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House Tour 2015

We’ve lived in our home for over a decade now. When we first set out to purchase a home in a brand new city several hours away from our extended family, we only had 3 small kids with no intentions on adding anymore. 10 years later we’ve added 2 more kids and 3 dogs to our family. We get asked all the time when we are going to move to a bigger house. Short answer- we’re not. We love our house, we love our neighbors, we love our neighborhood. Our house is just over 2400 SF with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We have to make use of every space in our home to fit everything we need. I have to get creative. I just completed a redo of most of the house again- 4 kids moved rooms, our formal dining room was turned into a dorm style bedroom for the teenager, and I made lots of smaller updates throughout the house. So here is the current version of our house. You can click the links to see more pictures of each room.  
The Front

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House Tour 2015: Ty’s Room

This is the last room on our 2015 house tour. The master hasn’t been changed since the last tour- it’s on the list though so stay tuned. This room used to be our formal dining room but we are short a bedroom in our house. 4 bedrooms for 6 people just wasn’t working anymore now that the kids are older. So the formal dining room had to go and we turned it into a bedroom for Ty. He loves it. The sliding barn doors offer the perfect amount of privacy coupled with convenient functionality. 


 It was so worth the effort and the work to build these sliding barn doors to create a real bedroom for him. And the best part is that the room is unaltered so if we ever do need to sell the house this room can be marketed as either a formal dining room or even an office. We didn’t build a closet, instead Ty is using a cube organizer but I’ll be buying him a wardrobe soon. 


Ty wanted a dorm style room so instead of a bed we went with a pillow top futon that can convert in multiple ways- both sides move independently and the arms go up and down. The rug is the same one from IKEA that was in the old kids’ TV room and the butterfly chair is also from the old TV room. He has his clothes organized in the 8 cube organizer for now. 


 I love the way the doors look from the inside of his room. They’re really different and unique looking with the stain. He has the big TV stand in here with the TV and the Xbox One for his games. I was concerned about letting him have the TV and Xbox One in his room but so far he’s proven to be very responsible. He’s the only one to have a TV in the bedroom right now so I keep telling him that he should feel special.


 He’s asked for a mini fridge for his room so I think that will probably be one of his Christmas gifts this year. When he said he wanted a dorm style room he wasn’t kidding. I expect him to ask for a microwave any day now. 



The Underground Subway print came from IKEA on sale and I left the same red curtains that were in here when it was a formal dining room. They match the color scheme and he doesn’t mind them so I left them up. 


In the near future he’ll have a smaller sliding barn door that will cover the doorway into the kitchen. But for right now I bought a black-out curtain for privacy and noise. It’s working fine for a temporary solution. He’s really pleased with his room and he loves being away from the little kids. I’m pretty sure he also love the very close proximity to the kitchen!

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House Tour 2015: Zoey’s Room

Zoey just turned 5 and she’s already had her room switched 4 times in her short life. Girlfriend has learned to just go with the flow in this household. It’s a trait that will serve her well in life. At least that’s what I tell myself to justify making the poor girl move rooms so many times. And if it doesn’t serve her well in life, well at least she’ll have plenty to talk about with her therapist. Might as well get her money’s worth, right? She has been sharing a room with Mase for the last 2 years and it just wasn’t working anymore. The 2 of them are very volatile together and they just needed their own space.



This loft bed from IKEA was in the little kids’ shared bedroom and I moved it into her new room by myself while Matt was at work because I possess zero patience when I’m doing a project. I took it apart, moved it, and reassembled it in about an hour. She loves sleeping on the top bunk and having room to play underneath. Her toy buckets started out in the closet but they were dragged out every day so I gave up and just left them under the loft bed. It works well for her. I moved the rug from the shared bedroom in here and also brought the orange curtains in here.



The bedding is the original bedding from her nursery and so is the leaf canopy. I love the bright colors in here. Matt says it looks like a watermelon exploded in here. He’s not wrong.



She has a lot more room to play with her big dollhouse now and at her request I moved all of the tree and animal stickies in her new room. She loves those trees and the owls are her favorite.



She got 2 of the bucket organizers from the shared room and Mase got the other 2. She has plenty of space for her megabloks, disney dolls, disney jr toys, kitchen toys, My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shops. So much stuff. I found the adorable orange lamp at IKEA on clearance and I brought the pom pom poofs from the shared bedroom in here. 

She really loves her new room and feels like a big girl now that she’s on her own. Bedtime has been amazingly easy since we separated the twin terrors and I can’t believe we waited so long to do it! 

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House Tour 2015: Maia’s Room

Maia was really excited to get to move back into her original bedroom. This room was her nursery when we moved into this house when she was just 9 months old. For the last couple of year she’s been in Zoey’s old nursery when we combined Zoey and Mase into the larger bedroom. Now that we’re re-arranging kids again we let her move back to the larger room. I didn’t want to paint right now but luckily the room is a very light khaki color so it works for now. 


Maia is big into bright colors right now and I really don’t think her room decor could get any brighter. She loved the polka dot rug from our family room so I moved that into her room as well as the turquoise and orange photo display. Abby sleeps in Maia’s room now so we put up a toy net to contain all of her stuffed animals to avoid them getting chewed up at night. The black saucer chair moved from the old kids’ TV room to give her a comfortable reading area with some fuzzy pillows and a soft blanket. 


I found the adorable pink and white heart and round poofs hanging from the ceiling at IKEA on clearance. We also found the pretty flower picture and frame at IKEA. Maia chose the fuzzy pink comforter, the body pillows, and the sheets from Wal*Mart. I found the throw pillows at Kohl’s and Target.


We made the picture display from bakers twine and push pins with little clothespins I found in the dollar section at Target and I had all of her favorite instagram pictures printed from Postal Pix for her. The desk area is pretty much the same as from her old room just moved into the new room.


My mom gave Maia an old vintage vanity that has been in our family for many many years. Maia has been coveting it for years and now she finally has the space for it. She immediately filled it with all her girly stuff. We found the # and the @ at Target and she painted them. 


Since I didn’t want to paint I found these adorable polka dot stickies at Kohl’s to add some pops of color to the wall. She loves them and they really pull the space together. It’s very much a tween girl room now. It’s not what I would have picked but she loves it so much and that’s all that truly matters. 

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House Tour 2015: Mase’s Room

Mase is pretty much the main reason we embarked on this whole room re-arrange in the first place. He was sharing a room with Zoey and it just wasn’t working out. He needs to sleep with the night light on and he needs total quietness in order to fall asleep. Zoey likes to sleep in total darkness and she hums herself to sleep. It was not a copacetic arrangement and every night was a bedtime battle that lasted for hours. I could not take another school year of the nightly battle. Plus Mase is about to turn 8 and no 8 year old boy wants to share a bedroom with his 5 year old little sister, right? When we first approached the kids about the room re-arranging they had some strong opinions on the issue. Maia wanted the largest room since she’s the oldest one upstairs. So she moved into the room that Zoey and Mase were previously sharing, Mase moved into Ty’s old room, and Zoey moved into Maia’s old room. It worked out nicely for me because I didn’t have to paint any of the rooms. Ty’s room was black and white so it was easy enough to decorate for a boy.


I kept the rug, the curtains, the bedskirt, the sheets, and the mirrors on the wall from Ty’s movie room theme. I really didn’t have to do much to turn this into a little dude’s room instead of a teen boy’s room. 


 He chose the new duvet from IKEA and I built the rest of the room around it. I love the blue with the black and white. It’s perfect for him. 


 I bought some unfinished wooden stars from Wal*Mart and had the kids paint them to match his room. I also bought the letters for his name from Wal*Mart for the kids to paint. The 2 goldfish pictures came from IKEA and were on sale. The star blanket that matches his duvet comes from IKEA as well. 


 The bucket system is from IKEA and was in the little kids’ shared room before. We had 4 of them so I divided them between Zoey and Mase’s rooms. Mase is able to fit all his Imaginext toys, cars, action figures, guns, and random other toys in the buckets and the closet. There’s no more mess or clutter in the floor of his room. I made him 2 pom-pom poofs to match his decor and we added the black buckets and rail from IKEA to hold his art supplies over his desk. 

He loves his space now and he hangs out in his room a lot now. He loves being able to have his friends over to play in his room without having to share the space with Zoey. And I’ve discovered that he’s not the messy kid. He keeps his room spotless and he’s proud of it! Bedtime is much smoother now and Mase is asleep by 9pm instead of me having to bribe, threaten, and yell to get the lights out by 10pm. Life is good.

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