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I took the best pictures of Mase’s little baby feet today. I just want to squish them.

Doesn’t that make you want to have another baby? Anyone? Anyone?


Snapshots From April

Hot Tub Season Opener

The weather has finally warmed up enough consistantly for us to open up the hot tub for the year.  The kids have been bugging for the past month for Matt to open it so he spent the past weekend draining, cleaning, and refilling it. It’s not as much work as it sounds, thankfully, but it does take up a good chunk of a Saturday afternoon. It’s well worth the time and effort though, the kids love to “swim” in it and there is nothing better at the end of a long day than a Pina Colada in the hot tub! My sister came over to kick off Hot Tub Season with us and Matt grilled some nice yummy steaks.