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A Day In Our Life {Winter 2017}

I love doing these day in our life posts every season. It’s always so much fun to look back and see how different life is each time. My Fall 2016 post is HERE if you missed it and want to catch up. And if you want to see all of my posts in the series they are HERE. Life is really busy right now but it’s also really really fun. 


4:45am- The alarm goes off. I almost cry. Drag my extremely tired, extremely sore body out of bed and throw on something that passes for clothing. Brush my teeth. Head downstairs to make sure Tyler is up. He isn’t. Poke him until he gets up. Make him a protein shake to go and toss a banana and poptart in his book bag for breakfast after practice. 

5:00am- Run through the checklist with Tyler to make sure he has everything he needs for the day: cleats, school uniform, workout clothes, basketball practice jersey, basketball shoes, lunch, water bottle, laptop, phone, chargers….it’s a whole thing. Leave the house to drop him off at football workouts.

5:29am- Screech to a stop in the field parking lot with one minute to spare and Tyler jumps out and makes a run for it. Football coaches are strict- one minute late means everyone is running sprints at the end of workouts. The fact that it is offseason makes no difference at all. 


6:00am- Arrive home and wake up Maia. Feed Abby and Chase. Check Maia’s lunchbox and fill her water bottle. Check my planner* to see what fun stuff awaits me for the day. Let the dogs outside.

6:25am- Leave to drop Maia off at a classmates house down the street. We’re fortunate that Maia has a friend in her charter school who lives down the road from us. Her mom takes Maia to school with them on days when Tyler needs to go early so I don’t have to make 2 back to back trips up there. It seriously is taking a village this year, y’all. We return the favor a couple of times a week to give her mom a break too. 

6:40am- Start the first load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, check emails. Drink first cup of coffee. Let dogs inside.


7:00am- Jump on the treadmill while Matt showers. Watch an episode of American Housewife while I do my Couch 2 5K workout.

7:30am- Say goodbye to Matt because he’s leaving for an early meeting. Jump in the shower and get ready for the day.


8:05am- Wake up Mason and Zoey. Supervise their breakfast making efforts. I’ve started letting them choose and make their own breakfasts. These kids will be self-sufficient if it kills me. Feed Bailey and let all 3 dogs outside. Check book bags for agendas and homework and add cold packs to lunch boxes.

8:30am- Send kids to get dressed and brush teeth, and do Zoey’s hair. Let dogs back inside.


8:50am- Herd kids into car and drive to their school. Spend way too long sitting in the car line behind idiots. Have a sing a long while we wait. Wave to the teachers doing car line as they laugh and clap at our sing a long.


9:05am- Arrive home and make a second cup of coffee. Sit down to watch an episode of House Hunters. I need this 30 minutes of just sitting still, drinking coffee, and watching people whine about paint colors.

9:30am- Throw wet clothes in the dryer and start a second load in the washer. Wipe down the dining room table and kitchen counters. Vacuum the downstairs and clean the downstairs bathroom.


10:15am- Run some errands. Today I need to do the library to pick up a book I have on hold, Aldi for milk, cheese, and orange juice (and cookies), Target to pick up Tyler’s prescription, and then Walmart for my pick up order.

12:20pm- Drop off the groceries at home and head to meet my sister for lunch. We went for Mexican food and margaritas at a little hole in the wall place we discovered last year. It’s delicious!

1:30pm- Get home and let the dogs out. Fold the dry laundry and put it away, transfer the wet clothes to the dryer, do some blog work, return phone calls. Do a conference call with some of the other varsity basketball moms. We’re planning senior night and coordinating needs for the playoffs that start next week.


2:05pm- Get a text from Tyler that he is staying for football weights and can I bring him something to eat. The things I do for this kid. Let dogs inside and run out the door to hit the drive thru at Chick Fil A and drive it up to him. I normally would laugh and tell him to hit the vending machine but he has been at school since 5:30 and he still has basketball practice after weights so I channel my inner good mom and do it. 

2:35pm-  Drop food off at Tyler’s school and chat with the football coach for a few minutes. Run into a few other team moms and have an impromptu meeting with the varsity trainer about some side effects Tyler is having from Accutane. 


3:05pm- Leave and head to Maia’s bus stop. Paying $80 a month for a bus to bring her all the way from school to a neighborhood 10 minutes away from our house is worth every single penny. Just sayin’. I got about 15 minutes at the bus stop to read while I wait.

3:40pm- Maia’s bus arrives and we head home.

4:25pm- Walk down to the bus stop to get Zoey. Chat with some of the other neighbors also waiting. Find out all the gossip on the street that I’ve missed. Normally Mason walks up with Zoey so I don’t have to wait at the bus stop but today he has a student council meeting.


4:40pm- Unpack Zoey’s book bag, sort through her million papers, fix her a snack, and help her with her homework. Throw together dinner- Southern Style Macaroni & Cheese with sliced sausage- and toss it in the oven to bake. 

5:00pm- Leave to pick up Mason from his student council meeting.

5:10pm- Arrive home. Unpack Mason’s book bag, sort through his million papers, and listen to him do his homework while I feed the puppies. Fold the second load of laundry and put it away.

5:30pm- Dish up dinner for the kids and add steamed broccoli on the side just for giggles so I feel like a good mom even though I know they feed it to the dogs. Let the dogs outside.


5:50pm- Throw the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the table while Mason changes clothes for basketball practice. Let the dogs back inside.

6:00pm- Leave with Mason for basketball practice. Call Matt from the car and tell him about dinner, and remind him to help Zoey take a shower.


6:15pm- Settle in on the bleachers to read some of my book while Mason practices.

7:15pm- Leave Mason’s practice and head home. Herd him up to the shower. Load the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters, clean off the dining room table, vacuum the downstairs. Stare longingly at the wine bottle on the counter as Matt leaves for a meeting. 


8:00pm- Leave to go get Tyler from basketball practice. He had a full day- football in the morning, weights in the afternoon, followed by basketball in the evening. Practice is running late so I sit and read for a bit in the car.

8:45pm- Tyler finally wanders out and collapses in the car. Listen to him vent all the way home about various things. He has clearly had a long day.


9:15pm- Arrive home. Tyler heads up to the shower. Tuck in the little kids who are both already in bed. Pack lunch boxes for the next day with non-perishables, make sandwiches and put in the fridge in tupperware containers with fruit and string cheese on top for each kid, fill water bottles. Let dogs outside.

9:30pm- Fix Tyler a plate of dinner while he gets dressed. Make edits to his English narrative rough draft paper while he scarfs down food. Send Maia up to take a shower and get ready for bed. Let dogs inside. 

10:00pm- Finally sit down on the couch to watch a couple of shows when Matt finally arrives home. We watch Criminal Minds and I enjoy a fabulous glass of that wine while trying to decide if it’s worth it to make something to eat.

11:00pm- Head upstairs to bed to watch the news. Matt is asleep in 3 minutes.

11:35pm- Turn off the news and read a few chapters in my current book.

12:15am- Finally turn off the lights for the night. 

**Not all pictures are from this actual day. I’m the worst at remembering to take pictures of everything I do. 


3 Things Thursday {2.9.17}

marquee number - 3


Last week we went to family reading night at the little kids’ elementary school. I just love their teachers so much. Zoey is a little behind but she’s getting there. Mason is doing amazing. He had such a hard start with reading. He had the speech delay and it affected his reading. He was far below grade level in reading for all of Kindergarten and First Grade, and then below grade level for the first semester of 2nd grade. Then he was proficient but just barely. In January, he tested well above grade level! I couldn’t believe it. He is the 2nd highest reader in his class and in the Top 5 in all of 3rd grade. I’m amazed at how much work his teacher has put in with him because let’s be honest, that didn’t happen at home. We read but there is a shortage of time so he does a lot of his intensive reading at school. 



We are down to the last few weeks of basketball. What’s that sound? Angels singing. I’m so tired. Tyler has his last regular season game tomorrow night and then the playoffs. Mason has his last regular season game on Saturday and then the playoffs. I’m ready. This has been a long long season. Football season is long but basketball season is a brutal grind. 2-3 games a week plus practices every other day including Saturday…it’s long. Tyler had a great game on Tuesday- he got several blocks and some nice assists before fouling out. Mason had a really good game on Saturday- he also had some blocks, several steals, and a bunch of rebounds. Still can’t get him to shoot the ball but he did bring it up the court a few times so progress. Ha!

IMG_9017 IMG_9072


I made the most delicious S’mores Brownies for the Super Bowl on Sunday. SO GOOD! We had a house full of people and a whole lot of teenage boys so I had to have a lot of food. We ended up grabbing some of the take n’ bake pizzas from Sam’s Club for $5.99 each (they are soooo good), plus a whole lot of chicken wings, some amazing Philly Cheesesteak sliders, and these brownies. I think I gained 10 lbs. But it was so worth it. I’ll have the recipes for the sliders and the brownies up on the blog soon.



3 Things Thursday {2.2.17}

marquee number - 3


Poor Mason has been battling the sicks for a week so I took him down to the minute clinic at Target on Friday. Never again. This place was so awful. When we got there we were #3 in line. 2 hours later the PA on duty came out to announce that she was taking a lunch break. She only managed to see 2 patients in 2 hours. At the MINUTE clinic. I was so hot. So were the 7 people in line behind me. I packed up my sick kid and headed for another urgent care where they have real doctors with time management skills. He was #8 in line and we were seen in less than an hour. Poor kid has a severe sinus infection and double ear infections. He finally went back to school a couple of days ago. 



We had another exciting week of basketball for the boys. Tyler’s game was amusing. They were playing a conference rival team, one that we beat badly in football this year, and it was an ugly game. One of their players (who was also a football player) was committing some ugly hard fouls to the point that he injured 2 of our players pretty badly. Tyler played the first half and was supposed to sit out the second half because they had played a game the night before as well. Instead, coach sent Tyler back in to “handle” the fouling player. Tyler handled him all right. He flat out tackled this guy into the stands. I mean, full on football tackle. It was awesome. Tyler hopped right up, stared the guy down, and walked away. The entire gym went silent. Then the applause and cheering started when the other guy needed help getting up. Normally I don’t advocate for my kid to do stuff like that but we have 2 players out for the playoffs because of the flagrant fouls (fractured tailbone and dislocated shoulder). I snapped this picture of Tyler laughing when the guy finally got up and made it to the free throw line. Some of the other varsity football players who don’t play basketball were there watching and they were chanting his name. And there were no more flagrant fouls in the game. The football coach was watching and I think he might have cheered the loudest. Ha!


Mason’s game was a bit more sedate. Ha! He had a great game. His coach has worked a lot on defense this year, which is Mason’s favorite thing ever. He loves defense. He had 5 steals, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. And 4 fouls. Ha! That’s my boy. His team won again so they are 6-2 and headed to the playoffs in a couple of weeks. 



The teenager, y’all. I know he’s tired. He’s very busy and he works hard. But there are times that I look at him and think “I’m going to have to apologize to your future wife”. This is the text exchange that we had a few nights ago. I mean, really? 



2017 Monthly Goals: February


How is January already over? What in the world? I did really good on my January goals this year. All month I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing much but when I sat down and really thought about it, I did great!

January Goals:

1. Pack up the Christmas decor and get rid of stuff I don’t use. Done. I had so much Christmas decor that I really never used anymore because it just doesn’t match my style now. I weeded through all the tubs and got rid of a bunch. I went from 7 full tubs down to 3. And I made a list of the stuff I want to get for next year. 

2. Add 4 new recipes to the dinner menu. Done. I made Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff and Crockpot Chicken Taco Burrito Bowls. Next up is Baked Spaghetti and Spinach Lasagna. I have the ingredients already and both are on the menu for the next 2 weeks. 

3. Make a huge donation. Done. I donated 3 big boxes and 4 trash bags full of stuff to the Women & Children’s Shelter. It felt so good to get it all out of the house. 

4. Read more. Done. I read a lot of books in January. I spend a lot of time sitting in the car waiting for kids and instead of playing on Facebook or Instagram I’ve been spending that time reading. And I’m much happier. 

5. Schedule appointments. Done. Tyler had his dental cleaning and his dermatology appointment. I made Mason’s 9 year check up appointment and Maia’s eye appointment. I’m still working on her orthodontist appointment and Zoey’s eye appointment. It feels good to get these out of the way. 

February Goals:

1. Do our taxes. Ugh. I hate tax time. But it needs to be done and we have plans to use any tax return we get back to pay down debt so sooner is better than later.

2. Clean out my closet. I have a lot of clothes and I’m always overwhelmed when I walk in the closet to decide what to wear. I end up grabbing the same stuff because there’s just too much. I want to pare it down to the things I really love and simplify my life. 

3. Plan Tyler’s bedroom redo. I have a lot of ideas on what I want to do but I need to see what is really going to work in there. He needs a new bed and I know I want to mount the TV on the wall. Other than those two things I really am still trying to figure it out. Oh and we need to do the sliding barn door for the entry to his room off the kitchen. He really needs that. The curtain just isn’t working anymore. 

4. Clean out the master bedroom. I have a collection of junk in there that has migrated from other areas of the house and I’m tired of looking at it. So all that stuff needs to go- either find a home or donate it. 

5. Do the Couch 2 5K program. I did it last year and loved it. Then I slacked off. But I need to get moving. My arthritis is acting up again and I know that being active will help me keep my joints from freezing up. But man it takes willpower to run everyday when you’re in pain. I started this a couple of weeks ago so I want to finish it completely in February and then keep running every day. 

I feel good about those goals in February. I can do them!


3 Things Thursday {1.26.17}

marquee number - 3


We attended Tyler’s varsity football end of year banquet last week. The date had to be changed three times but we finally got it done. It was so much fun. I loved seeing all the guys together again. The coaches told funny stories about stuff that the parents wouldn’t have known about otherwise and gave out awards. Tyler won Best New Player for the year, which was awesome. Next year he’s going to try for All Conference. He didn’t qualify this year because he switched positions in the middle of the season this last year. I think that’s stupid. Anyway- I’m counting down the days until football starts again. I just love it.



Saturday was a hard momming day for me. I had to miss both of Mason’s basketball games because Tyler had football practice at the field during the same time frame. I felt horrible. And of course, Mason had 2 amazing games with lots of blocks, steals, and rebounds. He wasn’t upset that I missed it but mom guilt, yo. Tyler had a great time at practice. It was the first off-season field practice and they let the rising freshmen attend. Tyler looked like a giant next to them. It was hilarious and one of the smaller guys was lined up across from Tyler when he was doing some nose guard work. The little guy flinched and jumped everytime Tyler came up out of his stance. Tyler kept patting him on the shoulder to calm his nerves. Poor little kid. He’s out of his league lining up across from Big Red. 




Mason turned 9 on Sunday. My little dude is a big boy. He wanted a family party only this year with ice cream cake and spaghetti for dinner. I love this kid. My sister and her family came and we had a great time. Mason is such a funny little guy. He’s smart, determined, stubborn, and fearless. He loves basketball and football and let me tell you, he’s counting down the days until mom lets him play tackle football. He wants to play cornerback and he’ll be a great one! He loves Pokemon and Beyblades and funny animal videos on YouTube. I can’t believe my boy is 9. One more year until double digits. Sob.