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A Day In Our Life: Summer 2017

We are only 8 days away from the school year and I’m so not ready. So Not Ready. Hold me. This summer has been awesome and I don’t want it to end. I figured I should at least document a typical day before we go back to school next week. 

6:30am- My alarm goes off. I went almost the entire month of July without needing to set an alarm in the mornings. It was glorious. My body is protesting the return of the alarm. Throw my hair in a messy bun and take the fastest shower possible. Search for a shirt to wear and realize that laundry needs to happen immediately. 


6:50am- Make sure Tyler is awake and moving for football practice. Make him a protein shake and force him to eat a banana. Feed the puppies and let them outside. Throw a load of laundry in the washer. Empty the dishwasher. Make a cup of coffee and stare at my planner to see what my day is going to look like. Spoiler alert: Busy.

7:20am- Remind Tyler to grab his helmet and shoulder pads as he’s on the way out the door. Then chase him outside to spray him with SPF 5000 sport sunscreen while he tries to dodge me. He’s a redhead. He burns. His dermatologist is not amused. Let the puppies back inside. Return some emails, write some emails, make a bazillion to do lists. 


7:45am- Wake up Zoey and Maia. Strongly encourage Zoey to get dressed while she tries to climb back under the covers. Finally drag her out by her feet and stuff her into her clothes while she stares at me bleary eyed and confused. Feed her a quick breakfast and try to comb out all the knots in her hair.

8:00am- Zoey’s best friend (and mommy) arrive to pick her up for a playdate. We’ve been trading off play dates this summer so we can each get some things done without dragging a cranky 6 year old around with us. It takes a village, y’all. Text Maia to make sure she’s about ready to leave. Yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Make a second cup of coffee in my to go mug. Toss the laundry in the dryer and start a second load. Give Bailey food and water. 


8:15am- Leave with Maia for her orthodontist appointment. She’s in the process of getting her braces put on so it’s a whole lot of appointments for the next few weeks. We got 4 opinions on what she needed and I’m really happy with the orthodontist we chose. The office is amazing, the staff is friendly, and the orthodontist himself is really young and cool. Perfect for a 12 year old who’s going to need braces for 3 years. Ouch. 

8:30am- Settle in to wait for Maia. Return some more emails. Start coordinating the volunteers for the Varsity Football scrimmage. I took over Team Mom responsibilities this year and it’s a whole lot of work. Thankfully 2 other moms stepped up to help me but their guys are new to the team so I’m the only returning mom. The amount of emails I get every day is insane. 


9:30am- Maia is done so we head home with a quick stop at Starbucks for a frappuccino.  Her mouth is killing her so a Frapp and Advil are our after orthodontist tradition now. I just keep reminding her that it will all be worth it when her teeth are straight…in 3 years. 


9:45am- Swing past and pick up Mason at his friend’s house where he spent the night and drop both kids off at home. Head to run some errands. I had to pick up a book at the library, meet a couple of parents to buy uniform pieces, pick up ice cream cups for after football practice, and drop off some dry cleaning. 


11:00am- Pick up Zoey and hit the Chick-fil-a drive thru to grab lunch on the way home. Tyler is home from practice number 1 and in the shower so I spray his helmet and shoulder pads with Heavy Duty Lysol. Let the puppies outside. Dish up lunch to the hungry savages…I mean, kids. Fold laundry in the dryer and transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. 

11:30am- Go over the rules with Maia about babysitting while I’m gone. Let the puppies inside. Remind Tyler to throw his pads and helmet in his trunk and we drive separately to his physical therapy appointment. He normally goes by himself but he’s seeing the Sports Med doc today as well so I need to be there. 


12:00pm- Listen to PT and Sports Med Dr talk about his progress and what he needs to do. He’s rehabbed his knee a lot this summer and it’s definitely getting better but it’s not 100% yet. We spent some time discussing what type of knee brace he’s going to need for the season while he does his PT. 


1:00pm- He leaves to go straight to afternoon practice and I go grab some groceries at ALDI and do my Walmart pick up. Return more emails and texts while I’m waiting for my Walmart order. 


1:30pm- Arrive home. Unload all the groceries and put them away. Assign the kids some chores to do because holy cow, this house is a Level 5 disaster zone at this point. Fold dry laundry and put all of it away. Start sorting through uniform pieces to see what’s going to work this year and what I need to sell. 

2:30pm- Pack up the ice cream cups in a cooler bag and gather my Team Mom stuff. Load the kids and all the stuff in the car and head up to the football field. 


3:10pm- The kids watch varsity practice while I have a short team mom meeting. Our first scrimmage is this week and there’s so much left to do! Coordinating all of the volunteers, the team meal, the Gatorade, answering all the questions from parents, getting the team roster finalized to print…it’s a lot. But worth it. 

4:00pm- Practice ends and we dish up the ice cream to 35 very tired football players and 3 very tired football coaches. I talk with the head coach about some team mom stuff while the kids eat ice cream with the players before we leave for home. 


5:00pm- Get home and feed the puppies, change into swim suits, grab the swim bag, and head to the neighborhood pool. Chat with the other moms and read a few chapters in my book while the kids swim with friends. 

5:45pm- Matt shows up at the pool with pizzas for dinner. I don’t even have to tell the kids to get out of the pool. The smell of food is enough to lure them out. Text Tyler to let him know we have pizza at the pool. Consume 2 large pizzas in a very short amount of time. Tyler shows up to grab some pizza and then leaves for a going away party for a good friend. Matt and I chat while the kids keep swimming. 

7:00pm- Pack up and go home with 3 wet and sleepy kids. Throw Tyler’s football gear in the washer and start the load. Let the puppies outside. Return some more emails and texts. Maia’s friend arrives for a sleepover and they start a movie in the living room while I make popcorn. 

7:30pm- Vacuum the downstairs, clean up the kitchen, and work on a school supply list because holy cow, school starts in 8 days. And we have nary a notebook in this house. Let the puppies back inside. 


8:00pm- Hop in the hot tub with Matt and a glass of wine while the kids watch their movie. It’s so nice to just sit and relax with the bubbles at night when it’s only 90 degrees outside. Sigh. Debate with Matt about what we’re going to do for the impending solar eclipse. We can’t decide if we’re going to travel to see it in 100% totality or if we’re going to watch it from school. It’s an ongoing debate. 

9:15pm- Reluctantly pull ourselves from the hot tub so we can herd the little kids up to bed. Throw Tyler’s football gear in the dryer. Watch a couple of episodes of our favorite summer shows off the DVR while enjoying more wine. Return more emails and texts. It never ends. 


10:45pm- Tyler arrives home and chats with us for awhile about the party and football and stuff. He actually talks to us now. It’s like some weird parallel universe. 

11:30pm- Tyler is off to bed. I herd Maia and her friend upstairs to her room. Tuck the little kids in. Matt and I head up to bed. He watches an episode of Games of Thrones on his iPad and I read a book on mine for awhile. 

12:15am- Matt falls asleep with his iPad on his face. I take a picture and then move it. Priorities. Knock on Maia’s door and tell the girls to keep it down. All I hear is giggles and shrieks. I read for awhile longer. 

1:30am- Finally finish my book and try to fall asleep. Insomnia sucks. 

So that’s a pretty typical day in the summer. Some days we don’t leave the house. Some days we spend hours at the pool. Every day is a good day in the summer, y’all!


A Day In Our Life {Winter 2017}

I love doing these day in our life posts every season. It’s always so much fun to look back and see how different life is each time. My Fall 2016 post is HERE if you missed it and want to catch up. And if you want to see all of my posts in the series they are HERE. Life is really busy right now but it’s also really really fun. 


4:45am- The alarm goes off. I almost cry. Drag my extremely tired, extremely sore body out of bed and throw on something that passes for clothing. Brush my teeth. Head downstairs to make sure Tyler is up. He isn’t. Poke him until he gets up. Make him a protein shake to go and toss a banana and poptart in his book bag for breakfast after practice. 

5:00am- Run through the checklist with Tyler to make sure he has everything he needs for the day: cleats, school uniform, workout clothes, basketball practice jersey, basketball shoes, lunch, water bottle, laptop, phone, chargers….it’s a whole thing. Leave the house to drop him off at football workouts.

5:29am- Screech to a stop in the field parking lot with one minute to spare and Tyler jumps out and makes a run for it. Football coaches are strict- one minute late means everyone is running sprints at the end of workouts. The fact that it is offseason makes no difference at all. 


6:00am- Arrive home and wake up Maia. Feed Abby and Chase. Check Maia’s lunchbox and fill her water bottle. Check my planner* to see what fun stuff awaits me for the day. Let the dogs outside.

6:25am- Leave to drop Maia off at a classmates house down the street. We’re fortunate that Maia has a friend in her charter school who lives down the road from us. Her mom takes Maia to school with them on days when Tyler needs to go early so I don’t have to make 2 back to back trips up there. It seriously is taking a village this year, y’all. We return the favor a couple of times a week to give her mom a break too. 

6:40am- Start the first load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, check emails. Drink first cup of coffee. Let dogs inside.


7:00am- Jump on the treadmill while Matt showers. Watch an episode of American Housewife while I do my Couch 2 5K workout.

7:30am- Say goodbye to Matt because he’s leaving for an early meeting. Jump in the shower and get ready for the day.


8:05am- Wake up Mason and Zoey. Supervise their breakfast making efforts. I’ve started letting them choose and make their own breakfasts. These kids will be self-sufficient if it kills me. Feed Bailey and let all 3 dogs outside. Check book bags for agendas and homework and add cold packs to lunch boxes.

8:30am- Send kids to get dressed and brush teeth, and do Zoey’s hair. Let dogs back inside.


8:50am- Herd kids into car and drive to their school. Spend way too long sitting in the car line behind idiots. Have a sing a long while we wait. Wave to the teachers doing car line as they laugh and clap at our sing a long.


9:05am- Arrive home and make a second cup of coffee. Sit down to watch an episode of House Hunters. I need this 30 minutes of just sitting still, drinking coffee, and watching people whine about paint colors.

9:30am- Throw wet clothes in the dryer and start a second load in the washer. Wipe down the dining room table and kitchen counters. Vacuum the downstairs and clean the downstairs bathroom.


10:15am- Run some errands. Today I need to do the library to pick up a book I have on hold, Aldi for milk, cheese, and orange juice (and cookies), Target to pick up Tyler’s prescription, and then Walmart for my pick up order.

12:20pm- Drop off the groceries at home and head to meet my sister for lunch. We went for Mexican food and margaritas at a little hole in the wall place we discovered last year. It’s delicious!

1:30pm- Get home and let the dogs out. Fold the dry laundry and put it away, transfer the wet clothes to the dryer, do some blog work, return phone calls. Do a conference call with some of the other varsity basketball moms. We’re planning senior night and coordinating needs for the playoffs that start next week.


2:05pm- Get a text from Tyler that he is staying for football weights and can I bring him something to eat. The things I do for this kid. Let dogs inside and run out the door to hit the drive thru at Chick Fil A and drive it up to him. I normally would laugh and tell him to hit the vending machine but he has been at school since 5:30 and he still has basketball practice after weights so I channel my inner good mom and do it. 

2:35pm-  Drop food off at Tyler’s school and chat with the football coach for a few minutes. Run into a few other team moms and have an impromptu meeting with the varsity trainer about some side effects Tyler is having from Accutane. 


3:05pm- Leave and head to Maia’s bus stop. Paying $80 a month for a bus to bring her all the way from school to a neighborhood 10 minutes away from our house is worth every single penny. Just sayin’. I got about 15 minutes at the bus stop to read while I wait.

3:40pm- Maia’s bus arrives and we head home.

4:25pm- Walk down to the bus stop to get Zoey. Chat with some of the other neighbors also waiting. Find out all the gossip on the street that I’ve missed. Normally Mason walks up with Zoey so I don’t have to wait at the bus stop but today he has a student council meeting.


4:40pm- Unpack Zoey’s book bag, sort through her million papers, fix her a snack, and help her with her homework. Throw together dinner- Southern Style Macaroni & Cheese with sliced sausage- and toss it in the oven to bake. 

5:00pm- Leave to pick up Mason from his student council meeting.

5:10pm- Arrive home. Unpack Mason’s book bag, sort through his million papers, and listen to him do his homework while I feed the puppies. Fold the second load of laundry and put it away.

5:30pm- Dish up dinner for the kids and add steamed broccoli on the side just for giggles so I feel like a good mom even though I know they feed it to the dogs. Let the dogs outside.


5:50pm- Throw the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the table while Mason changes clothes for basketball practice. Let the dogs back inside.

6:00pm- Leave with Mason for basketball practice. Call Matt from the car and tell him about dinner, and remind him to help Zoey take a shower.


6:15pm- Settle in on the bleachers to read some of my book while Mason practices.

7:15pm- Leave Mason’s practice and head home. Herd him up to the shower. Load the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters, clean off the dining room table, vacuum the downstairs. Stare longingly at the wine bottle on the counter as Matt leaves for a meeting. 


8:00pm- Leave to go get Tyler from basketball practice. He had a full day- football in the morning, weights in the afternoon, followed by basketball in the evening. Practice is running late so I sit and read for a bit in the car.

8:45pm- Tyler finally wanders out and collapses in the car. Listen to him vent all the way home about various things. He has clearly had a long day.


9:15pm- Arrive home. Tyler heads up to the shower. Tuck in the little kids who are both already in bed. Pack lunch boxes for the next day with non-perishables, make sandwiches and put in the fridge in tupperware containers with fruit and string cheese on top for each kid, fill water bottles. Let dogs outside.

9:30pm- Fix Tyler a plate of dinner while he gets dressed. Make edits to his English narrative rough draft paper while he scarfs down food. Send Maia up to take a shower and get ready for bed. Let dogs inside. 

10:00pm- Finally sit down on the couch to watch a couple of shows when Matt finally arrives home. We watch Criminal Minds and I enjoy a fabulous glass of that wine while trying to decide if it’s worth it to make something to eat.

11:00pm- Head upstairs to bed to watch the news. Matt is asleep in 3 minutes.

11:35pm- Turn off the news and read a few chapters in my current book.

12:15am- Finally turn off the lights for the night. 

**Not all pictures are from this actual day. I’m the worst at remembering to take pictures of everything I do. 


A Day In Our Life {Fall 2016}

I started this post over a month ago but it’s been so busy that I kept forgetting to finish documenting a day and would have to start over. It’s been a season, y’all. A very busy season in life. But it’s a good one, too. So here’s a typical day in our week during the Fall. 


5:30am- Get up after hitting snooze at least 3 times. Make sure Tyler and Maia are awake, which they are not so I poke them until I see movement. The puppies are awake so I feed Abby and Chase while they run around like idiots trying to knock me down. 


6:00- Pack Tyler and Maia’s lunches. Seriously, I’m still packing lunch for an almost 16 year old. But honestly it’s more work to make him to it himself. Do Maia’s hair. My poor delusional daughter wanted a fishtail braid in the front leading into a bun. She’s adorable. I can do 3 hairstyles- ponytail, pigtails and regular braids. She chose ponytail. Check book bags and football bag. I learned my lesson already this season- if I don’t check the football bag I will be driving up to practice with cleats or pads or a helmet. Let Abby and Chase outside. Yell at them to stop barking. 

6:25- Matt is in the car waiting to take Tyler and Maia to school. Shove them out the door, throwing shoulder pads, helmet, football bag, book bag, lunch bag in the trunk while Tyler looks for his ear buds that he just had in his hand. Sigh. 


6:30- Throw in a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, and let Abby and Chase inside.

6:45- Hop on the treadmill & watch an episode of This Is Us. I had every intention of running hard but a slow jog is about all I could manage on this morning. My joints are killing me lately. I’m struggling with the repercussions of my choice to hold off on medications. Mornings like this make me second guess myself. 

7:35- Jump in the shower and get ready. And by get ready I mean throw on a pair of leggings, long tee, and hair in a still wet messy bun. Just keepin’ it real, folks. 

8:05- Wake up Mason and Zoey. Fix them breakfast while they get dressed. Poptarts and Frozen Waffles were the cuisine of choice today. Fill up Bailey’s food dish and let the dogs outside. Yell at them to stop barking. 


8:30- Check book bags. Sign all the stuff that requires signatures on a daily basis- reading logs, journals, agendas, homework folders…Herd little kids upstairs to brush teeth and get hair done. Zoey chose a ponytail. Pack their lunches. Let the dogs back inside. Spend 5 minutes shoving kids out the door into the car. 


8:50- Leave to take Zoey and Mason to school. Deal with the seventh circle of hell that is known as the car line. Consider homeschooling just to avoid the car line. Remember I hate math. Resist the urge to run the stupid parents off the side of the road. Barely. 


9:00- Arrive home and have a cup of coffee while watching House Hunters on the DVR. Yell at the television when the woman complains about every single paint color. It’s paint, people. Paint. 

9:25- Throw laundry in the dryer and start a second load in the washer. Wipe down the dining table and kitchen counters. Vacuum the first floor. Clean the dog nose prints and slobber off of my windows. Gross. 

10:15- Fold laundry and put it away. Transfer wet clothes to dryer. Return phone calls, make appointment for Tyler at the dermatologist, answer emails. Ignore the doorbell that rings three times. I saw the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the neighborhood earlier and I’m not taking any chances. 

10:45- Run to Aldi for fruit, milk and cheese. Spend $60 on stuff I don’t need. I have no willpower. 


11:25- Arrive at Walmart for my scheduled pick up order. Walmart order pick up is basically the best thing ever. 

11:45- Get home and put all the groceries away. Let the dogs outside. Yell at them to stop barking. Throw the ingredients for Chicken Pot Pie Soup into the crockpot. Realize I forgot to buy carrots. Root around in the second pantry until I find a can of mixed vegetables and improvise. 

12:00- Fold the clothes in the dryer and put them away. Sit down with a cup of tea and do some blog work while watching Teen Mom OG.

1:00- Remember to eat lunch- if you count 3 bites of cottage cheese, a slice of ham, and a handful of Teddy Grahams as a lunch. Which clearly I do at this point. Read the last few chapters in my current library book. Let dogs inside.


1:30- Run to the public library to pick up a few books I have on hold. Pay a $3 fine because library due dates are a suggestion for me at this point. Hit up Dunkin Donuts for a PSL on the way to sign Tyler’s Return to Play concussion forms at the sports medicine doctor’s office. Stop by the sporting goods store to buy a new pair of volleyball knee pads for Maia because her old ones have a hole. 

2:50- Grab my stuff and run out the door so I can make it to Maia’s Volleyball game on time. Remember to text our babysitter to make sure she is definitely getting the little kids off the bus at 4:30. Call Matt to remind him to bring cash to pay the babysitter when he gets home. Remind him to let the dogs outside. And to yell at them to stop barking. Also remind him to shred the chicken in the crockpot and to feed Zoey early because she has gymnastics. 

3:40- Arrive just in time to throw Maia’s new knee pads to her before the game starts. Hang with the other moms and watch our girls decimate the other team in 3 consecutive sets. No pictures are allowed to be posted publicly because Maia has forbidden it. I wish I could because I got some amazing action shots of her. But she’s almost 12 and she’s allowed to say no to pictures of herself being posted now. 


5:00- Maia and I run over to Tyler’s football practice to pick him up. Of course they’re not done yet so we sit in the parking lot and wait for them. The coach is clearly not happy about something because I can hear him yelling all the way in the car. Glad I’m not one of his players. 

5:20- Practice finally ends and 3 sweaty, stinky football players get in the car. Roll down the windows because GAG. Battle the traffic all the way home. Drop off 2 of Tyler’s teammates at their houses and head to our house. 

6:10- Finally arrive home. Remind Tyler and Maia to drop their stinky gear in the washing machine. Listen to Maia and Tyler fight over the shower and yell at them to take turns. Matt is stuck in traffic according to the text that my phone just delivered so I dig around my purse for cash to pay the babysitter and send her home. Shred the chicken in the crockpot and dish up quick bowls of soup for the kids. Help Zoey to put on her gymnastics leotard while she shoves food in her mouth. Listen to Maia complain that Tyler got the shower first. Remind her that he stinks worse than her after practice. Listen to her stomp off, unhappy with just about everything. Roll my eyes.


6:25- Grab Zoey’s gymnastics bag and race to gymnastics class. Call Maia from the car to let her know where I’m going, tell her to get a bowl of soup, remind her to feed the puppies, and ask her to pass the message on to Tyler. Call Matt, who is still in traffic, and ask him to make sure homework and chores get done before I got home. 

6:35- Race into gymnastics class only 5 minutes late. Collapse in the parents viewing section with the put together moms who stare at me with wide eyes and slight disdain. Amateurs. They only have 1 kid each. Read a few chapters in my book while watching Zoey on and off. She loves gymnastics so much. 

7:15- Gather up my little gymnast, apologize to the teacher for being late (she’s the mom of 4 so she totally gets it), and head back home. Zoey goes straight to the shower while I dish myself some dinner. Finish helping Mason with his vocabulary words, throw Zoey’s gymnastics leotard in with gross practice gear and start the washer, load the dishwasher, clean up the bare minimum in the kitchen, and check the little kids bookbags for important information. Let the dogs outside. Yell at them to stop barking. Force Mason to take a shower under duress. 


8:30- Toss the practice gear in the dryer, let the dogs back inside, get Zoey into pajamas and lay out clothes for the next day while Matt helps Maia and Mason with their math homework.

8:45- Tuck Mason and Zoey into bed with hugs and kisses and send Maia to the shower, finally. She’s still complaining that she had to wait for everyone else to be done. In all fairness, her showers take three times as long as everyone else’s showers. She does not appreciate that logic and I get an earful of tween angst and drama. Threaten to replace her shampoo with Nair if she doesn’t get a grip on herself and she disappears into the bathroom in a haze of self-righteous indignation.

9:00- Remind Tyler to plug in his laptop. Empty the kids’ lunch bags and wash the plastic containers. Wash all the water bottles. Toss all the lunch non-perishables into lunch bags for the morning. Bang on the door and tell Maia to hurry up in the shower. Fold the practice clothes and volleyball uniform and deliver to the appropriate child. Remind Tyler to plug in his laptop. 

9:15- Tuck Maia in bed with Abby. Lights out for the little kids. Start the dishwasher. Remind Tyler to plug in his laptop. Sit down finally with Matt to watch a couple of shows- tonight we watched Lethal Weapon and Designated Survivor. Open a bottle of wine- a big one. Drink it.

11:00- Lock up the house, set the alarm, plug in Tyler’s laptop (sigh), and head up to bed to watch the news in bed. 

11:10- Matt is snoring already while I watch the news. Get bored but I’m not tired yet so I read a few chapters in my book. 

1:15- Finally turn out the lights and eventually fall asleep. 

Long days, y’all. Long long days but life is good!


A Day In Our Life: Summer 2016

I love doing these day in our life posts. They are my favorite posts to read from other people- it’s fun to get a glimpse into another family’s daily life. And I love to go back and look at past posts of mine to see how much life has changed from season to season. Speaking of seasons, summer is almost over here at our house so I figured I should document what a typical day looks like. This has not been the most relaxing of summers because of football but it has been fun. 

7:15am- My alarm goes off. I’d love to sleep until 10 but that’s just never going to happen. Still, 7:15am is a lot better than my 5:30am alarm that starts next week. Ouch. I usually lie in bed for 10 minutes and check emails and facebook while my joints wake up. Then I head to the shower and get ready for the day.


8:00am- Grab a granola bar or breakfast bar and fill up my beloved Yeti for the long drive to pick Ty up from football. This morning was water with peach tea flavor drops. So good, no sugar, no caffeine, and no calories. Throw in a quick load of laundry and empty the dishwasher.

9:00am- Wake up Maia to tell her I’m leaving. She’s about to turn 12 and we’ve been trusting her as our babysitter this summer so the little kids don’t have to come with me every single time. She’s done a great job….and my neighbor is always home in case of an emergency. Make sure to remember my book to read this time.


9:45am- Arrive at the field and wait. Practice never ends on time so I can usually read a few chapters before Ty comes to the car. Matt has been dropping Ty off at practice in the mornings when he leaves for work so I don’t have to get up quite so early.


10:30am- Practice finally ends. Ty remembered his permit so I let him drive us home while I white-knuckle the door handle and say prayers. He’s a very good driver but he’s young. It’s not his driving that concerns me, it’s the idiots on the road with him! 

11:15am- Home, finally. In one piece. Grab a cup of coffee and start a load of Ty’s practice gear in the washer because there is no smell as rank as a teen football player. Febreeze cannot even touch that smell. 


11:30am- Wake up Mase and Zoey. School schedule is really going to hurt, y’all. It’s really going to hurt. These two would sleep until 2pm if I left them alone. Fix them some breakfast/lunch while they whine about how early they had to get up. Make a pasta salad for the annual neighbors night out picnic that night. Do a quick clean up in the kitchen while the kids eat. Toss Ty’s practice gear into the dryer. 


12:00pm- Take Zoey, Mase, and Maia to the pool with a few of their friends while Ty takes a brief nap. Chat with the other moms while the kids swim and have fun with friends. I love being able to sit on a nice lounge chair and gossip with the other neighborhood moms while my kids have fun. This is such a great stage of life for me now. 

1:30pm- Head home with 3 tired kids. Fold Ty’s practice gear and toss the swim gear in the dryer. Dish up snacks for the kids and make myself a quick smoothie. Wake up Ty and make him a sandwich. Return a couple of phone calls. Maia gets picked up by a friend for volleyball.

2:00pm- Drop Zoey and Mase off at their friends houses in the neighborhood and head to Ty’s second practice of the day. I’m so fortunate that my kids have great friends who live in our neighborhood whose houses they can play at while I’m gone and Maia is unavailable to babysit. The only thing worse than sitting in 100 degree heat at football practice is having to take 2 kids with you and listen to them whine about how hot they are. 


3:00pm- Arrive at afternoon practice with seconds to spare. Traffic was a nightmare. Ty heads up to the field in a dead sprint to avoid doing extra runs for being late. I settle in for a long afternoon in the hot sun. There are only a few parents who stay for the whole afternoon practice so I get some more reading done until some more moms show up and then we spend the rest of practice chatting.

5:15pm- Practice is finally over. Pick up Maia then swing past and pick up Mase and Zoey on the way home. Ty and Maia take showers. Toss Maia and Ty’s practice gear into the washer…again. Spray his helmet, cleats, and shoulder pads with Febreeze even though I know it won’t help. I still have to try, right? Keepin’ hope alive.

6:30pm- Load the dishwasher, feed the dogs, throw the practice gear in the dryer, clean up the kitchen, and get ready for the neighbors night out party at our neighborhood clubhouse.


6:45pm- Matt gets home and we all head down to the clubhouse to party. Of course, I forgot the pasta salad and had to run back home to get it. We had a blast talking with old neighbors and new neighbors. We played volleyball, corn hole, and ate so much great food! It’s events like these that make me second guess our desire to move in a few years. We really really love our neighbors and I hate to leave them. 


8:30pm- Arrive home and send the 2 littles to take showers. Make a big batch of scrambled eggs for Ty’s breakfast before practice in the morning while we watch a show. Ty’s friends show up and start an intense game of Monopoly.

9:30pm- Send the 3 youngest kids up to bed and settle in to watch another show with Matt. We’ve been watching Zoo. Have you seen it? It’s so good! 

10:00pm- Matt falls asleep on the couch despite the noise of teen boys trash talking through a game of Monopoly. Who knew you could trash talk a game of Monopoly. Let the dogs out for the last time. Tuck in the 3 younger kids and lights out for them. Watch an episode of Escaping Polygamy since Matt is asleep. He hates those shows. 


11:00pm- Ty’s friends leave and he heads to bed. 

12:00am- Wake up Matt and send him to bed. Lock up the house, set the alarm, put the dogs to bed and head to bed myself to read for awhile.

1:30am- Finish 5 chapters of my current book and lights out!

It’s a busy life but it’s a good life. That’s what I tell myself when I set the alarm for the next morning anyway.


A Day In Our Life {Spring 2016}

I figured if I wanted to document a day in our life for Spring I better hurry up! We only have a couple weeks of school left and documenting a day in our summer would go something like this: sleep, pool, eat, sleep, pool, eat… that pretty much sums up Summer! So I chose a random day last week to document.

6:45am- Finally drag myself out of bed after hitting the snooze button no less than 4 times. Thankfully Matt was up at 6am to make sure Ty made his way to the bus stop on time. Jump on the treadmill for a light jog because both of my knees are swollen up like balloons right now. Stupid autoimmune arthritis. 

7:10am- Jump in the shower and get ready for the day. Our master bathroom is finally completed and it’s so nice to have my own shower back. 

7:45am- After I’m ready for the day I start waking the kids up. Mase first, then Maia, and then Zoey. These kids are not morning people. They take after their mother. It takes me at least 15 minutes of wandering from room to room to room, poking at kids until they finally get up. 

8:00am- The breakfast routine starts. Nobody ever wants the same breakfast. This morning I got a request for pancakes and bacon, a request for scrambled eggs and sausage, and a request for a homemade breakfast burrito. They all got cold cereal and milk. It’s the end of the school year, folks. Cold cereal is the best I can do. 

8:15am- The kids wander off to get ready for school, still grumbling about their lack of gourmet breakfast. While they are getting ready I’m checking agendas, packing book bags, making lunches, feeding dogs, letting dogs outside, yelling at the dogs outside to stop barking, checking the calendar, starting a load of laundry, loading the dishwasher, etc. Matt comes down, moans about the lack of breakfast, grabs a nutrition bar, and leaves for work.

8:55am- Herd children to the car and spend 18 minutes in a morning car line that should take 4 minutes at most because one stupid parent can’t get it together at the front of the line. Really people, it’s May. If you haven’t figured out the car line by now then I’m sad for you. And for me because I’m behind you in the line. 

9:2oam- Finally get home from morning car line and weigh the pros and cons of adding rum to my morning coffee. Finally decide against it but only begrudgingly. Set Zoey up with some play-doh at the table while I return emails and do some blog work. Pre-K ended a few weeks ago so poor Zoey is stuck at home with me all day now. 

10:00am- My sister arrives with my nephew, Jax, and we all head out to spend some time at the park. My sister lives 5 minutes down the road from me and it’s amazing. We both plan to move sometime in the next 2-3 years and spending so much time with her is what I’ll miss the most. Zoey and Jax are 15 months apart and they have so much fun together. 

11:00am- We leave the park and head to Chick-fil-a for lunch. You have to get there early or the place is overrun with mommy groups. The kids wolf down their food and run for the playground so my sister and I get to talk uninterrupted for 30 minutes. 

11:45am- My sister drops us off at home. I toss the laundry in the dryer then Zoey and I head out to run some errands. We hit Aldi, the library, and Lowe’s before running through the Starbucks drive-thru and then the car wash on our way home.

1:30pm- Home at last. Zoey takes her Kindle and lays down in her bed for awhile to watch a movie while I get some house work done. Bathrooms get cleaned, downstairs get vacuumed, dishwasher gets started, laundry gets folded and put away, and floors get mopped. 

3:00pm- Finally sit down and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet while reading a funny book and drinking another cup of coffee. 

3:30pm- Zoey gets up and I make her a snack while watching an episode of Doc McStuffins. At least it’s not Caillou. 

4:00pm- Zoey and I leave to get Tyler from off-season football work outs and weight lifting. Even though he’s changing schools next year he’s still doing work outs with his current football team to keep in shape. He’s been watching practices at his new school but he cannot participate until the school year is officially over.

4:15pm- Get home just in time for Mase getting off the school bus. Make him a snack while he half-asses his homework. Seriously, enough with the homework. We only have 10 days of school left. Zoey goes out to swing in the backyard and Ty jumps in the shower. 

4:50pm- Leave Ty watching the little kids while I go get Maia from her Student Council meeting at school. 

5:10pm- Maia starts her homework while I help Mase finish up his. The doorbell rings no less than 7 times with kids friends wanting them to come out and play. I assume this is a precursor to what my summer break is going to look like. Realize that I forgot to dump dinner in the crockpot in the morning and decide pizza will be delivered to our house on this night. Thank goodness for Papa John’s 50% off coupons! 

6:00pm- Pizza arrives and so does Matt. Let the kids loose on the pizza. Grab a slice on the way out the door to drop  Ty off to watch his new school’s football team practice and take Mase to soccer practice. Ty’s busy learning the plays and formations and getting to know the team and coaches. Just because he can’t participate doesn’t mean he can’t watch and learn. I manage to eat my pizza while letting Ty drive us to practice. Choke down my screams of terror and send up prayers as he drives. Teen drivers are scary, y’all. 

6:35pm- Finally get to Mase’s soccer practice only 5 minutes late which might be a record this season. It’s been a long Spring season, y’all. 

8:15pm- Rush from Mase’s soccer practice to pick up Ty from football. 

9:00pm- Arrive home from practices to find the other kids showered and watching a movie with Matt. Mase jumps in the shower while I load the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen, and do a general pick up around the house. 

9:30pm- The movie ends. We brush teeth, lay out clothes, and tuck in the 3 younger kids. 

9:45pm- Grab a beer and hit the hot tub with Matt and Ty. It’s so nice to have our hot tub to relax in at the end of a busy day. That’s one of my must-have’s in our next house. We will have a hot tub. 

10:30pm- Head inside and watch a show with Matt and Ty. We decide on River Monsters but Matt falls asleep within 15 minutes so I switch the show and watch Arranged. Ty falls asleep in less than 10 minutes so I send him off to bed too. Have y’all watched Arranged? I love it! Matt is still sleeping so I go ahead and watch an episode of Teen Mom 2 while he snores.

12:15am- Nudge Matt awake and send him up to bed while I lock up and set the alarm. He’s asleep in bed by the time I get upstairs so I settle in to read for awhile. I manage to finish 7 chapters of my current book before I’m finally tired enough to go to sleep. 

1:15am- Lights out!

That’s a pretty typical day for us during Spring. I can’t wait until summer break. I’m looking forward to days where I don’t even have to get in my car, let alone spend half the day in it!