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Favorite Things Friday {8.3.18}

1. This has been the summer of Fortnite in our house. Both Mason and Maia are addicted. They spend a lot of time playing together on separate TVs and Xbox’s. Sometimes they cheer each other on…and sometimes they try to strangle each other in the kitchen. Even Tyler has enjoyed some marathons with his friends. But Maia has been the worst. On more than one occasion I have found her sleeping on the couch in the bonus room with headset still on and game controller in hand. She’s also fallen asleep multiple times in the car when we’ve had morning appointments because she was up all night playing. I warned her that I would be posting all these pictures if it continued to happen. Mom doesn’t go back on her threats, y’all. Boom. 

2. Zoey went up my parents house for a mini Nana Camp last week with my nephew, Jax. My mom is a brave soul. But they all had a blast. They did so many fun activities and had such a good time! She stayed 4 days and it was the perfect mini vacation for her. My mom baked cookies with her, took her shopping, went to the gem mine, had picnics, let her pick out things from the gift shop…basically this is not the same woman who raised me, y’all. 

3. While Zoey was gone we decided to take Mason and Maia to Carowinds with a couple of friends so they could ride the roller coasters. Zoey doesn’t like to ride anything outside of Camp Snoopy so the big kids kind of get the shaft when we go as a whole family. This time we let them ride anything they wanted and it was so much fun! Then we had a sleepover at our house. The four of them decided to watch the newest Amityville movie and scared each other silly. We found them the next morning all sleeping huddled up together in the bonus room with the dogs. Ha!


4. My parents brought Zoey and Jax back home on Sunday and we planned a big family cookout. Matt’s parents were able to come and my sister came too. It was really fun. They all got to see some of the new updates we’ve done to the house and we celebrated my birthday and our 22nd anniversary at the same time. It was just a fun family day- nice and relaxing before the craziness of the school year starts.

5. Speaking of the craziness of school starting- it’s already started to get nuts here. Varsity football started this week for Tyler and their first scrimmage is next Friday already. Cross country starts next week for Maia. We had the first senior meeting and college planning night this week. I cannot believe summer break is almost over! It went way too fast!

Favorite Things Friday {7.13.18}

1. I’ve been working on getting the kids rooms done. Maia’s new bedding arrived and it’s perfect for her. She’s too old for cutesy but not old enough for the basic grandma quilt that I used to stage her room in the old house. I finally found something she loved and it’s amazing. Llamas. She loves it. Zoey chose a super cute comforter set and she’s so happy. Her old set was a hand me down from Maia and Zoey wanted to pick her own. I found a great hanging tapestry for Maia’s room and then on a whim bought a Llama head that really freaked out Zoey. Ha! I started the wall decor for Zoey this week and I’m waiting on a few pieces to arrive from Zulily. I can’t wait to show the full room reveals!

2. I’ve been working hard on getting the two front rooms done. I have all the furniture purchased and most of the decor. I’m just waiting for everything to show up so I can put it all together. We picked up the wine cooler this last weekend when it went on sale and the bar was delivered this week. I cannot wait to see it all come together. This is my favorite part- putting together all the pieces and creating something amazing!

3. Word of advice- never leave your phone unattended around a teen girl. Or you’ll come back to find 400 selfies taking up space on your phone. Sigh. 


4. There’s been a steady stream of kids and teens in our house for the last month. Maia, Zoey, and Mason’s best friends are here all the time and there’s always a herd of teen boys raiding my pantry. I love it. We enjoy their friends so much. Moving closer to school and their friends was the best decision we ever made. 

5. I’ve been trying to limit screens this summer. It’s been a challenge. The little kids haven’t been too upset about it but Maia….you’d think I cut off her hand. She’s the one who needed the detox more than anyone else. She only has her phone for an hour a day right now and that’s it. And guess what? Her moods have improved drastically. I’m tempted to get rid of the phones completely….for the kids, of course. I’d die without mine. Haha!

Favorite Things Friday {7.6.18}

1. I’ve been working hard on getting the remaining things done in the new house. I’ve done a lot but it’s just the final few things that need to be finished- curtains in some rooms, wall decor, etc. We’ve had some rainy days lately so I’ve been dragging the family around to IKEA and Hobby Lobby and World Market and HomeGoods. They’re thrilled. Everyone wants their rooms done but nobody wants to know how it gets done. I’m currently working on finishing up the final details in the bedrooms and getting the 2 front rooms furnished and decorated. I’m not going to do a formal living and dining because it’s a waste of space so I’m doing an office/sitting room on one side and a bar/lounge on the other side. I found this amazing tree stump table at HomeGoods for the bar! I love it!

Zoey fell in love with this giant Bull Grill that we found at HomeGoods. She was very disappointed to find out it cannot live at our house. Honestly I think Matt was disappointed too. Ha! Then I had to dash her hopes of having her own princess carriage in the backyard. For $699 the princess carriage better come with a fairy Godmother and some dwarves to clean my house. Just sayin’. 

3. It’s been so nice in the evenings lately that we’ve been grilling out a lot! Between the grill and the Instant Pot I haven’t turned my oven on in over a month! We’ve done pork chops, tilapia, beer brats, and steak recently and I love the simple clean up! I love summer. LOVE IT!

4. I recently bought an air fryer. I’ve been working on stepping up my dinner game lately. We’re all tired of the same old stuff so I needed to change it up. The Instant Pot has been amazing and this air fryer was my next step. The first night I bought it we made chicken wings and french fries. Oh holy cow! The chicken wings normally take almost an hour in the oven to get crispy but they were done in less than 2o minutes in the air fryer! The french fries took 18 minutes and were so crispy! I’m in love! I can’t wait to make more stuff!

4. Matt bought a new car. He loved his Mustang so much that he bought another one. Tyler’s car needed about $7500 worth of work done and we weren’t willing to put that much into a car that is only worth $11,000. So we traded Tyler’s car and Matt bought a new Mustang for himself. So Tyler is driving Matt’s old Mustang. You’ve never seen a happier 17 year old. Now he needs to take his happy self and find a new job. Ha!

5. We fulfilled another item on our Summer Bucket List this week! We took the kids to see Jurassic World 2 and it was amazing! The kids loved it and so did we. Next up is Hotel Transylvania 3! 

Favorite Things Friday {6.29.18}

1. I finally broke down and bought myself an Instant Pot. The big 8 quart one went on sale on Amazon and I snapped it up. I already have a handful of recipes saved and I’ve tried the spaghetti, orange chicken, and Bang Bang Shrimp already and they were aaaaaaamazing! So easy and so fast and cleanup was simple. I’m hooked! I cannot wait to build my recipe collection! I’ll be sharing some of the really good ones soon!

2. I’ve been waiting for a few years to get a large wooden sign with the Forever Young lyrics. I wanted one so badly but I had nowhere to hang it in the old house. Well in the new house I made sure to leave a wall free for my sign. And when Small Wood Home had a big sale last week I snapped up my sign. I love it. I love it so hard. And it’s perfect where I wanted it. 

3. There’s been a lot of Amazon Prime packages showing up on my doorstep lately courtesy of insomnia, margaritas, and late night impulse shopping. Luckily they’ve mostly been useful things…..although the giant bag of kitty litter wasn’t needed. Not sure what happened there. But the most recent purchase that arrived was a Quesadilla maker. And it’s awesome. How did I live without it before? No seriously, how? The first night I made 6 quesadillas in less than 15 minutes! The kids are thrilled!

4. So I was shopping at Sam’s Club recently for the necessities and this fabulous giant flamingo pool just flung herself into my cart. I mean, what was I supposed to do? It was kismet. So I named her Poppy and brought her home and now I love her. Ha! Seriously though, this pool is HUGE and amazing. It was on sale for $40 and it also doubles as a float for the lake. The kids love it and I love to sit in it and get some sun with a margarita. Basically I’m living my best life right now with my Hillbilly Hot Tub, my Flamingo pool, and summer. It’s awesome to be so happy and less stressed after 6 months of constant panic and stress. 

5. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my hammock too! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to sit in a hammock with a new book and enjoy my backyard without being eaten alive by mosquitoes! We rarely used our huge back deck at the old house because we could not control the mosquitoes! Now we’re outside all the time and I love it. 

Favorite Things Friday {6.22.18}

1. We checked another thing off of our 2018 summer bucket list this last weekend and went to the NC Zoo. We actually are season pass holder so we can go to the zoo for free whenever we want. Now that we’ve moved it’s only about an hour and 15 minute drive so not too far at all. The kids love the zoo and we picked a perfect day to go. It was cloudy and only in the high 80s instead of the high 90s. Summer in the South, y’all. Tyler didn’t come with us because he had football in the morning and then a party at the lake in the afternoon. I’ve accepted that he will not be participating in 99% of our summer activities. I don’t blame him. I didn’t want to hang out with my family when I was 17 either. 

2. We finally got the trampoline set up and the kids are loving it! I wasn’t sure about whether this one would be too small for the kids but it’s perfect. It fits great in our fenced area. All 3 of them are having fun with the basketball hoop attached to it. I need to figure out where it’s going to live in the yard to give it the most shade but it was well worth the $160!

3. We are absolutely loving our hot tub! I had low expectations for this hot tub with it being an inflatable portable one but holy cow, it’s awesome. It’s deep, the bubbles are strong, and it keeps the water hot for a long time! I ordered the cup holder for the side and I had to order the 2 seats for the bottom because otherwise my chin is touching the water! ha! For $300 I highly recommend one of these things! The kids have been absolutely loving playing in the bubbles every night. 

4. I found a cheap slip n slide on clearance at ALDI for $6! It’s not the best but I figured for $6 if the kids only use it a few times it wouldn’t matter. I wanted to put it on the big hill but Matt decided to be a responsible parent and he vetoed that decision. Spoilsport. To make up for his spoilsportedness I squirted the whole thing down with liquid soap. I also didn’t tell him. What? Come at me, bro. The kids had a great time and they even got Matt to take a turn. We ended up hooking up the sprinkler instead of using the hose attachment and it worked much better. 

5. I took Mason and Zoey to see Incredibles 2 this week. Maia went to the water park with a friend instead because of the migraine/seizure warning with the strobe lights in the movie. Her migraines are not yet completely controlled so her doctor felt it wise to avoid the movie. Truthfully, she’d rather have gone to the water park anyway. Ha! We met up with friends and enjoyed the AMC $5 Tuesday tickets and $5 kids snack box deal. You really can’t beat that! The movie was amazing and so worth the 14 year wait! 

It was a great week of summer break. Mason actually mentioned that he’s having more fun this summer than he ever had just going to the pool every day at our old house. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!