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5 Things Friday {5.12.17}


We are winding down on this school year, y’all. And we are literally limping across the finish line again this year. I am so ready for long lazy days at the pool with a margarita in hand. So ready. I will never understand why schools pack in 6 months worth of stuff into the last month of the school year. Why? Why do they do this to us? It’s been a busy week around here but we got a lot of stuff done!

1. I mostly finished my master bedroom redo. Finally. I got the new curtains hung that I picked up for a steal at IKEA in the as-is bins. I got the new bedding on and hung the pom pom garland I’ve had for months but just never got around to doing. I love how it all turned out. This is generally the most neglected room in the house so it’s been half finished for about a year now. I’m still working on the other side of the room so I’ll share that when I figure out exactly what I want to do. 



2. I also finished up a couple of projects I’ve been working on for the last week or so. I, and by that I mean Matt, finished assembling my new TV stand and I decluttered and restyled the decor in the room. I love it! I also finished chalk painting the red cabinet in the upstairs hallway, hung the mirror that’s been sitting on the floor for about a year now, and added some decor. It turned out perfect. 


3.  We also worked a lot on the front yard landscaping. Matt cut down all the old bushes in front of the window. I’ve hated those bushes for years and finally convinced Matt that they needed to go. It had to get done quickly because our pine straw was getting delivered the next day. And of course, as it always happens around here, the weather forecast included a 90% chance of rain the day after the pine straw was delivered. So we spent hours that evening spreading it in the beds we created. The kids helped a lot. And then it didn’t rain at all. Of course. Ha! This is my life. 



4. In between errands and chores, Matt and I snuck away for an impromptu early dinner at Hwy 55. We had to go to Lowes to pick up some stuff and then planned to return our redbox movies in a little shopping center. The Hwy 55 was right next door. How could we resist? It was nice. We rarely get out on our own to eat anymore so I enjoyed it. The joys of having older kids who can babysit.


5. Maia is quite the artist in our house. She loves to draw and paint and she is passionate about photography. She recently had one of her paintings from school chosen to be displayed in the art show put on by her charter school. She was the only 6th grader who had a piece chosen to be displayed. And she doesn’t even like this piece, she thinks it’s not one of her best. 


So that’s a pretty accurate recap of my week. And the weekend will be more decluttering, cleaning, and finishing projects. And grocery shopping- Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Aldi all in one day. Be jealous of my exciting life. 


5 Things Friday {5.5.17}


I don’t know what it is about Spring that gives me the purging and decorating bug but it happens every single year. The last week has been full of projects and purging and I’m nowhere near done. Matt is so thrilled with me right now. 

1. We started off last weekend with outdoor work. Matt power washed the front of the house, the porch, and the driveway. It looks so much better now. Then he laid the black edging in the yard for our new beds. Pine straw is being delivered on Monday and that will seriously help our curb appeal. Tyler had football practice early on Saturday morning but when he got home he vacuumed out all 3 cars and then washed them. Earning his keep, y’all. Earning his keep.



2. While they were working on the outside, I was working inside. A good friend of mine was getting rid of her nearly brand new king size bed because her fiance is moving into her house and he prefers to keep his bed. Seriously, she’s only had this bed for a few months! It’s a $2500 mattress! And she gave it to us for FREE! I’ve always wanted a king size bed but it was way down the list of stuff to buy. So I’m not going to pass up a free one in brand new condition. Matt rented a small UHaul and he took Tyler to pick it up.



3. And as it always happens, one project turns into a whole list of projects. We ended up switching the kids beds around again…for the second time in less than 2 months. We gave Zoey’s loft bed to our nephew, Jax. We moved Mason’s full size bed into Zoey’s room and Mason got our old queen size bed. Everyone was happy. Except Matt, who technically did 99% of the actual moving. But we got it done. And our whole house is in a state of disarray with stuff everywhere. I started purging in one room and it trickled into another room and so on and so on. Then at around 6:30pm on Sunday night I realized we have NO KING SIZE SHEETS for our new bed. None. So Matt and I made what was supposed to be a quick trip to IKEA for sheets. And we came home with a new TV cabinet, new pillows, new curtains, new sheets, new comforters….you know how that goes. 




4. And lest you think I’ve given away my kids to concentrate on my house, I took Maia back to the eye doctor office to get her glasses tightened. They fit fine at first but then started slipping down her face while she was reading in class. She had the whole librarian glasses at the end of her nose thing going on. 


5. As part of my purging and house re-doing, I moved the red cabinet from our foyer to our upstairs landing in the hallway. It looks much better up there but the red was just too….red. So I used the leftover chalk paint from Maia’s bedroom project and painted it yesterday. It literally took me less than an hour and it made such a difference. 



It’s been a busy week. And the weekend will be even busier. We’re working in the yard again tomorrow and I have a gazillion projects to finish inside to. But it feels so good to get some things off my ever growing to do list!


5 Things Friday {4.28.17}


I cannot believe it’s almost May! MAY! How is this year going by so quickly? I swear it was just Christmas and now school is almost out for Summer break. I’m already in full on summer break mode over here. Bring on the frozen margaritas and pool floats! So what else has been going on?

1. We are 99.9% done with Maia’s room redo. We worked so hard during her spring break to get it done. New paint, lighted curtain wall, new bedding, new blinds, new rug, chalk painted furniture…we did it all. She’s thrilled. I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to share all the details.



2. Poor Tyler. He has a broken nose. I picked him up from football weights and wrestling on Monday and he was covered in blood. He took a sharp elbow right on the bridge of his nose during wrestling. This kid is tough. His nose was apparently gushing with blood. He shoved tissues up his nostrils and wrestled 3 more matches. We ended up at urgent care that night because it just kept bleeding. It’s a clean break so he didn’t have to get it set but he’s got a nice bump on the bridge right now. Boys. 


3. Maia finally got her glasses. She loves them. And she can see at school. Thank goodness! Next up: braces. Operation: No dating till she’s 30 is well underway! 


4. We finally got the hot tub fixed this week. The pump went out and that’s not a cheap fix. We toyed with buying a new one but to get one big enough to fit in this space it’s going to cost upwards of $10K. I almost choked on my tongue when we got that quote. So we fixed the one we already own. And we’ll continue fixing it until it cannot be fixed anymore! So it was fixed this week and the kids wasted no time enjoying it again. 


5. Mason had his honor roll award ceremony this week as well. He made the A-B Honor Roll for the third quarter and scored in the top 5 in the entire third grade on his mock EOG tests for reading and math. It was a bittersweet moment for me. This is the last honor roll ceremony we will attend at this school before Mason and Zoey move to their charter school next school year. We’ve had at least one kid enrolled at this elementary school for 11 years now. It’s the end of an era for us and it made me all kinds of nostalgic. I teared up talking to his beloved teacher but she assured me that we will go out for margaritas soon. 


It was a great week. Busy but great. The countdown is on to summer break! 


5 Things Friday {4.21.17}


It’s Fri-YAY! Finally. This has been a very long busy week and I’ve never been so happy to see Friday morning. The kids counted down last night how many days of school they have left this year. Mason and Zoey have 34 days, Maia has 32 days, and Tyler has 26 days. Come on summer vacation! 

1. Last weekend we went to my parents house to celebrate Easter. My sister and her family also went so it was the whole family and it was fun. The kids had an Easter egg hunt, we ate a ton of good food, and we laughed a lot. Exactly what we needed after some very busy months at our house. 


2. We finally got the sliding barn door hung in Tyler’s room. It only took….well, it’s not important how long it took. All that matters is that he finally has a real door, right? We found the whole kit at Lowe’s for $399 and it took us about 45 minute to hang it up. I love it. And we chose the off-white color so it blends with the kitchen. And the kitchen looks so much better now with the door instead of that curtain. I love it!


3. Maia had her first eye appointment this week. She’s been complaining about not being able to see the whiteboard at school so I knew it was time. And sure enough, she needs glasses. She’s nearsighted and has an issue with her eye muscles. So we’re waiting on her glasses to come in now. She picked out some adorable frames and she seems happy enough about it.


4. We also started the redo on her room this week. She’s been waiting patiently for her turn in the room redo rotation at our house. She picked out a beautiful pale aqua color paint and I can’t wait to show you all the fun details we’re doing in her room. 


5. Tyler has yet another staph infection on his other thigh now. We went for his monthly Accutane appointment on Tuesday and the dermatologist is really pleased with his progress. She upped his dose again for this month and gave him some antibiotics for the staph infection. Poor kid. I cannot wait for him to be finished with this medicine. 


So that’s part of what’s been going on around here this week. We also had a football meeting last night that lasted a long time and 99% pertained to the upcoming freshmen…and their moms. Today I’m hoping the hot tub repair man comes to fix the leak we have in the hot tub so I can enjoy it again. Hopefully next week’s Friday 5 includes a picture of me drinking a margarita in my hot tub. Fri-YAY!


5 Things Friday {4.14.17}


We’ve had a seriously busy few weeks at our house. Time is just slipping past me and there are not enough hours in my day anymore. I miss writing here more often but 3 posts a week is about all I can do right now. So what’s been going on? 


Poor Tyler has a serious staph infection with cellulitis on his inner thigh. It started as a cluster of cystic acne and got infected when the acne popped during weight training. He’s been on antibiotics for almost a week and it looks much better now. But it was scary bad. And being a man-baby all he told me was that he had a painful acne spot on his thigh. He said nothing about it being huge, red, swollen, hot to the touch, and oozing. Seriously kid? That is important information.


Mason and Zoey are on Spring Break this week and the weather has been beautiful and amazing. We’ve spent hours at the park and playing in the yard. They’ve blown bubbles, made sidewalk chalk drawings, played basketball, run around with friends, had picnics a the park…as much as I’ve complained about having 3 different spring break’s this year it has been nice to have some time with the little kids.


Tyler’s had quite a week. During wrestling with the football team he got popped in the nose. It bled and bled and bled. We thought it might be broken but waited to see if it was going to swell up. The next day at school it got worse and the bruise turned dark, both eyes got black underneath, and it kept bleeding. Luckily one of his good girl friends was nice enough to give him a tampon which he cut in half and shoved up his nose to stop the bleeding. This kid. Only my son would not think twice about walking around school with tampons shoved up his broken nose. 


I am so tired of the paper clutter in this house. So I created my own little command center in the kitchen. It’s tucked in the little niche beside the fridge so it’s not visible unless you’re standing right in front of it. My life is so much easier now. Everything has a place and I know where to find the stuff I need quickly. Organization is my mecca. 


We bought Tyler a car last night! Matt found a 2015 Toyota Corolla sport with only 800 miles on it for a steal! It’s a nice car, a really nice car. We kept it a secret and surprised him at the dealership. He is one happy teenager right now. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends!