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House Tour 2015: Zoey’s Room

Zoey just turned 5 and she’s already had her room switched 4 times in her short life. Girlfriend has learned to just go with the flow in this household. It’s a trait that will serve her well in life. At least that’s what I tell myself to justify making the poor girl move rooms so many times. And if it doesn’t serve her well in life, well at least she’ll have plenty to talk about with her therapist. Might as well get her money’s worth, right? She has been sharing a room with Mase for the last 2 years and it just wasn’t working anymore. The 2 of them are very volatile together and they just needed their own space.



This loft bed from IKEA was in the little kids’ shared bedroom and I moved it into her new room by myself while Matt was at work because I possess zero patience when I’m doing a project. I took it apart, moved it, and reassembled it in about an hour. She loves sleeping on the top bunk and having room to play underneath. Her toy buckets started out in the closet but they were dragged out every day so I gave up and just left them under the loft bed. It works well for her. I moved the rug from the shared bedroom in here and also brought the orange curtains in here.



The bedding is the original bedding from her nursery and so is the leaf canopy. I love the bright colors in here. Matt says it looks like a watermelon exploded in here. He’s not wrong.



She has a lot more room to play with her big dollhouse now and at her request I moved all of the tree and animal stickies in her new room. She loves those trees and the owls are her favorite.



She got 2 of the bucket organizers from the shared room and Mase got the other 2. She has plenty of space for her megabloks, disney dolls, disney jr toys, kitchen toys, My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shops. So much stuff. I found the adorable orange lamp at IKEA on clearance and I brought the pom pom poofs from the shared bedroom in here. 

She really loves her new room and feels like a big girl now that she’s on her own. Bedtime has been amazingly easy since we separated the twin terrors and I can’t believe we waited so long to do it! 

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House Tour 2015: Maia’s Room

Maia was really excited to get to move back into her original bedroom. This room was her nursery when we moved into this house when she was just 9 months old. For the last couple of year she’s been in Zoey’s old nursery when we combined Zoey and Mase into the larger bedroom. Now that we’re re-arranging kids again we let her move back to the larger room. I didn’t want to paint right now but luckily the room is a very light khaki color so it works for now. 


Maia is big into bright colors right now and I really don’t think her room decor could get any brighter. She loved the polka dot rug from our family room so I moved that into her room as well as the turquoise and orange photo display. Abby sleeps in Maia’s room now so we put up a toy net to contain all of her stuffed animals to avoid them getting chewed up at night. The black saucer chair moved from the old kids’ TV room to give her a comfortable reading area with some fuzzy pillows and a soft blanket. 


I found the adorable pink and white heart and round poofs hanging from the ceiling at IKEA on clearance. We also found the pretty flower picture and frame at IKEA. Maia chose the fuzzy pink comforter, the body pillows, and the sheets from Wal*Mart. I found the throw pillows at Kohl’s and Target.


We made the picture display from bakers twine and push pins with little clothespins I found in the dollar section at Target and I had all of her favorite instagram pictures printed from Postal Pix for her. The desk area is pretty much the same as from her old room just moved into the new room.


My mom gave Maia an old vintage vanity that has been in our family for many many years. Maia has been coveting it for years and now she finally has the space for it. She immediately filled it with all her girly stuff. We found the # and the @ at Target and she painted them. 


Since I didn’t want to paint I found these adorable polka dot stickies at Kohl’s to add some pops of color to the wall. She loves them and they really pull the space together. It’s very much a tween girl room now. It’s not what I would have picked but she loves it so much and that’s all that truly matters. 

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House Tour 2015: Mase’s Room

Mase is pretty much the main reason we embarked on this whole room re-arrange in the first place. He was sharing a room with Zoey and it just wasn’t working out. He needs to sleep with the night light on and he needs total quietness in order to fall asleep. Zoey likes to sleep in total darkness and she hums herself to sleep. It was not a copacetic arrangement and every night was a bedtime battle that lasted for hours. I could not take another school year of the nightly battle. Plus Mase is about to turn 8 and no 8 year old boy wants to share a bedroom with his 5 year old little sister, right? When we first approached the kids about the room re-arranging they had some strong opinions on the issue. Maia wanted the largest room since she’s the oldest one upstairs. So she moved into the room that Zoey and Mase were previously sharing, Mase moved into Ty’s old room, and Zoey moved into Maia’s old room. It worked out nicely for me because I didn’t have to paint any of the rooms. Ty’s room was black and white so it was easy enough to decorate for a boy.


I kept the rug, the curtains, the bedskirt, the sheets, and the mirrors on the wall from Ty’s movie room theme. I really didn’t have to do much to turn this into a little dude’s room instead of a teen boy’s room. 


 He chose the new duvet from IKEA and I built the rest of the room around it. I love the blue with the black and white. It’s perfect for him. 


 I bought some unfinished wooden stars from Wal*Mart and had the kids paint them to match his room. I also bought the letters for his name from Wal*Mart for the kids to paint. The 2 goldfish pictures came from IKEA and were on sale. The star blanket that matches his duvet comes from IKEA as well. 


 The bucket system is from IKEA and was in the little kids’ shared room before. We had 4 of them so I divided them between Zoey and Mase’s rooms. Mase is able to fit all his Imaginext toys, cars, action figures, guns, and random other toys in the buckets and the closet. There’s no more mess or clutter in the floor of his room. I made him 2 pom-pom poofs to match his decor and we added the black buckets and rail from IKEA to hold his art supplies over his desk. 

He loves his space now and he hangs out in his room a lot now. He loves being able to have his friends over to play in his room without having to share the space with Zoey. And I’ve discovered that he’s not the messy kid. He keeps his room spotless and he’s proud of it! Bedtime is much smoother now and Mase is asleep by 9pm instead of me having to bribe, threaten, and yell to get the lights out by 10pm. Life is good.

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Converting A Hall Closet Into A Second Pantry

One of the things that has been really challenging about having 5 kids in our current home is the size of the pantry. Oh my gosh, the size of the pantry. It’s tiny and shallow and pretty much the bane of my existence. For years I have complained about it and brainstormed ways to expand it but there really is no good way to make it bigger in our kitchen. Then, last month I was walking through the house trying to figure out an area to keep the dog food bags and had an epiphany. We have a large walk-in closet in our hallway underneath the stairs. It was filled to the brim with junk. We never opened it because it was full of junk. Y’all, I had a real light bulb moment. It took me 2 days to completely empty out and clean the closet from floor to ceiling. I don’t have a before picture, mainly because I was too horrified at the clutter to remember to take one. It was awful. I found stuff in there that I didn’t even know we owned. I found an unopened box of size 1 diapers. My youngest kid is 5. It was THAT bad. I’d say 70% of the stuff in there was donated to charity, a bunch was trashed, and the little bit left was relocated to more appropriate areas in the house. 


After it was cleaned out I brought a short black shelving unit in from the garage and bought 2 taller metal shelving units from IKEA for $14.99 each. I ended up with a L-shaped wall of shelves to help me get organized- 11 shelves in total! I originally just wanted to be able to put our extra food products in the new pantry but I quickly realized that I had enough room to store the toilet paper, paper towels, and extra household products as well. 


I’ve mentioned before that I’m now doing the grocery shopping only twice a month. I was shooting for once a month but it was just too much at once. So I do Wal*Mart on the 1st and the 15th of the month, then I do smaller trips to Aldi once a week to pick up produce, fruit, and anything else that I need to buy there. Having this second pantry allows me to be able to do the large Wal*Mart trips only twice a month which is in turn, cutting my grocery budget down by a significant amount. 


I’ve switched to a monthly meal plan again and it’s so nice being able to organize the ingredients. I buy 2 weeks worth of dinner ingredients at a time. The things to prepare the current week’s dinners are kept in the smaller pantry in the kitchen. The ingredients for the next week’s dinners are kept in the second pantry and the new refrigerator/freezer in the garage. I’ve also made it a house rule that I do not buy snacks in between Wal*Mart trips. So if the kids eat all the Goldfish during the first week of the month then they won’t have any more until I go back to the store on the 15th. I don’t make extra trips for snacks. 


I added several battery operated push lights inside the new space to make it easier to find stuff. After I filled the shelves with our extra food products, I dedicated a shelf for cleaning products at the bottom. The black shelving unit holds all the toilet paper and paper towels as well as extra grocery bags and dog treats. I have room to slide my containers of touch up paint underneath the black shelving unit. I also added some command hooks to hold my swiffer mop, the swiffer duster, the cooler bags, and my purse. I was even able to fit the downstairs vacuum cleaner in there!


It’s been about a month since I completed the second pantry and now I’m wondering how I ever lived without it. This has seriously changed my life. It seems like such a small thing but being able to keep the kitchen clean and organized by having a designated area for the overflow items is such a blessing in my house right now. 



House Tour 2015: Family Room

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the family room- I love the colors, I love the natural light from the french doors, I love the openness to the kitchen and dining nook. I worked really hard to make this space reflect personality and fun while still keeping it functional and comfortable. The room used to be so dark and dated- lightening up the paint and changing the color scheme helped breathe new life into the space. 


This is the view from the kitchen looking into the family room. I love how I can see the TV while I’m cooking. Our family room isn’t huge but it’s plenty big enough to fit our family and all of the friends and family who are in and out of our home. 



I love that the new aqua metal TV stand that I found at IKEA for less than $60 fits perfectly into that niche beside the fireplace. It’s the perfect size to be flush up to the wall as well as low enough to accommodate our 55″ TV at eye level when you’re sitting on the couch. I hate having to look upwards to see the TV which is why I didn’t mount the TV over the mantle. 




This is our family command center and it’s the most important part of the family room. This is where we keep the family calendar, the kids’ school papers, the every day files, and all the stuff that I need on a daily basis to keep our home running smoothly and efficiently. I’d be lost without this little space. The desk has been in my family for decades so I just gave it a coat of coordinating paint to match the decor and it worked perfectly. The basket under the desk holds shoes. The two puppies are huge shoe lovers so all shoes must be off of the floor or they’ll be eaten. 




I changed up the mantle recently to add some new stuff and just refresh it a bit. I love the look of the books in coordinating colors. I found the great Ampersand at Kohl’s on clearance. The canvas picture came out of the master bedroom for a change. That aqua metal trash can holds all the puppies toys. I really love the way the mantle looks right now. 







This is the view from the family command center. We bought the new U-shaped couch in May and it’s amazing. It’s like sitting on a cloud. We had the leather couches in here for 5 years but they were starting to look worn and weren’t as comfortable anymore so we moved them into the living room. I was skeptical about the dark chocolate brown color of the couch but the corduroy fabric adds the perfect amount of texture. I just bought the new rug a few weeks ago on sale for $31 at Wal*Mart. I don’t buy expensive rugs for this room because the puppies spend most of their time in here and I don’t want to have to stress about a rug. This way when they ruin a rug that costs $31 I can just throw it out and buy another cheap one. Life is too short to stress. 




I love how colorful and fun this wall is when you first walk in the room. That door on the top leads to the garage, the door behind the baby gate is my new second pantry. We had to put the baby gates back up because the puppies just cannot be unsupervised. They create havoc no matter where they go so for now keeping them contained on the hardwood floors seems like the best plan. I’ve had most of this decor up since the last house tour but I just bought the 2 amazing owls at Target last week. I love owls, if you can’t tell.



This is the view from the baby gate. Those french doors lead out to the back deck and the hot tub area. I love those doors, they let in so much natural light during the day. I spend a lot of time in this room so I wanted it to be visually appealing and really comfortable. I think I achieved both objectives. 

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