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A Day In Our Life {Winter 2016}

I haven’t done a Day in Our Life post yet for this school year so I guess it’s time. Our lives just keep getting busier and busier as the kids get older. I like to document a normal day so we can look back and remember how far we’ve come in life. This was just a typical day in a normal week for us.

6:00am- My alarm goes off and I stumble downstairs to make sure Ty is up for the day and ready because his bus comes at 6:20am and I don’t want to drive him to school if he misses it. He’s really very good at making sure he’s up on time and ready to go. Thankfully, because half the time I hit the snooze button twice and fail to get up until I hear him leaving.

6:30am- Hit the treadmill for a jog. I was diagnosed with a form of autoimmune arthritis last year and my ankles, knees, and hips have been swollen and painful lately but I do feel better with at least a light jog in the morning so I’ve been trying to stick with it. And I’m praying for Spring because cold weather makes my joints hurt worse.

7:00am- Jump in the shower and get ready for the day. Our master bathroom is still out of commission thanks to the water leak so all of us are sharing the kids’ bathroom. It’s as awful as it sounds. I have to get in the shower early or there’s a line.

7:45am- After I’m ready for the day I start waking up kids. I wake up Mase first, then Maia, and then Zoey. It takes at least 15 minutes to get them all out of bed and actually moving. I wander between rooms, getting clothes together and poking kids until they finally roll out of bed all cranky and grumbly.

8:00am- Dish out breakfast for 3 kids then make lunches, check book bags, sign agendas, and gather coats. While the kids finish breakfast and get ready for school I toss in a load of laundry, wipe down the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, let the dogs outside, make sure Bailey has fresh food and water, and check my calendar to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

8:55am- Herd the kids out to the car and drive them to school. We’re lucky that our elementary school is literally across the street from our neighborhood so it’s a 5 minute round trip to drop the kids off in the mornings. I love that! 

9:00am- Check emails, get some work done on the computer, return phone calls, and pay bills. Throw clothes in dryer. 

10:00am- Run some errands: Aldi for milk, bread, and fresh fruit. The dry cleaners to pick up Matt’s suits and shirts. Old Navy to return a few things. And Office Depot for printer ink. 

11:45am- Arrive home just in time for the contractor to arrive to do some work on the master bathroom. We’re still waiting for vanities to arrive so we took the opportunity to have the whole room painted and to redo the master closet. Toss the ingredients for dinner in the crockpot.

12:45pm- Leave to grab Zoey from Pre-K and head to meet my sister and nephew for lunch at Chick-fil-a. The kids both ate at school but they are always willing to eat chicken nuggets. My sister and I get to chat while the kids play on the playground for awhile and burn off some energy.

2:00pm- Zoey lays down in her room and watches a movie on her Kindle for quiet time while I get some chores done. Fold and put away clothes in dryer. Vacuum the downstairs. Dust and polish the downstairs. Clean the downstairs bathroom. 

3:00pm- Sit down to watch a couple of shows on the DVR- House Hunters and Tiny House Hunters (no way could I live in 250 square feet, no way). Drink another cup of coffee and pretend it’s the end of the day already.

4:00pm- Get Zoey up and leave to pick up Ty from off-season football work outs at school. 3 times a week he stays after school with his team to do weight-lifting, run drills, and tackling drills. He’s motivated. 

4:15pm- Get home just in time for Mase to get off the afternoon bus. Get him started on snack and homework and let Zoey play Pre-K games on the computer while I shred the chicken and add the biscuits to our still cooking dinner- Chicken and Dumplings in the Crockpot. Yum!

4:40pm- Leave Ty in charge of the little kids while I go get Maia from her Show Choir rehearsals at school. 

5:00pm- Maia starts her homework and I help Mase finish up his spelling homework.

5:15pm- Serve the kids dinner and clean up the kitchen. Make sure homework is back in the correct book bags, discuss registration for sophmore year with Ty and help him fill out his registration card that is due tomorrow. Listen to Maia practice the recorder and contemplate ripping off my ears.

5:45pm- Leave to take Mase to basketball practice. Pass Matt in the driveway and remind him that Ty has a game at 8:00. 

6:45pm- Leave Mase’s practice and race home. While I’ve been with Mase, Matt has made sure Zoey and Maia had showers and helped Maia with any homework issues. Mase jumps in the shower as soon as we get home. 

7:15pm- Rush everyone out the door so we can make it to Ty’s playoff basketball game at a court 30 minutes away from our house. Spend the drive quizzing Mase and Maia on their spelling words for their tests the next day.

7:50pm- Finally arrive at the basketball court just in time for Ty to warm up with his team. Dish out money for snacks and drinks to the kids who just ate dinner less than 2 hours ago but who are suddenly starving. It’s as if they are suddenly malnourished the minute they see a concession stand.

9:30pm- Leave the game after watching the worst referees ever hand the game to the other team. It was so bad that I have to grab a soda from the concession stand just to try and save my voice which is hoarse from all the yelling and heckling I did. I hate bad refs. 

10:00pm- Arrive home and immediately get the 3 little kids ready for bed and tucked in. Ty takes a shower. Matt walks the dogs while I load the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen one last time. 

10:30pm- Ty wanders off to bed. Matt and I collapse on the couch to watch an episode of Hoarders. He falls asleep in the middle so I watch an episode of Teen Mom after Hoarders ends.

12:00am- Matt wakes up and stumbles to bed while I set the alarm and make sure all the doors are locked. 

12:10am- Matt is snoring already and I’m wide awake. I read a J.D. Robb book on my Kindle until I am sleepy enough to actually fall asleep. 

1:45am- Lights out finally. 

That’s been a pretty typical day for us during Show Choir and Basketball season. Basketball is now over but baseball starts soon and so does Spring soccer. Is it bad that I’m hoping my kids decide to take a break? I’m old and tired, y’all. The days seem to get shorter but the schedule gets busier!



A Day In Our Life: Summer 2015 Edition

I love to do these Day in Our Life posts- it’s so much fun to look back on them later and remember what life was like during a particular season in our life. It usually makes it feel much better about my current season in life. Ha! I did one for Spring and it was funny to look back and see how busy I was compared to how laid back my days are now during summer break. I love summer break. I’m sharing a Monday from a couple of weeks ago because it’s a pretty typical representation of a normal summer day for us. 

8:00am- I wake up as Matt is getting ready to leave for the day. Jump on the treadmill & watch Pretty Little Liars while I run.

8:45am- Hop in the shower  & get ready for the day.

9:15am- Throw in a load of laundry & make a cup of coffee.

9:30am- Take the puppies (and my coffee) out on the back deck & get some work done on the computer while they chase each other around like idiots.

10:30am- Zoey wanders downstairs; get her a bowl of cereal and some juice; toss laundry in the dryer.

10:45am- Mase wakes up; get him a waffle and some milk; return some phone calls.

11:15am- Maia wakes up. She gets her own breakfast. Wake up Ty so he has time to jump in the shower and eat before his Drivers Ed class. Vacuum the living room and the stairs.

11:30am- Fold laundry & put it away. Send kids up to their rooms to get dressed. Wash the breakfast dishes. Bag up the pile of outgrown clothes I pulled out of Maia’s closet.

12:10pm- Herd kids to the car and take Ty to Drivers Ed class. Stop by Chick-Fil-A on the way home for lunch. 

1:00pm- Walk the puppies & take the kids to the pool.

3:15pm- Drag kids out of pool & go home to get dressed. Run to Starbucks.

4:15pm- Pick up Ty from Drivers Ed & head home to start dinner prep.

4:30pm- Send puppies out to back deck to play while kids do some crafts for their new rooms; start marinating the pork chops for dinner and make side dishes.

5:15pm- Leave to take Ty to soccer work outs at the high school.

5:40pm- Arrive home just as Matt arrives home; race to beat him to the good spot in the garage. I win.

6:00pm- Matt grills our pork chops while I finish up the dinner prep & feed the puppies.

6:30pm- Eat dinner & then clean up while kids play in the hot tub.

7:30pm- I run out to get Ty from soccer while Matt and the little kids walk the puppies.

8:00pm- Set up & enjoy movie night on the back deck with the kids- we watched Home and it was great!

9:45pm- Walk the puppies again & start herding the kids up to the bedrooms.

10:oopm- All 3 younger kids and all 3 pups are tucked in for the night. Matt and I grab a refreshing alcoholic beverage and hit the hot tub.

11:00pm- Matt watches the news while I get a little work done on the computer.

12:00am- We head up to bed where Matt falls asleep approximately 11 seconds after his head hits the pillow and I read on my Kindle until 2am. 

 I really love summer and I’m so sad that it’s ending. We basically run a frat house in the summer- few rules, no set bedtimes, minimal chores, and all day snacking. I hate to see it end. School schedule is going to be a real jolt to our systems come Monday morning. 


A Day In Our Life- Spring 2015 Edition

I like to document a typical day in our life every once in a while so I can look back later and see what it was like. This time I chose a Thursday because our Thursday’s are pretty much always the same. 

6:00am- My alarm goes off…. for the first time. Hit snooze.

6:10am- My alarm goes off again. Drag myself out of bed and onto the treadmill.

6:45am- Finish up my run and jump in the shower.

7:00am- Get dressed; do my hair and make-up. Matt wakes Ty up so he has time to shower.

7:30am- Make a cup of coffee to go & grab a yogurt smoothie while I wait for Ty. Check email. Check my calendar for the day. Throw load of laundry in the washer.


7:40am- Leave to drop Ty off for his morning math tutoring & study group.

8:05am- Wake up the 3 other kids and feed them breakfast. Transfer laundry to dryer and throw another load into the washer.

8:20am- Pack the kids lunches, double check that school agendas are signed & bookbags are packed while Matt helps kids get dressed.

8:30am- Final check to make sure kids have brushed teeth & hair and have jackets, lunchboxes, and bookbags. Maia walks Bailey while Mase fills up the dog’s water and food bowls.

8:35am- Say goodbye to Matt as he leaves for the day and start herding the kids into the car.

8:40am- Leave to take Maia and Mase to school & sit in car line for way longer than necessary because some parents are just idiots. 

9:05am- Drop Zoey off at Pre-K.

9:30-11am- Run errands. Target, dry cleaners, Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s, and Old Navy.

11:15am- Rush home to meet Terminix guy so he can get rid of the spiders living in our house. Fold dry laundry. Toss wet laundry into the dryer. Start another load in the washer. Pick up the toys littering the floor downstairs. Vacuum up the crumbs from breakfast. Do my daily cleaning schedule. 

12:10pm- Doorbell rings. Spend 20 minutes being harassed by Jehovah’s Witnesses while dog tries to escape the house through my legs. Fold the laundry. Toss wet load into the dryer.

12:30pm- Leave to pick up Zoey.

1:00pm-Get Zoey from Pre-K and head to Chick-fil-a to meet my sister and nephew. Let Zoey play in the playground with her cousin while we eat. She has 3 new boyfriends by the time we’re ready to leave. 

2:15pm- Zoey plays in the hot tub while I sit outside with an Iced Chai and work on browse Pinterest for pasta salad recipes.


3:30pm- Zoey’s tired of the hot tub so I make her a snack and let her paint while I fold and put away all the laundry. Toss together a pasta salad to chill for dinner.

4:00pm- Clean up the spilled paint water and let Zoey watch My Little Pony’s on TV instead.

4:15pm- Zoey blows bubbles and draws with sidewalk chalk while we wait for Mase and Maia to get off the bus. 

4:25pm- Empty out the kids bookbags and lunch boxes while they eat a snack. Maia walks Bailey.

4:45pm- Supervise homework while answering emails. Ty gets home and starts his homework.

5:15pm- Matt gets home. We eat dinner on the back deck while the kids alternate between eating and playing on the playground.

6:00pm- Load up the car and head to Ty’s soccer game at his school.

8:15pm- Re-load up the car and head home from Ty’s soccer game. They won 6-1!

8:30pm- Herd Mase into the shower while I give Zoey a quick bath. Matt does the dinner clean-up.

8:50pm- Brush little kids teeth & get them in bed while Maia takes a shower.

9:00pm- Lights out for the little kids.  Ty walks Bailey.

9:15pm- Herd Maia up to bed to do her daily reading for her Advanced Reading Class while Ty takes a shower and then finishes his homework. Matt and I collapse on the couch with a beer and a margarita to watch a show recorded on the DVR while I get some work done on the computer.

9:45pm- Lights out for Maia.

10:00pm- Matt and I refill our beer and margarita glasses and head out to spend some time in the hot tub sans kids. 

11:00pm- We head back inside and force Ty off the Xbox and up to bed.

11:30pm- Matt and I head up to bed. He’s asleep in 5 minutes while I read on my Kindle.

1:30am- I’m finally tired enough to fall asleep. Insomnia is awful, y’all. 

So that’s a typical day in our life right now. Busy. And it’s about to get busier because it looks like we’re going to being adding another family member soon. Not a baby, thankfully, but a puppy. We found several adorable puppies through a local rescue and we’ll be having a home visit this week sometime to decide if one of them is the right fit for our family. I must be insane. 

**Pictures are from different days throughout the year but all posts are better with pictures, right? 



A Day In Our Life

Every once in awhile I like to capture what a typical day looks like in our house. It’s fun to look back on those posts and see what life was like during different stages in our house. The last one I did was in March of last year and I really wanted to capture a day in our life before the end of this school year. I looked back at that last Day in Our Life post and couldn’t believe how different our life is now. Things are much easier as the kids get older and more self-sufficient. So I picked a random day last week and wrote everything down. **Not all pictures are from the same day but they are an accurate representation of what goes on in our house anyway. 


7:45am- First alarm goes off. And I hit snooze. That will never change.


7:55am- Second alarm goes off and I reluctantly drag myself out of bed and into the shower to get ready for the day.


8:30am- Head downstairs to tell Ty to have a good day, make sure he remembers his homework, and tell Matt bye for the day. Toss a load of laundry in to the washer and start the dishwasher. 


8:40am- Remind the little kids to brush their teeth, get their stuff together, and put on shoes. Make sure Maia walked Bailey and he has food and water. Check my email. Search frantically for my missing keys and find them in the fridge next to the coffee creamer.





8:55am- Last minute book bag check and herd the kids out the door and into the car. Listen to “Let it go” on repeat while my ears scream silently. 


9:00am- Drop Maia and Mase off at school. Spend 9 minutes waiting for the idiot in front of me to make a left hand turn out of the school despite the large sign that declares right turns only. Horn is honked, ugly gestures are made, and naughty words are said. Mostly by the white-haired grandma in front of me. 


9:15am- Settle Zoey at the table with her Kindle to play puzzles while I pick up the family room, vacuum the downstairs, clean the downstairs bathroom.  


9:45am- Spend 8 minutes searching for Zoey’s other shoe. Find it in the dishwasher. Load Zoey up in the car and head to the big playground to meet my sister and nephew.


9:55am- Let Zoey and Jax roam free on the playground while my sister and I chat.





11:15am- Load up the kids and head to Chick-fil-a for lunch.


12:15pm- Say goodbye to my sister and nephew and run errands. We hit the dry cleaners to pick up Matt’s suits, the grocery store to buy milk, the redbox kiosk to rent a movie, the office supply store for printer ink, Old Navy to make a return, and Starbucks for a venti iced chai latte.





1:30pm- Return home. Tuck Zoey in for a nap. Start a second load of laundry. Wipe down kitchen counters and table. Log onto the computer to write while watching 16 and Pregnant. Make notes to research chastity belts for the girls. And continue talking about condoms with Ty. And to pester Matt about a vasectomy. 


2:45pm- Fold and put away laundry. Do 30 minutes on the elliptical while watching House Hunters. Bonus- I’m too busy sucking air to have the ability to yell at the lady who let the paint colors deter her from an otherwise perfect house. 


3:30pm- Zoey wakes up and has a snack while watching Doc McStuffins. I pack up outgrown clothes for a charity drive and throw together a Lemon Shrimp Pasta Salad for dinner so it has time to chill in the fridge.





4:00pm- Return phone calls, make a doctor’s appointment, reschedule a dentist appointment, dispute a magazine charge on the credit card, beg the Terminix guy to come kill the ant trail on the side of our house, and remind Matt about Mase’s IEP meeting. 


4:20pm- Load Zoey in the car and head for the bus stop to wait for the kids. Listen to “Let it go” on repeat while my ears scream silently again. 





4:25pm- The kids arrive, hungry and arguing. Take them home and feed them a snack while they do their homework. Maia walks Bailey.


4:45pm- Ty arrives home from school with 3 friends in tow. Feed them and send them outside to play basketball. Remind the boys to call their mothers and tell them they’re at my house.


4:55pm- 2 of Maia’s friends come knocking on the door wanting her to ride her scooter to the park with them. After some intense negotiation I tell the little kids to get their shoes on and we’ll all go down to the park where Maia spends half an hour pretending she’s an orphan.





5:30pm- Head back home with 2 very tired and whiny little kids. Maia and her friends play Sims on the Xbox while Mase and Zoey color at the table. Ty pops in to tell me he’s going to youth group at the church with our neighbor and he’ll eat pizza there but he needs $5. Hunt down $5 and remind him to put on more deodorant while holding my nose. 


5:45pm- Dish out the kids’ dinner early in the hopes to curb the whining that’s making the vein in my forehead throb. Pour a glass of wine. Drink it. Go through book bags and school folders while the kids eat.





6:05pm- Matt arrives home. All 3 kids start telling him about their days…at one time. Dish Matt and I some dinner while the kids empy the dishwasher. 


6:30pm- Send Mase to the shower while Zoey takes a bath and Maia uses the computer to finish her homework. 


7:00pm- Put on a new episode of Octonauts for Zoey while Matt and I chat about our days and Mase roller skates around the first floor.





7:30pm- Ty arrives home and starts foraging through the kitchen for food. Maia takes a shower while Matt and I start the bedtime routine with the little kids.





7:50pm- 3 books each, 2 songs, teeth brushed, clothes laid out for the next day, and the little kids are tucked in bed. Ty jumps in the shower while Matt cleans up the kitchen and I blow dry Maia’s hair.


8:15pm- Maia plays Minecraft on the Xbox. Ty joins Matt and me on the couch to watch The Legend of Hercules while I enjoy another glass of wine.


9:00pm- Pause the movie to hustle Maia up to bed and make sure the little kids are asleep so I can close their door. Ty walks Bailey for the last time. 


9:10pm- Resume movie. Contemplate pouring another glass of wine. Settle on stuffing my face with tortilla chips and salsa instead. 


9:35pm- Wake Matt up to see the end of the movie.


9:50pm- The movie ends. Ty wanders away to play Xbox for awhile. Matt and I watch a DVR’d River Monsters and I make mental notes to never ever get in a body of water again. 


10:35pm- Ty wanders up to bed. Matt and I watch a DVR’d episode of The Millers to counteract the man-eating fish show we just watched.


11:00pm- Matt falls asleep during the news while I read a new smutty romance book on my Kindle.


11:45pm- Wake Matt up and send him up to bed while I get the kids’ breakfasts ready for the morning, set the alarm, and turn off all the lights. 


12:15am- Still awake. Reading my Kindle while Matt snores.


2:15am- Still awake. Listen to a kid get up to go potty and hold my breath that they go right back to bed. They do.


2:50am- Almost asleep. Lay there, try to shut off my brain. 


3:30am- The last time I look at the clock that night.


7:45am- Alarm number one goes off. Hit snooze. And it all starts over again.


So that’s a day in our life. It’s much easier than it was at this time last year. Our kids are growing up. It’s both bittersweet and fabulous at the same time. They need us less, which is good. But they don’t want to hang out with us as much, which is sad. Mostly. But still kind of good. I can’t wait to see how much our day has changed next year. 



A Day In Our Life

One of my favorite blogs to read, Kelly’s Korner, is having a Day In Our Life link-up today and I just love reading about what life is like in other people’s homes so I decided to participate. The day I’m choosing to share is Wednesday because it’s a day that is pretty much the same every week. We do the same thing pretty much every Wednesday. If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a larger family is like- well, here you go!

6:30am- My alarm goes off for the first time. I hit snooze.

6:39am- My alarm goes off for the second time. I hit snooze.

6:48am- My alarm goes off for the third time. I finally get up. Reluctantly. Spend 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching part of the episode of Pretty Little Liars that I recorded the night before. Don’t judge me.

7:10am- Jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

7:45am- Bang on Ty’s door to wake him up. 12 year olds do not want to get up for school, imagine that. Head downstairs to fix breakfast.

7:55am- Bang on Ty’s door again and wake up Maia.

8:00am- Bang on Ty’s door and begin threatening to take away his phone, his Xbox, and his door if he doesn’t get out of bed immediately. Drag Mase and Zoey out of bed, help them get dressed, and herd them downstairs for breakfast with Maia.

8:15am- Matt leaves for work. Ty finally emerges, grabs a breakfast bar, and runs for the bus. I throw in a load of laundry and fix Maia’s hair for her.

8:30am- I pack lunches and book bags while Maia walks Bailey.

8:40am- I load Maia, Mase, and Zoey in the car to drop Maia off at school.

8:45am- Maia is dropped off at school and we head immediately to Mase’s preschool to drop him off.

9:00am- Drop off Mase at preschool and take Zoey with me to do the groceries at Wal*Mart.

10:45am- Finish unloading groceries at home. Zoey has a snack while I start a second load of laundry.

11:00am- Zoey and I walk down to the neighborhood clubhouse for her playgroup. Spend an hour talking to the other moms about the joys of potty training while Zoey plays with her little friends.

12:15pm- Fix lunch for Zoey and myself and eat while we watch Curious George. Fold the first load of laundry and throw the second load in the dryer.

12:45pm- Leave to go pick up Mase from preschool.

1:00pm- Pick up Mase from preschool and take both kids with me to run errands. We hit the dry cleaners, the post office, and the ever important Starbucks before heading home for naptime.

2:00pm- Zoey goes down for a nap while Mase watches a movie and reads books in his bed for quiet time. I fold the second load of laundry and put them both away. Start the dishwasher and clean the kitchen counters. Spend half an hour blogging while I finish the episode of Pretty Little Liars.

3:00pm- Mase is done with his quiet time and bored so I let him use the computer to play on Nick Jr while I finish some more housework.

3:30pm- Zoey wakes up. We have snack and since it’s a warmer day we put on coats and hats to go play at the neighborhood playground for awhile. Meet up with some friends at the playground and trade war stories with another mom while the kids play and chase squirrels.

4:15pm- Head home in time to meet Maia at the bus stop. Maia has a snack and starts her homework. Mase and Zoey play kitchen in Zoey’s room while I spend some time doing work for a fundraiser I’m helping out with.

4:30pm- Ty arrives home, walks Bailey, has a snack, whines about how much he hates school, and then settles in to do his homework. Maia and Mase unload the dishwasher while Zoey “helps”. After they are done I bribe Maia with $2 to take Zoey upstairs to her room and read her books so I can make some phone calls in quiet. Mase goes with them and plays on his LeapPad2.

5:10pm- Load everyone up in the car and drop Ty at basketball practice then drop Maia at cheerleading. Head over to Mase’s karate class and try to keep Zoey busy in the lobby while we wait.

6:45pm- Leave karate with Mase and Zoey. Stop and grab Chinese takeout for dinner on the way home. Matt has already picked up Ty and Maia and arrives home just before me. We eat dinner while trying to having a conversation.

7:15pm- Ty finishes his homework while Maia takes a shower. I give Mase and Zoey a bath in my bathtub while Matt has to do a conference call downstairs.

7:45pm- Ty loads the dishwasher, takes a shower, and plays Xbox with Mase. I read books with Maia and Zoey while Matt finishes his conference call.

8:15pm- Matt walks Bailey. I lay out clothes for the kids for the next day, clean the kitchen (again), and go over the schedule for the next day.

8:30pm- Zoey goes to bed. Mase and Maia are in their room playing on their LeapPad2’s. Ty and I watch a show while Matt works out.

9:00pm- We tuck in Mase and Maia for the night and Ty heads up to his room where he plays on his phone and watches movies. Matt and I watch Criminal Minds while I slurp down my first glass of wine.

10:00pm- Lights out and phone off for Ty. I soak in a nice hot bubble bath with my Kindle and another glass of wine while Matt watches some guy show on tv- I think it was the show with the dude who goes around eating all kinds of strange things.

11:00pm- Matt and I watch a movie that we rented from Redbox the day before and didn’t get around to watching yet. We spend more money on second night rentals….

12:45am- Matt and I finally head to bed so we can get up in 6 hours and do it all again.

So there is a typical Wednesday in our house. And sadly, that’s a pretty light day. Most days are more hectic. What do your days look like?