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Life Lately {8.29.17}


Man. School schedule is kicking my butt, y’all. For real. I’m surviving on coffee and Jesus at this point. And it’s only Tuesday. I swear I’ll get my act together. Not today….but probably soon 🙂

So our dryer broke. Again. This stupid dryer is less than 18 months old and it’s broken twice. I think we have a lemon. The service guy came out and the blower motor went bad. He had to order the part so we were without a dryer for 5 days. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue but my kids have 5 days worth of uniforms for school. So our house looked like this as I air dried laundry. The service guy came to install the new part on Friday afternoon. Guess what? The new part is broken. I swear. I can’t make this up. So he had to order a new one and I am once again air drying uniforms all over the house. Because nothing adds to the fun of the beginning of the school year chaos like a broken dryer. 


On a more upbeat note, we had a heck of a tailgate Friday night before Tyler’s football game. I’m one of the team moms this year (don’t ask how that’s going) and one of the things we are doing is planning the tailgates. Lots of families came out to have fun before the game and there was a ton of great food! 






We had the best weather Friday night! It was low 80’s during the tailgate and only about 72 degrees once the game started. I love Fall. I love it so much. A couple of friends sent me these next 2 pictures from the game. Zoey and her bestie enjoying the game together. They are two peas in a pod these days. The next one is me with my fellow football team moms. I’ve made some great friends from football and these are 2 of the best. 



The game was not the best. Our opponent plays a division ahead of us so they were bigger and had more players to rotate in the game. It wasn’t awful, but not a great game for us and we lost 6-22. Tyler had a decent game but nobody was happy. 






Our next game is against a private school team who recruits heavily so we’ll see how that goes. The rest of the weekend was spent doing more laundry, cleaning my filthy house, and trying to create some form of organization for all this lunch box stuff. 


The Pain Of School Year Re-Entry

We are one week and one day into the new school year. We started out well. We started out excited and ready and all bright and shiny. 

IMG_2612 (1)

That rapidly declined into something out of a horror movie. 


I’ve decided that there is no pain like the pain involved in school year re-entry. It’s borderline tragic and I might not make it. If I don’t, thanks for reading along on this little blog. You’ve been great. 

1. Bedtimes. During the summer we pretty much participate in free range parenting. I don’t enforce bedtimes or drag the kids out of bed early in the morning. That’s part of what makes summer great but it also makes school year re-entry torturous. 

2. Alarm Clocks. I hate alarm clocks. I had to disable my snooze on my phone so I wouldn’t be tempted to hit it 27 times every morning. 

3. School lunches. Last year I packed 2 lunches every day. This year I’m packing 4. It sucks. 

4. Bus stops. The first week of school means that the bus is late. It’s just how it works and we all know to expect it. But it sucks. 

5. School supplies. Holy cow, I practically needed a second mortgage just to buy school supplies this year. Over $320 for 3 kids. Not including tech fees, sports fees, bus fees….all the fees. 

6. Homework. Oh the horror of homework. Granted they have way less than they did at their old school but any homework is considered a torture device by my children. 

7. School paperwork. I lost count of how many papers I filled out for each child. 4 times the paperwork. With almost identical information. 

8. Laundry. During the summer my kids lived in pajamas and swim suits. I did very few loads of laundry. I’ve done 4 loads in the last week. And the dryer is broken. I feel like Satan is laughing at me right now. 

9. School uniforms. I like the concept of uniforms. I really dislike paying for them. Especially when I bought them all back in June and a certain child, Zoey, had a massive growth spurt and needed all new ones. Awesome. 

10. Shower battles. Again, during summer I didn’t fight this battle. They swam every day and played in the hot tub nearly every evening. I figure the chlorine and other chemicals got them pretty clean. Now we’re back to nightly showers and it’s sucking out my soul. 


Life Lately


Now that we’re back in a school year routine, I’m re-evaluating this little blog and what I want to write about each week. I’m changing some things up. I do better with a real writing routine and schedule so I’m going back to that. I want to share books I’m loving on a more regular basis. I want to share how I’m cutting our grocery budget way back. I want to share moments from our week. So look for some changes here soon. 

Tyler had his first home football game this last Friday. It was a great game and he played really well, although when he watched the film he picked his performance apart like a seasoned veteran. He started at both nose guard on defense and right tackle on offense. He held his blocks and made his tackles. We won 14-6 which was a great start to our season! A couple of talented parents were taking pictures down on the sidelines and sent me some amazing shots of Tyler. 










Aren’t those great?! There are a couple that I want to have printed on a canvas to hang in a gallery wall. Poor Tyler had a rough practice yesterday. As hard as his coaches are on him, he’s harder on himself. It’s painful to sit back and see him reviewing game film and making notes of every thing he did wrong. Being a mom is hard, y’all. 

Yesterday we took the 3 younger kids up to my parents house in the mountains to see the solar eclipse. Tyler couldn’t miss school or football so a friend who is a teacher at the school took a picture of Tyler for me. We originally planned to go to Charleston, SC to meet up with Matt’s brother and his family but then we saw the traffic nightmare and changed plans. My parents were at 99.2% totality so we headed up there instead. The traffic was still intense. It took us 4 hours to get there and normally it would only take 2. Coming home was worse, the interstate was a parking lot. But it was worth it!









It was really fun and I’m so glad we went and made it a whole experience for the kids. Now we’re back to reality again today, getting up at 5:30am. 


5 Things Friday {8.18.17}


Well school started this week. Reality smacked us right in the face. Hard. But we took like the champs we are and rolled with the punch. Or smack. Whatever. So in the grand tradition of the first week of school being a total cluster, I jammed packed as much crap into the first 3 days as possible. Clearly I’m insane. 

1. So last Saturday was Tyler’s first scrimmage of the season. It was at 12:30 in the afternoon on a day with a heat index of 105. Talk about poor planning. We about died and the players were sick with the heat. It was miserable. Tyler is #53 again this year. That’s him on the left kneeling down in the first picture. He started at nose guard on defense and right tackle on offense. If you look closely at the third picture, that big dude who looks like a tank? That’s the guy Tyler was blocking on offense and trying to get past on defense. It was a long day for Tyler. Ha! The last picture is a group of the players recovering in the hot tub at one of their houses. He has such good friends at the school, and best of all, I like all their moms. Ha! 




IMG_2633 (1)

2. Maia got her braces and extender put on this week. Not the best timing with school starting and her being the new girl. But this was the only time we could get it done and since it’s an almost 3 hour long appointment it needed to be done before school started. She did great but it’s been a rough week. She’s having trouble eating and talking and yeah….rough week. I keep telling her it will all be worth it….in 3 years. 



3. Shortly after having her braces put on we had to go to her open house. Poor girl was trying to introduce herself to her new teachers and she could barely talk. But all of her teachers are awesome and helpful and she got some great classes. I left the little kids down in the elementary school with a friend and came back to find they had made friends with the new bearded dragon who lives in the art room. His name is Pete. I love it!


IMG_2635 (1)

4. We took a few hours on Wednesday to hang at the pool for our last hoorah! They had friends there and we spent hours swimming and laughing and relaxing. It was a great end to our summer vacation. 


5. And then reality smacked us upside the head the next morning at 5:30 when the alarm clocks started going off. The kids almost look awake in the pictures, don’t they? Ha! The best part of our charter school? Uniforms. No fighting over what they were going to wear. None. They were all dressed, fed, and in the car ready to leave at 6:15. Success! Everyone had a great day, even Maia who was so nervous about middle school. 

IMG_2612 (1)




IMG_2614 (1)


How Not To Rock Back To School

So my kids start the 2017-18 school year in 2 days. 2 days. And I’m so not prepared. Like really really so not prepared. I could say that it snuck up on me but the date has been set for months. So really I just ignored it and concentrated on enjoying my summer. Now I’m paying the price for such indulgence. I’m normally the uber-organized parent. Let me share my shame with y’all- here’s all the ways I’m not prepared for back to school. I feel like Zoey in this picture.


1. Uniforms. I’ve been buying uniforms in pieces off the parents FB page for our charter school all summer. Uniforms are expensive and I refuse to buy new for the 2 youngest because I’ll be replacing them every year. Unfortunately what fit back in June does not necessarily fit now. Zoey has 1 polo and 2 skorts and no shorts. So this week has been a scramble. 

2. School Supplies. Yeah. I have half of them. Maybe. I think. 

3. School Lunches. Being at a charter this year means there is no hot lunch daily. We can order hot lunches but they are catered and not cheap. So my kids take their own lunch every day. I realized this morning that we have no bread, no cheese, no fruit, no drink pouches…basically nothing for lunch boxes.

4. Forms. Oh sweet baby Jesus, the forms. There’s an enormous stack of forms that need to be filled out by 2pm today at open house. I’m so tired of filling out forms. So tired, y’all. 

5. School Schedule. Failure. My kids are still sleeping in until 11am. In 2 days they will have to be up at 5:45am. And they are going to be ANGRY. And MEAN. And I have nobody to blame but myself. 

6. Meal Plan. I think I mentioned the grocery shortage above, right? Well that is not just limited to lunch items. The reason we have no bread is because we’ve eaten grilled cheese sandwiches every night for a week. I am so not on top of this right now. I think Matt is considering divorce if I don’t start cooking again soon. 

So for all of you moms out there who are totally unprepared for back to school, take heart. You’re not the only one! High Five! Good luck. And God Speed, my friends. See you on the other side.