much before he had to be at work. I’ll say one thing about varsity football- you have to LOVE it or you’ll never make it through Pre-Season!

2. These 2 girls of mine. They are sassy and spunky and so amazing. I just adore them. Zoey is so ready to go back to school. She misses her friends and she’s getting bored now. Maia, on the other hand, is dreading it. Ha! It’s her last year of middle school and I’m so hoping she has a great year. These two have been spending more time together lately. Maia has been painting Zoey’s nails for her and doing her hair. I love to see that. 

3. Matt and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary last weekend. And in the true old people fashion, we spent our day running errands, school supply shopping, and then took 3 kids out to dinner with us at Outback. Man, we are old. But it was fun. I love the ages my kids are at now. They are fun, they are fully portable, and don’t require gear. Ha!

4. Maia has had her braces on for a full year this week! And man, what a difference a year makes. Her teeth are so much straighter and her smile is fully aligned now. She’s so happy with the progress! Only 2 more years to go. She was hoping to get her expander out this time but no dice. She’ll need it for at least another 6 months. That was a big bummer for her but I keep reminding her that it will all be worth it in the end! We stopped and picked up one of her BFFs and went out for slushies to celebrate one year down and also drown her sorrows (and tooth pain) about the expander. Teen girls- so dramatic. 

5. I have been working on trying a bunch of Instant Pot recipes this summer so I can have a good amount to choose from when back to school menu planning starts up- next week! Boo. We’ve definitely found some new family favorites and I’ll be sharing all of them here on the blog over the next few months. I’ll also be adding a new section to the Recipes tab at the top for the Instant Pot recipes. I’ll get to that shortly….hopefully. 

Favorite Things Friday {8.3.18}

1. This has been the summer of Fortnite in our house. Both Mason and Maia are addicted. They spend a lot of time playing together on separate TVs and Xbox’s. Sometimes they cheer each other on…and sometimes they try to strangle each other in the kitchen. Even Tyler has enjoyed some marathons with his friends. But Maia has been the worst. On more than one occasion I have found her sleeping on the couch in the bonus room with headset still on and game controller in hand. She’s also fallen asleep multiple times in the car when we’ve had morning appointments because she was up all night playing. I warned her that I would be posting all these pictures if it continued to happen. Mom doesn’t go back on her threats, y’all. Boom. 

2. Zoey went up my parents house for a mini Nana Camp last week with my nephew, Jax. My mom is a brave soul. But they all had a blast. They did so many fun activities and had such a good time! She stayed 4 days and it was the perfect mini vacation for her. My mom baked cookies with her, took her shopping, went to the gem mine, had picnics, let her pick out things from the gift shop…basically this is not the same woman who raised me, y’all. 

3. While Zoey was gone we decided to take Mason and Maia to Carowinds with a couple of friends so they could ride the roller coasters. Zoey doesn’t like to ride anything outside of Camp Snoopy so the big kids kind of get the shaft when we go as a whole family. This time we let them ride anything they wanted and it was so much fun! Then we had a sleepover at our house. The four of them decided to watch the newest Amityville movie and scared each other silly. We found them the next morning all sleeping huddled up together in the bonus room with the dogs. Ha!


4. My parents brought Zoey and Jax back home on Sunday and we planned a big family cookout. Matt’s parents were able to come and my sister came too. It was really fun. They all got to see some of the new updates we’ve done to the house and we celebrated my birthday and our 22nd anniversary at the same time. It was just a fun family day- nice and relaxing before the craziness of the school year starts.

5. Speaking of the craziness of school starting- it’s already started to get nuts here. Varsity football started this week for Tyler and their first scrimmage is next Friday already. Cross country starts next week for Maia. We had the first senior meeting and college planning night this week. I cannot believe summer break is almost over! It went way too fast!

Favorite Things Friday {7.27.18}

1. I was so excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, y’all! I stayed up all night so I could place my order. I added everything to my bag, went to check out and POOF, my whole bag disappeared. At 3am. After hours of shopping. I was…..displeased. Then I finally was able to add things back to my bag and checkout only to have this message below pop up. Then it turns out my order went through 5 times, which maxed out my Nordstrom card. So I had to call….along with 68,000 other shoppers. I spent over 1.5 hours on hold trying to get it resolved. And by the time it got resolved 3 of my favorite items were sold out and canceled off my order. So why is this in the Friday Favorites post if it was such a hassle? Because Nordstrom has the best customer service reps, hands down. I cannot imagine how many irate customers they dealt with that day but after I waited on hold for 1.5 hours the rep I spoke with was still cheerful, upbeat, apologetic, and so very helpful. Your IT dept might suck donkey balls but your customer service department is second to none, Nordstrom!

2. The last week or so began the slow descent into back to school territory. I finally made the kids try on last year’s uniforms. And thank goodness I did. Zoey has NOTHING that fits from last year. No polos, no skirts, no shorts, no pants. I had sell all of her old uniform pieces and start buying her new stuff! Mason also outgrew all of his shorts and pants. I haven’t started Maia’s stuff yet. This is exhausting. I demand my kids stop growing. Immediately. We also have done the dentist for cleanings and check ups- no cavities! Maia had her 6 month med check with her doctor and we added a second antidepressant to her regimen. We’re also starting to look in the direction of Bipolar 2 for her, which scares me to death. And finally I did my first Target school supply run. It was painful. I still have at least one more to go because they were already sold out of some stuff- specifically STUPID PLASTIC 2 POCKET PRONG FOLDERS IN ORANGE, GREEN, AND PURPLE! Grrrr….

3. My birthday was this week. I turned 41. I celebrated with a trip to IKEA with my sister and my girls. We had a great time! Maia insisted on pictures and I’m so glad I obliged. Even with a double chin, bags under my eyes, and 15 lbs heavier than I’d like. Yet I’ve never been happier. My 40s are much better than my 30s so far! 

4. The kids have spent a lot of time with friends lately. Maia and Zoey have both had friends over to our house, Mason had a sleepover this week with his best friend, and Tyler is always with his friends if he’s not at football or work. I love the friendships they’ve made at our school and I love that I’ve become friends with their friends moms! Charter school world is very small and I love it. 

5. We did a late night Icee run to the QT down the road one night this week and the kids loved it. For $1.39 they each got a 32 oz frozen drink! You cannot beat that! And bonus- Matt and I came home and added Vodka to ours. Ha! Maia and I also tried the frozen coffee drinks this week and they were SO good!

Favorite Things Friday {7.20.18}

1. Matt had nothing but ugly things to say about both Poppy the Flamingo pool and my pretty blue hammock when I brought them home. He is a minimalist and would be perfectly happy to have absolutely nothing in our backyard but his grill and one chair. I’m the opposite and since happy wife, happy life is a real thing we have a yard full of fun stuff. And yet- here he is enjoying both the pool and the hammock. Uh huh. Busted. 

2. Life with girls. It’s an experience. I swear every time I turn around I’m being asked to take pictures and then retake the pictures when they don’t meet approval. Poor Matt- he’s so confused. He was raised with all brothers so this is like an alien universe to him. 

3. I bought a Venus Fly Trap recently to help combat the flies in our backyard. I named her Phoebe, followed the directions, and waited for the show. Turns out Phoebe is a princess who doesn’t believe in catching her own food. Just what I needed- another mouth to feed in this house. Phoebe better get a grip. 

4. Speaking of Poppy the Flamingo pool- I emptied her out, scrubbed her, refilled her, and got her all ready for another week of fun. I didn’t take into consideration how hard it would be to completely drain a 6 foot pool. Ha! But it was worth it. I spent at least 2 hours soaking in her, reading a book, while the kids splashed around. It was glorious. 

5. Now that the World Cup is winding down and there are less games to watch I’ve been spending more time out in the hammock reading books. I have a huge list of books I’m trying to get through this summer and I can’t think of anywhere better to read than in the hammock enjoying the sunshine and blue skies.