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Five Things Friday {6.15.18}

1. Tyler and Maia recently had their sports physicals and both failed. Sigh. And not for the reasons one might expect. I would assume Tyler failed because of repeated concussions. Nope. He failed because the nurse heard a heart murmur and sent him for an EKG. So now we’re in a holding pattern waiting for his EKG to be read by a cardiologist. Maia failed because she has a lingering foot injury that needed further evaluation. They were both so bummed that I treated them to Chick-fil-a afterwards. 

Maia had her follow up this week for her foot. Thankfully it’s not a break. But it is a severe high ankle sprain with a moderate foot sprain and mild ligament damage. So she’s in an ASO brace for the rest of summer and doing rehab twice a week. Hopefully she’ll be fully healed and ready by the time cross country starts at the end of summer. 

2. We’ve been working some on our backyard this week too. We enlarged the fenced area to give not only us but the dogs more space to run. We might actually enlarge it some more soon. But for now it works. We love this no dig fence from Lowe’s Home Improvement. Easy to install and sturdy enough to stand up to the dogs. 

My hillbilly hot tub was delivered and I got it set up this last week. It’s not as janky as I was fearing. It’s actually really well made. It’s filled and fully heated now so I can’t wait to take my first dip! 

I snagged a Badminton set for the kids on sale a couple of weeks ago and we finally got it set up for them. They have spent hours outside playing Badminton! Our backyard is fully in the shade by about 3pm and we get a fabulous breeze all the time so they’ve been outside a lot. Best part? No trees means no mosquitoes! 

Another thing I snagged on sale was a full size hammock with stand, blanket, pillow, and cupholder! It ended up only being $69 with free ship on Kohl’s! I’ve wanted a hammock for so long but never bothered to get one because I knew I wouldn’t use it with all the dang mosquitoes at the other house. Now I can enjoy it!

We’ve been enjoying the backyard so much that I haven’t cooked in a week! We’ve grilled every single night and I love it! Last night we did chicken skewers and Zucchini boats. Delicious!

3. Tyler has been bugging me for a year to let him get his ears pierced. I always put it off because of football and basketball and training camps, etc. I finally caved this week and took him. Now, I could have taken him to the tattoo place and had it done but it was much more fun (for me) to make him go to Claire’s to get it done. HAHAHAHA! It was awesome. The best part was the unicorn sign over his head. Of course, he didn’t even flinch and even asked the lady when she was going to start. She laughed and told him he was all done. 

The girls came along too. Zoey because she wanted me to buy her stuff. And Maia because she wanted to video Tyler just in case he shed a tear. He did not. But they had fun anyway. And I took 2 more pictures of them to add to the big ball collection. 

4. I broke down and bought a Ninja Coffee Bar this week. I’ve been unhappy with the Keurig for a long time but I was trying to hold out until the stupid thing broke. But it would not die! Then my ENT recommended I get rid of it because I tested positive for mold spores which he thinks are contributing to my constant sinus infections. Considering how many times I’ve cleaned a spot of mold out of the Keurig I feel confident that it’s a source. So it went into the trash immediately and I replaced it with this beauty. So far I’ve made both hot and iced coffee and it’s delicious and easy! I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

5. Zoey’s best friend came up to spend the day with us this week and brought her mommy along to (who happens to be one of my best friends). So we took the kids to the amazing park down the road from us and let them play on the playground and then walked along the Greenway for awhile. It was so much fun and so nice to spend the day with friends!

5 Things Friday {3.23.18}


It’s been a week, y’all. I’m literally counting the days until Spring Break. It cannot get here fast enough for me. I need a break and I need to blow through this to do list so we can get our house on the market within the next 2 weeks! ugh. 

1. Little Miss Sassy Pants here had a birthday party last weekend and she wanted her hair in the top knot “just like mom”. I’m so proud. She rocked that top knot and had the sassy attitude to go with it. Ha!


2. On Sunday Zoey had her best friend over for a playdate and they had the best time. They watched a movie, drew pictures, played Minecraft, and took a dip in the hot tub. A good time was had by all and Zoey was so tired after her friend left that she slept for 4 hours. That’s a win!



3. Tyler did his promposal this week. It was adorable. He’s taking the sweetest girl and I’m so happy! He did the whole thing himself. He bought the donuts and sweet tea (her favorite), made the poster, bought the paint and recruited some football and basketball teammates to help out. And a good friend of his videoed the whole thing so I could see it. I love this school. 





4. We love Spring. And we especially love the first day of Spring when Dairy Queen gives out free ice cream cones and Rita’s italian ice gives out free italian ices. Win! We hit both up on Tuesday night despite the fact it was freezing cold and raining. We don’t pass up free dessert at our house!


5. And on Wednesday I woke up not feeling great. By Wednesday afternoon I was so sick that I had to hit urgent care. What I thought was just a sinus infection ended up being a very serious sinus infection, an ear infection with a perforated ear drum, and the infection had spread to the lymph nodes under my jaw. Sigh. So I’m on heavy duty antibiotics and feeling like death right now. 



5 Things Friday {3.9.18}


1. So we pretty much have a revolving door of kids in our house every weekend. Maliah has a handful of friends who rotate sleeping here most Friday and Saturday nights. Mason has his best friend here fairly often. Zoey and her bestie take turns having playdates at each other’s houses. And we never know who or how many friends Tyler is going to show up with. It’s awesome and I love it. I love knowing their friends and what is going on in their lives. 


2. I shared this picture on IG and captioned it “How you know offseason football training is starting back up this week” haha! Tyler has weights several afternoons a week plus field work several afternoons and on Saturday’s. He also has a combine coming up at the end of the month so he’s working hard to get back into peak shape and shed his winter body. I’m still not pleased that he wants to go back to football but at this point he’s been cleared by his sports medicine doctor and the neurologist has given his tentative approval. Tyler’s completed another round of concussion specific physical therapy that concentrated on brain function and his grades have come up. Still….it’s scary. 


3. We spent last weekend cleaning out the garage. Holy clutter. We threw away or donated several car loads full of stuff. Some of it I’m still trying to figure out where it came from. I don’t remember buying it. But it’s done. We were hoping to get the garage painted this weekend but of course the weather isn’t cooperating. We’re supposed to get torrential rain both Saturday and Sunday and temps are COLD. Maybe next weekend. 


4. Have I mentioned how much I love our charter school? Maybe a time or two? Or a thousand? I get pictures all the time from teachers, parent volunteers, and on the Facebook and IG feeds. I love seeing my kids during their day. The pictures of Tyler at the varsity basketball playoff game were posted on IG. He was so so bummed to have to miss basketball season this year due to the concussion but he’s been at every game supporting his teammates and friends. The pictures of Maliah were taken on the 7th grade trip to Washington DC and posted on Facebook by a parent chaperone. The pictures of Zoey were taken by a parent volunteer during her STEM class and the pictures of Mason were taken by his teacher and sent out to parents. I really love this!

IMG_7591 (1)

IMG_7592 (1)

IMG_7590 (1)

IMG_7589 (1)

IMG_7585 (1)

IMG_7586 (1)

IMG_7587 (1)

IMG_7588 (1)

5. Maliah has had such a rough transition to school this year. It’s so hard to jump into middle school not knowing anyone, especially when it’s a smaller school and most of the kids have been together for years. She’s made friends and her grades are fantastic. But recently she’s been dealing with a mean girl situation. This girl is someone Maliah considered a friend so to have her all of a sudden turn on Maliah and start some false rumors has been hard. Mean girls suck. Maliah seems to be handling it well. There were some tears and then she got angry. She introduced this girl to the definition of slander and let her know that bullying will not be tolerated. It helps having an older brother who is uber popular and known by everyone…including the mean girl’s older sister. That helps a lot. 


5 Things Friday {2.23.18}


1. I finally got to Zoey’s room this last weekend. Oh my gosh. My sweet little hoarder. I pulled so much stuff out of her room. So Much Stuff. More than I even knew she had crammed in there. But she was a good sport and helped me clean out probably 75% of the stuff she didn’t need. We packed up 3 bags of clothes to donate to a friend. She got rid of a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls and toys that she hasn’t played with in a long time. We got rid of her art desk because it was too small for her. Then I painted. The trim got painted a brighter white, the upper walls are a pale gray and the lower walls are a darker gray. Then we rearranged her furniture to make her room more functional. It looks fantastic! I haven’t done any decorating yet but the change is just amazing!




2. Maliah has been doing so well lately that we were able to cut her weekly therapy down to once a month and she’s holding steady on her current dosage of her anti-anxiety medication. She continues to get great grades and spends a lot of time with her friends. I think she’s finally turned the corner. We like all of her friends so much and their parents are great too. It’s a joy to have a pack of giggling teen girls in the house. They love to hang out here….I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with the large amount of varsity football players who also love to hang out here. ha!


3. The donate pile has taken over our living room. It’s stressing me out but I need to have all the donate stuff in one location. I just keep adding to it every single day. I look at all this stuff and I don’t know where it all came from! This is too much stuff! And we’ve already taken 2 loads to Goodwill, y’all!


4. Once I finished Zoey’s room I moved into Mason’s room. His whole room needed to be painted also. I used the same paint from Zoey’s room to make it easy. And it looks fantastic! I cannot believe the difference it’s made. Mason got rid of a bunch of stuff too and we rearranged his room to give him more space. I took out his desk because it was just a clutter catcher and moved 90% of his toys to his closet because he had a ton of extra space in there. I pulled out a huge bag of clothes to pass on to my nephew and it felt so good to simplify!



5. I had a warning light come on in my 2 year old Honda Pilot this week so we took it in for service yesterday. I was hoping it would be a simple quick repair but that’s not how things roll in this house. It’s the ECM- the engine computer module- that controls every main system in the car. Awesome. So it’s still at the dealership getting fixed and I’m in a rental car until further notice. I know it’s not that big of a deal, especially since we aren’t having to pay anything to get it fixed thanks to our bumper to bumper warranty, but it just feels like one more thing right now on top of all the other things. I just keep taking deep breaths and channeling all my frustration into cleaning out this house. 


5 Things Friday {8.18.17}


Well school started this week. Reality smacked us right in the face. Hard. But we took like the champs we are and rolled with the punch. Or smack. Whatever. So in the grand tradition of the first week of school being a total cluster, I jammed packed as much crap into the first 3 days as possible. Clearly I’m insane. 

1. So last Saturday was Tyler’s first scrimmage of the season. It was at 12:30 in the afternoon on a day with a heat index of 105. Talk about poor planning. We about died and the players were sick with the heat. It was miserable. Tyler is #53 again this year. That’s him on the left kneeling down in the first picture. He started at nose guard on defense and right tackle on offense. If you look closely at the third picture, that big dude who looks like a tank? That’s the guy Tyler was blocking on offense and trying to get past on defense. It was a long day for Tyler. Ha! The last picture is a group of the players recovering in the hot tub at one of their houses. He has such good friends at the school, and best of all, I like all their moms. Ha! 




IMG_2633 (1)

2. Maia got her braces and extender put on this week. Not the best timing with school starting and her being the new girl. But this was the only time we could get it done and since it’s an almost 3 hour long appointment it needed to be done before school started. She did great but it’s been a rough week. She’s having trouble eating and talking and yeah….rough week. I keep telling her it will all be worth it….in 3 years. 



3. Shortly after having her braces put on we had to go to her open house. Poor girl was trying to introduce herself to her new teachers and she could barely talk. But all of her teachers are awesome and helpful and she got some great classes. I left the little kids down in the elementary school with a friend and came back to find they had made friends with the new bearded dragon who lives in the art room. His name is Pete. I love it!


IMG_2635 (1)

4. We took a few hours on Wednesday to hang at the pool for our last hoorah! They had friends there and we spent hours swimming and laughing and relaxing. It was a great end to our summer vacation. 


5. And then reality smacked us upside the head the next morning at 5:30 when the alarm clocks started going off. The kids almost look awake in the pictures, don’t they? Ha! The best part of our charter school? Uniforms. No fighting over what they were going to wear. None. They were all dressed, fed, and in the car ready to leave at 6:15. Success! Everyone had a great day, even Maia who was so nervous about middle school. 

IMG_2612 (1)




IMG_2614 (1)