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5 Things Friday {3.23.18}


It’s been a week, y’all. I’m literally counting the days until Spring Break. It cannot get here fast enough for me. I need a break and I need to blow through this to do list so we can get our house on the market within the next 2 weeks! ugh. 

1. Little Miss Sassy Pants here had a birthday party last weekend and she wanted her hair in the top knot “just like mom”. I’m so proud. She rocked that top knot and had the sassy attitude to go with it. Ha!


2. On Sunday Zoey had her best friend over for a playdate and they had the best time. They watched a movie, drew pictures, played Minecraft, and took a dip in the hot tub. A good time was had by all and Zoey was so tired after her friend left that she slept for 4 hours. That’s a win!



3. Tyler did his promposal this week. It was adorable. He’s taking the sweetest girl and I’m so happy! He did the whole thing himself. He bought the donuts and sweet tea (her favorite), made the poster, bought the paint and recruited some football and basketball teammates to help out. And a good friend of his videoed the whole thing so I could see it. I love this school. 





4. We love Spring. And we especially love the first day of Spring when Dairy Queen gives out free ice cream cones and Rita’s italian ice gives out free italian ices. Win! We hit both up on Tuesday night despite the fact it was freezing cold and raining. We don’t pass up free dessert at our house!


5. And on Wednesday I woke up not feeling great. By Wednesday afternoon I was so sick that I had to hit urgent care. What I thought was just a sinus infection ended up being a very serious sinus infection, an ear infection with a perforated ear drum, and the infection had spread to the lymph nodes under my jaw. Sigh. So I’m on heavy duty antibiotics and feeling like death right now. 



Things I Learned Lately


*Painting an entire house full of trim in less than a month will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. 

*Carpal tunnel syndrome sucks.

*Preparing a house for sale also sucks and possibly will lead to alcoholism.

*When you finally find a rental house that you love get the lease signed immediately or said house will be gone.

*Finding a house big enough for 7 people and 3 dogs on a budget in the most expensive part of the city is hard.

*Spending 3 days researching living in an RV is not a good use of time.

*There’s no way I’m living in an RV with all these people.

*Adulting is hard.

*7th grade mean girls are just as awful as they were when I was in 7th grade.

*Teenage boys are stupid. 

*There are not enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs to be done.

*Daylight savings time is much much easier when you don’t have little kids.

*We have 11 school days left until Spring Break and I cannot wait. 

*Being the non-affluent family in a very affluent school is hard. 

*I tell the kids it’s character building but it really just sucks.

*This list of things I’ve learned is really depressing.

*I think my funny bone is broken right now. Broken by stress. 


5 Things Friday {3.9.18}


1. So we pretty much have a revolving door of kids in our house every weekend. Maliah has a handful of friends who rotate sleeping here most Friday and Saturday nights. Mason has his best friend here fairly often. Zoey and her bestie take turns having playdates at each other’s houses. And we never know who or how many friends Tyler is going to show up with. It’s awesome and I love it. I love knowing their friends and what is going on in their lives. 


2. I shared this picture on IG and captioned it “How you know offseason football training is starting back up this week” haha! Tyler has weights several afternoons a week plus field work several afternoons and on Saturday’s. He also has a combine coming up at the end of the month so he’s working hard to get back into peak shape and shed his winter body. I’m still not pleased that he wants to go back to football but at this point he’s been cleared by his sports medicine doctor and the neurologist has given his tentative approval. Tyler’s completed another round of concussion specific physical therapy that concentrated on brain function and his grades have come up. Still….it’s scary. 


3. We spent last weekend cleaning out the garage. Holy clutter. We threw away or donated several car loads full of stuff. Some of it I’m still trying to figure out where it came from. I don’t remember buying it. But it’s done. We were hoping to get the garage painted this weekend but of course the weather isn’t cooperating. We’re supposed to get torrential rain both Saturday and Sunday and temps are COLD. Maybe next weekend. 


4. Have I mentioned how much I love our charter school? Maybe a time or two? Or a thousand? I get pictures all the time from teachers, parent volunteers, and on the Facebook and IG feeds. I love seeing my kids during their day. The pictures of Tyler at the varsity basketball playoff game were posted on IG. He was so so bummed to have to miss basketball season this year due to the concussion but he’s been at every game supporting his teammates and friends. The pictures of Maliah were taken on the 7th grade trip to Washington DC and posted on Facebook by a parent chaperone. The pictures of Zoey were taken by a parent volunteer during her STEM class and the pictures of Mason were taken by his teacher and sent out to parents. I really love this!

IMG_7591 (1)

IMG_7592 (1)

IMG_7590 (1)

IMG_7589 (1)

IMG_7585 (1)

IMG_7586 (1)

IMG_7587 (1)

IMG_7588 (1)

5. Maliah has had such a rough transition to school this year. It’s so hard to jump into middle school not knowing anyone, especially when it’s a smaller school and most of the kids have been together for years. She’s made friends and her grades are fantastic. But recently she’s been dealing with a mean girl situation. This girl is someone Maliah considered a friend so to have her all of a sudden turn on Maliah and start some false rumors has been hard. Mean girls suck. Maliah seems to be handling it well. There were some tears and then she got angry. She introduced this girl to the definition of slander and let her know that bullying will not be tolerated. It helps having an older brother who is uber popular and known by everyone…including the mean girl’s older sister. That helps a lot. 


2018 Monthly Goals: March


Man, February went by so fast! I blinked and it was gone! I accomplished so much this last month though. I hit my goal list hard and got so much done. 

February Goals:

1. Get all the trim in the house painted. DONE! I finished the last bit of trim earlier this week just scraping by under my February 28 deadline. It was so much work and took 3 full cans of paint but every piece of trim in this house has been painted. And I also painted all the walls in 2 bathrooms, Mason’s bedroom, and Zoey’s bedroom! Boom!

2. Make all necessary small repairs around the house. NOPE. Well, half done probably. I have a list of about 15 repairs that needed to be done and I finished about 9 of them. So it’s still a work in progress.

3. Clear out all the clutter in the house. DONE. Holy cow, where did it all come from? We made 3 trips to Goodwill and we have one more trip to make this weekend. Every single room, closet, drawer, and cabinet was cleaned out. 

4. Get every room staged. ALMOST DONE. The entire upstairs is completely staged and finished. Tyler’s room is done. The staging part is done but it’s the deep cleaning part that I’m working on now on the main floor. 

5. Take pictures of each room after it’s staged. ALMOST DONE. The entire upstairs is finished and all pictures have been taken and edited. Now I’m working on the main floor. I should be done this weekend hopefully. That week of the flu really screwed up my schedule.

March Goals:

1. Watch less TV. We are seriously contemplating cutting off the cable. It’s such a time suck. None of the kids watch television- the stick to YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Matt and I have noticed that most of the time the television is just background noise or we’re watching reruns of the same old shows. So why are we paying $100 a month for it? I’m thinking about switching to Hulu Live because we can still watch the few shows that we really love and sports. That’s pretty much all we need. So my goal this month is to keep the television off during the daytime and evening and only watch a few shows at night. We’ll see how it goes.

2. Find some good pasta salad and slider recipes to add to my Spring meal plan. I’m trying something new for our meal plan this Spring. I’m doing a set meal plan- for example Monday is subs & salads, Tuesday is sliders, Wednesday is pasta salad, etc etc. 

3. Finish getting house fully staged and photographed. I’m almost done so this should be an easy goal to meet! I want to be ready to sell this house by mid-March!

4. Have family dinner at least 3 nights a week. We’ve seriously slacked off on the family dinners lately. We pretty much eat at different times every night and I hate it. Tyler pretty much is never home in the evenings but the little kids can all sit down at the table with us and eat together with no television.

5. Get more sleep. We’re up at 5:15am every weekday morning so staying up until 12:30am is not working for me. I’m tired and cranky and by the middle of the afternoon I’m completely unproductive and unmotivated. I’m a natural nightowl so this is going to be hard for me. But it has to be done. I’m going to try to be in bed by 10:30 and lights out by 11. We’ll see how this goes.


5 Things Friday {2.23.18}


1. I finally got to Zoey’s room this last weekend. Oh my gosh. My sweet little hoarder. I pulled so much stuff out of her room. So Much Stuff. More than I even knew she had crammed in there. But she was a good sport and helped me clean out probably 75% of the stuff she didn’t need. We packed up 3 bags of clothes to donate to a friend. She got rid of a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls and toys that she hasn’t played with in a long time. We got rid of her art desk because it was too small for her. Then I painted. The trim got painted a brighter white, the upper walls are a pale gray and the lower walls are a darker gray. Then we rearranged her furniture to make her room more functional. It looks fantastic! I haven’t done any decorating yet but the change is just amazing!




2. Maliah has been doing so well lately that we were able to cut her weekly therapy down to once a month and she’s holding steady on her current dosage of her anti-anxiety medication. She continues to get great grades and spends a lot of time with her friends. I think she’s finally turned the corner. We like all of her friends so much and their parents are great too. It’s a joy to have a pack of giggling teen girls in the house. They love to hang out here….I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with the large amount of varsity football players who also love to hang out here. ha!


3. The donate pile has taken over our living room. It’s stressing me out but I need to have all the donate stuff in one location. I just keep adding to it every single day. I look at all this stuff and I don’t know where it all came from! This is too much stuff! And we’ve already taken 2 loads to Goodwill, y’all!


4. Once I finished Zoey’s room I moved into Mason’s room. His whole room needed to be painted also. I used the same paint from Zoey’s room to make it easy. And it looks fantastic! I cannot believe the difference it’s made. Mason got rid of a bunch of stuff too and we rearranged his room to give him more space. I took out his desk because it was just a clutter catcher and moved 90% of his toys to his closet because he had a ton of extra space in there. I pulled out a huge bag of clothes to pass on to my nephew and it felt so good to simplify!



5. I had a warning light come on in my 2 year old Honda Pilot this week so we took it in for service yesterday. I was hoping it would be a simple quick repair but that’s not how things roll in this house. It’s the ECM- the engine computer module- that controls every main system in the car. Awesome. So it’s still at the dealership getting fixed and I’m in a rental car until further notice. I know it’s not that big of a deal, especially since we aren’t having to pay anything to get it fixed thanks to our bumper to bumper warranty, but it just feels like one more thing right now on top of all the other things. I just keep taking deep breaths and channeling all my frustration into cleaning out this house.