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5 Things Friday {8.18.17}


Well school started this week. Reality smacked us right in the face. Hard. But we took like the champs we are and rolled with the punch. Or smack. Whatever. So in the grand tradition of the first week of school being a total cluster, I jammed packed as much crap into the first 3 days as possible. Clearly I’m insane. 

1. So last Saturday was Tyler’s first scrimmage of the season. It was at 12:30 in the afternoon on a day with a heat index of 105. Talk about poor planning. We about died and the players were sick with the heat. It was miserable. Tyler is #53 again this year. That’s him on the left kneeling down in the first picture. He started at nose guard on defense and right tackle on offense. If you look closely at the third picture, that big dude who looks like a tank? That’s the guy Tyler was blocking on offense and trying to get past on defense. It was a long day for Tyler. Ha! The last picture is a group of the players recovering in the hot tub at one of their houses. He has such good friends at the school, and best of all, I like all their moms. Ha! 




IMG_2633 (1)

2. Maia got her braces and extender put on this week. Not the best timing with school starting and her being the new girl. But this was the only time we could get it done and since it’s an almost 3 hour long appointment it needed to be done before school started. She did great but it’s been a rough week. She’s having trouble eating and talking and yeah….rough week. I keep telling her it will all be worth it….in 3 years. 



3. Shortly after having her braces put on we had to go to her open house. Poor girl was trying to introduce herself to her new teachers and she could barely talk. But all of her teachers are awesome and helpful and she got some great classes. I left the little kids down in the elementary school with a friend and came back to find they had made friends with the new bearded dragon who lives in the art room. His name is Pete. I love it!


IMG_2635 (1)

4. We took a few hours on Wednesday to hang at the pool for our last hoorah! They had friends there and we spent hours swimming and laughing and relaxing. It was a great end to our summer vacation. 


5. And then reality smacked us upside the head the next morning at 5:30 when the alarm clocks started going off. The kids almost look awake in the pictures, don’t they? Ha! The best part of our charter school? Uniforms. No fighting over what they were going to wear. None. They were all dressed, fed, and in the car ready to leave at 6:15. Success! Everyone had a great day, even Maia who was so nervous about middle school. 

IMG_2612 (1)




IMG_2614 (1)


5 Things Friday {8.11.17}


What a week! We are really ramping up for back to school around here. T-6 days. Stuff just got real. I always forget, or block out of my mind, how intense it is getting 4 kids ready for back to school. Haircuts, new shoes, school supplies, sports physicals….it’s a lot. And switching 3 to a new school this year just added to the insanity. I have a chronic eye twitch. 

1. We celebrated 21 years of marriage last Friday. We had plans to go out to dinner but things happened and life got in the way. So instead we took the little kids to Red Robin on Saturday to eat while Tyler was at a football pool party. Such is life with kids. No biggie. And seriously, the bottomless fries are my favorite. 


2. Tyler’s varsity football team had a rough week. It was the last week of practices before the scrimmage so it was 2-a-days all week. I took ice cream cups up there one afternoon after the second practice as a treat for the guys. They love me. The way to their hearts is food. Always. Ha!



3. Tyler made it into 2 different football previews for our region this week. He’s the one on the left hitting the sled in this picture. In the second article he is mentioned by name as an offensive and defensive standout for our whole conference! He is STOKED!! 


4. Maia had her second orthodontist appointment for braces this week. Right now she still has the separators in place. Hopefully next week she’ll progress to the actual braces. She’s thrilled. Obviously. I keep telling her, it will all be worth it…..in 3 years when she’s done. Ha! Poor girl. 


5. The football team got their jerseys. They have new ones for this season. They are skin tight. It was hysterically funny watching him try to get this jersey on and even funnier watching him take it off. It took all 3 of us to get it off! I don’t know how they’re going to do this after a game. 35 sweaty stinky guys pulling jerseys and pads off of each other? Gross. 


Our first scrimmage is tomorrow afternoon! I’m so excited! And then back to the real world of alarm clocks and homework. What a drag. 


5 Things Friday {8.4.17} BONUS EDITION


We had a super fun, super busy week so this shall be considered a 5 Thing Bonus Edition Friday post. Ha! August always brings forth conflicting emotions. On one hand, it’s exciting preparing for a new school year. On the other hand, I really love summer vacation. See? Conflicting. 

1. I finally got a Girls Night Out! Finally. We’ve planned it 4 times this summer and something always came up. But we finally made it happen. My sister and 4 friends met at my house and poor Matt got to drive us to our favorite restaurant. We ate delicious food- seriously, so delicious- and drank some yummy drinks- I’m lookin’ at you Pineapple Martini and Blackberry Margarita. We laughed until we were in tears. Then we prank called Tyler to come be our DD and take us to the movies. He declined to cart around 6 semi-inebriated women. I promised that we would keep our shirts on. Still a no. Spoil sport. The picture below is the one I texted him begging for a ride. Ha!


2. Camden came down to spend 4 days with us last weekend. We try to do at least a few weekends each summer but it hasn’t worked out this summer until now. So we did a longer visit. The kids swam, played video games, did lego creations, played WWE, and lounged in the hot tub. I think they all had fun and they were all exhausted by the time he left on Tuesday!


3. Tyler had his very last Accutane appointment this week! He has successfully completed the entire 6 month course. And he got amazing results. He still has a few active acne spots but that’s normal. He is SO PLEASED with the results. He has no acne on his face, very few on his back, and only a couple on his chest. It’s 99.9% better. He has some scarring but not as bad as we anticipated considering how bad his cystic acne was in the beginning. He went swimming without a shirt multiple times this week for the very first time in 4 years! And not just at home, with the football team at a friend’s house! I almost cried, y’all. 



4. Varsity football kicked into high gear this week. Tryouts started on Monday and all the new players got a good taste of how hard varsity practices really are. Tyler said there were some freshmen puking, some tears, and at least 3 quit on the first day. Ha! Welcome to varsity, boys. Because we’re a charter school we do not have a JV team, only varsity. So tryouts were held M-W mornings from 8-10 and the returning/starting players did conditioning and ran some plays with the new guys so the coaches could see who has potential. Then the starters/returning players went back for the afternoon practice from 1-3 so they could get a good solid real practice done each day. It’s a good system but man, these guys are tired. Tyler passes out on the couch and sleeps in between practices every day. We are only 6 days away from our first scrimmage of the season! I am SO READY!!!! 



5. Our neighborhood participated in the annual Neighbors Night Out event again this year. It was so much fun! Great friends, yummy food, loud tunes, fun games, and a whole lot of laughter. I love my neighborhood. Tyler and his friends played corn hole with a few of our local police officers, Mason and his friends played ping pong, Maia and her friends hung out, and Zoey played tetherball for the first time. It was so much fun!





6. The school supply lists were posted online this last weekend so I snuck out with Maia to get a start on the lists. $229 later, I’m only 1/3 of the way done. How much do you get for selling your plasma? Because I might need to do that soon. We consoled ourselves with Starbucks. 


7. We had a string of days with amazing weather. It was in the high 60s when I woke up and I got to enjoy my morning coffee on the back deck without dying of heat stroke. Matt drained and cleaned the hot tub so it’s ready for some heavy Fall use! Of course, the nice weather didn’t last long. We were back to the high 90s by Thursday. But at least we got a nice taste of Fall weather and it made me excited!


8. We spent a lot of time up at our charter school this week. We had to attend iPad deployment for Mason and MacBook deployment for Maia. They were so excited to get their devices. I love the emphasis our school puts on technology. Every child in K-3 has an assigned iPad for their personal use at school. It doesn’t come home with them but it is their iPad to use during the school day. Every 4th and 5th grader gets an iPad to keep in their possession full time, both school and home, until they move to 6th grade. Every kid in 6th-12th grade is issued a MacBook Air to use until graduation. All their assignments, tests, projects, etc are done on the computer. I love it!


9. Maia started her journey with braces this week. Her first appointment was just getting molds down and separators applied. She goes back next week and the next week…and the next week…..and the next week. Basically we’re just pouring money into her mouth at this point. But she has a crossbite on one side that is affecting the symmetry of her face so we have to get this done now. We don’t need food….it’ll be fine. 


So that was our week. Busy. And expensive. Like every other week. ha!


5 Things Friday {7.28.17}


The summer is just flying by! It needs to slow down. I can’t even think about the school year schedule yet. NO! I’ll be in the corner curled up in the fetal position sucking my thumb if I do. I need at least another month…but we’re winding down to less than 3 weeks now. 

1. Zoey had the very best time at Show Choir camp last week and her performance at the end of the week was so adorable! She made a bunch of new friends and got to sing 4 Moana songs. So pretty much her idea of perfection. 


2. I turned 40 this week. Matt and my sister managed to pull off a surprise family BBQ for me. My parents came down and brought Camden to help us celebrate this milestone in my life. I should have known something was up when Matt was cleaning the bathrooms. But I was just so grateful that Matt was cleaning the bathrooms that I didn’t question it. ha!


3. We had family movie night this week and it was Tyler’s turn to pick. I figured I would have to veto his first 3 choices based on previous experiences. But he chose Moana. And then he sang along with Zoey to all the songs. As far as I knew, Zoey was the only one of us who had seen the movie. So apparently Tyler watched it on his own. He kept telling me what was going to happen and what his favorite parts were. He loved the chicken and the crab. I’m not sure whether to be amused or confused by his sudden love of Disney movies. The Little Mermaid remains his favorite movie to this day. I have no answers. 


4. I took Maia for her sports physical this week. She has been trying to decide whether or not to play volleyball this year since she’s brand new to the school. She wants to try cross country but she has to choose one or the other since they are both Fall sports. Either way, she needed a sports physical. She’s 5 foot 2.5 inches now and she might get another inch at the most before she’s reached her full height. She is displeased. She was hoping to be at least 5’6. Sorry kid. 


5. We’re enjoying every single minute at the pool that we can. Life has gotten busy as the summer winds down and before we know it we’ll be back in the school year shuffle. So as many hours as we can cram into relaxing at the pool is the goal for the next 20 days!



5 Things Friday {7.21.17}


Y’all. It is hard to come back from vacation. This week has been hard. HARD. We jumped right into summer camps and appointments and stuff. So much stuff. We have 27 more days of summer vacation. I plan to make the best of them. 

1. We spent most of last weekend at the pool in between thunder storms. I’m so impressed with how well Zoey has been swimming this summer. She used a puddle jumper float last summer even though technically she could swim- she just wasn’t comfortable enough to swim without it all the time. This year she has turned into a little fish. She can swim the entire length of the pool by herself and is counting down the days until she’s age eligible for swim team next summer. Mason is going to do swim team with her next year so that will be fun! 


2. One of the biggest blessings that came from Tyler getting into his charter school last year has been the friends I have made. One of those friends happens to be the music teacher for the elementary grades and her daughter is Zoey’s best friend. So she took Zoey with her to the piano lab camp and the show choir camp at the school this week. Zoey has had the best time. She can already play a couple of songs on the piano! Plus she got to make some new friends before school starts!


3. Speaking of charter schools, we finally got the call that Maia has a confirmed spot with the other kids. I’ll have all 4 kids in one school next year. I’m still in shock! We are the only family to get 3 kids in to the school via the sibling lottery in years. We totally should play the mega millions! So I washed all of her uniforms from her old charter school and got them sold this week so I can order her new uniforms for her new school. This week has been a whirlwind. I had to get Maia signed up for volleyball skills camp because tryouts are the first week of August! I had her sports physical scheduled that week but had to get it moved up. It’s been pure crazy. But so worth it!


4. We also went for Maia’s third orthodontist consult this week. She gets braces started on August 3rd. We loved this office and decided to go ahead with his plan. Maia has severe crowding with a crossbite on one side that is affecting the alignment of her jaw. She’ll be in braces for 3 years and we’re going to be poor. But this office does 0% financing for 20 months with a $800 down payment making it only $168 per month. I downloaded a 25 meals to make with ramen noodles cookbook in preparation. Ha! 


5. With our week being so busy we didn’t get to spend long hours at the pool so I settled for long soaks in the hot tub during the day. But I had to cool it down because hello 98 degrees outside. So it’s more like a lukewarm tub right now….feels just like the pool water.