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Creamy Spinach Parmesan Baked Salmon

I love salmon and I could happily eat it for dinner 5 nights a week. Unfortunately I live with a bunch of small people who would probably go on a hunger strike. They much prefer pasta or pizza or anything cheese filled. I have to work to find recipes that combine my love of salmon with their love of cheese. This recipe was originally intended to be Spinach stuffed salmon but I was short on time so it became cheesy spinach topped instead. And it was delicious!

8 Salmon Fillets
4 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp olive oil, divided
8 oz cream cheese at room temp
8 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan
1 Tbsp minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste

Garlic butter:
2 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp minced garlic
2 Tbsp lemon juice

1. Place salmon on surface and season each side with salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice.
2. In small bowl, combine spinach, cream cheese, and garlic.
3. Lay salmon fillets on sprayed baking sheet.
4. Top each evenly with spinach mixture.
5. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
6. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
7. Add ingredients for garlic butter to microwavable dish and heat until butter melts.
8. Pour over salmon and broil for 3-5 minutes.

I don’t think I’ll bother trying this recipe stuffed when I make it again, having the broiled cheese on top was amazing! My kids ate every bite and were disappointed that there were no leftovers. 

Favorite Costco Products

This month I want to share some of our favorite products from the stores we routinely shop at on a monthly basis. This week I’m sharing favorites from Costco. Most of these items are our lunch box staples. 

1. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars- the kids love these! They’re big fans of cookies but I’m a big fan of healthy options. This is our compromise. The variety pack includes 3 flavors and they’re all delicious.

2. Pop Corners- another compromise product! I buy these instead of chips and after some initial griping and whining, the kids have decided they love them! I’ve tried them and they really are very good!

3. Nature Valley Almond Butter Biscuits- these are perfect for the lunch box, breakfast on the go, or a quick snack before sports. The kids love both the Almond Butter and the Coconut Butter flavor but were not big fans of the Peanut Butter ones. 

4. Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars- these are what I buy instead of fruit roll ups. It took a few tries before the kids got on board but now they love them! And I love not buying those gross fruit roll ups anymore.

5. Kind Bar Minis- these are staple in our house. All the kids love them and eat them as snacks and breakfast when time is short. Both of these flavors are delicious!

6. Power Up Trail Mix- these individually portioned packs are perfect for days when the kids are going to be really busy. They’re delicious and packed with protein!

7. Stonefire Naan Dippers- these are another staple in our house. The kids eat these with chicken, tuna, or egg salad, with hummus, and with pimento cheese! I buy the big package and then split them into snack size ziplock bags.

8. Palmetto Cheese Pimento cheese singles- I randomly picked this up one time because I made the mistake of shopping hungry. And to my shock- the kids loved them! They eat this on Naan bread, on Melba toast, or they dip with breadsticks, crackers, or celery.

9. Kirkland Organic Hummus- I really only have 1 kid who loves hummus but she’ll happily eat it 3 days a week! This brand of original flavor hummus is her favorite and I also buy other varieties from another store. She eats this on Naan bread, Melba Toasts, dips carrots and celery, and spreads it on crackers. 

10. Bakery Croissants- I adore these. I’ve never found croissants that are this delicious. They’re moist and fluffy and so very yummy. The kids eat them with chicken, egg, or tuna salad or spread jam in them. They’re even delicious stuffed with cheese and bacon!

11. Kirkland Breadcrumb Crust Cheese Pizzas- I don’t buy frozen pizzas much but these are really good. I keep them in the freezer and the kids take pizza once a week or so. I make one and split the slices between the 3 kids for lunch. The trick to them is to bake them as directed and then broil them at the end to crisp and brown the cheese!

12. Mini Chicken Egg Rolls- My kids are fans of Asian food and these mini eggrolls are so good! They’re easy to make and send in a thermos for lunches. I toss them in the air fryer to crisp them and the kids say they are amazing. 

Those are some of my main staples from Costco. I have more but these are the ones that are on my list every single month.

Meal Prep Monday {11.11.19}

 Each Monday I share a weekly menu plan and what I’m prepping for the week. I plan 4 dinners a week, we have 2 leftover/Fridge clean out nights, and we make Take ‘n Bake pizzas on Saturday nights. My kids take lunch to school 5 days a week. You can read more about my meal planning and prep HERE. Please feel free to share with anyone you know who needs some dinner or lunch inspiration and don’t forget to pin on Pinterest for later! 

Dinner #1:

Crockpot Lasagna Soup, French Bread

Dinner #2:

Crockpot Cajun Chicken Fettuccine, Cheddar Biscuits, Bacon BBQ Brussel Sprouts

Dinner #3:

Crispy Dijon Baked Tilapia, Jasmine Rice, Ranch Roasted Carrots

Dinner #4:

Italian Sausage Stuffed Zucchini


Each week I prep all the produce and fruits ahead of time for the week. I also stock the lunch prep fridge and pantry for the kids’ lunches. I have specific containers that I use for food prep that are designed to maximize the life of the produce which helps when I only shop once a week. You can read more about my process and see pictures of my fridges HERE

This week for the meal produce I transferred the fresh brussel sprouts, carrots, and zucchini  to the veggie containers. For fruit I prepped strawberries, blueberries, green grapes, clementines, and peaches. I added baby carrots, cut celery, and mini cucumbers as well for lunches.

This week I prepped a large container of spaghetti, a large container of macaroni & cheese with turkey dogs cut up, a large container of taco meat, a large container of Alfredo pasta, a large container of tossed salad, 24 mini egg quiche muffins, and 24 mini pancake muffins. The kids eat these as snacks, for lunches, and on leftover/clean out the fridge nights.

Easy Oven Roasted Asian Glazed Brussel Sprouts

I am ashamed to tell you that until recently I have never made brussel sprouts. I was forced to eat them during childhood and they were my most hated vegetable so I’ve avoided them like the plague. I finally decided to overcome my dislike and made it a mission to find some recipes that would make brussel sprouts flavorful and delicious. And this recipe? It’s a winner! Even my kids ate it…well, most of them. Ha!

1 lb brussel sprouts, trimmed and halved
3 Tbsp olive oil
3 Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp maple syrup
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp minced garlic
1 Tbsp sriracha sauce
salt and pepper, to taste


1. Lay sprouts on lined and sprayed baking sheet.
2. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper; toss to coat.
3. Bake at 400 for 40 minutes, stirring halfway.
4. In small saucepan, combine remaining ingredients and heat over medium high heat for 5-7 minutes until sauce thickens.
5. Remove brussel sprouts from oven and transfer to bowl.
6. Add sauce a little at a time, tossing gently to coat.

A couple of notes- do not skimp on the sriracha sauce! It absolutely is essential to the flavors of this dish. Also, when I say toss gently I mean TOSS GENTLY. Trust me on this one. I will absolutely be making this side dish again soon. 

Favorite Sam’s Club Products

This month I want to share some of our favorite products from the stores we routinely shop at on a monthly basis. This week I’m sharing favorites from Sam’s Club. Most of these items are our lunch box staples. 

1. Hard-boiled eggs– My kids all love hard-boiled eggs but I rarely have time to make enough of them for the week. I love to just grab a box of these already boiled and peeled eggs for the kids to toss in their lunch boxes. The kids either eat them plain or make egg salad out of them. 

2. Wholly Guacamole minis– The kids use these to make nachos or as topping for soft tacos. It’s easy for them to just grab a container and toss it in their lunch. 

3. Frozen Chicken Fried Rice– All of my kids love fried rice but it’s not something that can remain fresh in the fridge all week. I buy this pack of 6 individual portioned Chicken fried rice, microwave a bag in the morning, and fill 3 thermoses with it for lunches. It’s quick, healthy-ish, and they love it!

4. Frozen Orange Chicken– Orange chicken is a family favorite but it’s time consuming to make. A couple of times a month I’ll make this frozen version for dinner and then the kids take it in thermoses for lunch the next day with jasmine rice. 

5. Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad– 2 of my kids love chicken salad with crackers of Naan bread dippers. I was making homemade chicken salad until I realized I can buy these individually portioned cups for about the same price! And they’re delicious!

6. Oh Snap Dilly Bites– My kids love pickles! I buy at least 2 boxes of these pickle packs every month. They eat them plain, or add them to either tuna or egg salad. Each single pack comes with a lot of pickles and they’re super crunchy!

7. The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Cheese– This is a staple in our house. We eat it on crackers, Naan bread dippers, plain, on celery or cucumber slices…so many options. My Sam’s Club has these on sale quite often so I stock up!

8. The Cookie Dough Cafe– these individual cups of edible chocolate chip cookie dough are a huge hit in my house. They’re delicious and perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth. The kids would rather have these then actual cookies now!

9. Flatbread Chicken Melts– my kids love these! They’re frozen, cook in one minute in the microwave, and are absolutely delicious! We use them a lot for quick snacks while running from one activity to the next. The kids also take them for lunch because they don’t get soggy.

10. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels– these are the best ones I’ve found and the best price! One of my picky kids tells me that these have the perfect ratio of peanut butter to salt. Yeah, welcome to my world. The container is huge and one will last the entire month. 

11. Nature Valley Crunchy Snack Mix– these are perfect for lunch box snacks, breakfast on the go, or a fast protein pick me up before sports. They’re really yummy and come in 2 flavors. I always keep these on hand. 

12. Belvita Breakfast Bites– Just like above, these are perfect for lunch box snacks, breakfast on the go, or a fast snack on the way to extracurricular activities. We love that the box at Sam’s Club comes with a variety of flavors instead of just one. 

Those are some of my main staples from Sam’s Club. I have more but these are the ones that are on my list every single month. Next week I’ll share my Costco favorites.