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The Morning Car Line Is Bad For My Health

Let’s talk about the absurdity of the morning car drop off line at my little kid’s school for a moment, shall we? More specifically, let’s talk about how it’s really bad for my health. Even more specifically, my blood pressure. I have an admittedly low tolerance for idiots and inconsiderate jerks. Unfortunately the morning car drop off seems to include an abundance of both. The picture below was taken out of my very dirty side window as I sat in the car line the other morning. See the blue awning at the top left of the picture? That’s the front door of the school. You see how far back I am? That’s where I sat for 6 minutes while the parents at the front played around getting their kids out of the car. It’s not that hard. See the sidewalk on the top right? That’s the sidewalk that a dad used to try and cut through the line. Sigh. 





The Parents Who Drive Me Crazy In The Car Line


1. Parents who try to jump the line. Do I really need to reinforce the concept that the sidewalk is not an appropriate alternative to waiting your turn? Really? Jumping the sidewalk to cut in front of 8 cars just because you own a 4 wheel drive SUV is not okay. And if your mama didn’t see fit to teach you common courtesy then I’ll be happy to finish the job with my baseball bat. Get in line and wait your turn like everyone else. 


2. Parents who form a second line. There is only one line. The reason there is only one line is for safety. These are little kids who should not be walking out in front of other cars. So I refer you to number 1. Get in line and wait your turn like everyone else. Douchebag.


3. Parents who drop their kids off in the wrong place. Again, one line and one drop off area. You are not special. Dropping your kid off in the middle of the parking lot and expecting them to cut across the car line is unsafe, inconsiderate, and downright stupid. Again, refer to number 1. 


4. Parents who are talking on their phone instead of paying attention. Sigh. I’m sure whomever you are talking to on the other end of the phone can wait 2 minutes while you make sure your kid gets safely into the school. Almost running over your own kid because you are too busy having a conversation on the phone makes you look stupid. And rest assured, if you almost run over someone else’s kid because your on the phone I will cheer them on should they decide to introduce you to their baseball bat.


5. Parents who try to turn left out of the school despite the big NO LEFT TURN sign. I’m trying to get 4 kids to 3 different schools within 20 minutes. I do not have time to wait for your self-entitled, inconsiderate, jerk face to hold up the line for 10 minutes while you try to make a left turn out of the school. You see that big ole sign that says NO LEFT TURN? That means you too, douchebag. You are not special. Repeat after me. YOU. ARE. NOT. SPECIAL. Now hang a right like the rest of us before I help you get out of the way.


I feel better now. I’m so tired of the douchebags in the car drop off line. This is not rocket science, people. Follow the rules, wait your turn, and don’t be a jerkface. It’s very simple. I’m going to have to start putting on make-up and wearing something besides pajamas when I drop off the kids just in case I end up on the 6 o’clock news. I’ll be the one waving the baseball bat with the crazy eyes if you want to watch. 



Putting The Spring In My Clean

Once the weather warms up around here I start to feel the itch to clean and purge. It happens every year and I can’t even explain it. I can’t sit still, I can’t focus on anything else, I feel like I have ants in my pants. I need to purge and organize all the things. This year is no exception. The weather has been steadily warming up for a couple of weeks now and it’s as if I suddenly woke up and discovered what a disaster my house has become during the long winter. That’s Disaster with a capital D. It’s bad y’all. 


I started last week with some easy organizing. I went through all the papers that had been cluttering up my counters and desk for the past few months. I tossed the outdated stuff and organized the rest into the proper places. Then I moved on to the drawers in the kitchen that had been driving me nuts. Finally I tackled the laundry area. It felt so good. Next up were the closets. I got Maia’s done in one afternoon and then did the little kids’. I couldn’t believe how much my kids had outgrown. All 3 of them needed new shorts and tees- very few things from last year still fit any of them. The kids went through all their toys and books and made a huge pile of stuff to donate. 


I’ve just started my own closet and holy crap- where did all this stuff come from? I swear I just cleaned it out a few months ago but I can’t find anything and I have nowhere to put the new stuff I just bought. Time for a major purge. I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past 6 months- over 22 lbs to be exact- and I need to weed out the stuff I don’t want anymore. I’m not keeping my fat clothes. Period. Knowing I don’t have any bigger clothes should keep me motivated! I bought me some new spring clothes for the first time in awhile and it feels great! Now I just need somewhere to hang them!


It just feels so good to clean up and get ready for a new season. I moved everything off the hardwood floors and mopped them down this weekend. I did the baseboards. I still need to do the big windows in the living room but those are going to wait for another weekend. I added them to my rather large to-do list that just keeps growing and growing. I think this coming weekend I’m going to focus on cleaning the carpets and cleaning out the front closet. I’m sure there are a ton of shoes in there that need to be tossed out or taken to Goodwill. Speaking of Goodwill, we took a huge trunk load of stuff over there this weekend and I swear I feel 10 pounds lighter.


If you need some spring cleaning inspiration and ideas, check out the video featuring Sabrina Soto!


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He Said, She Said: Selective Blindness

{You know all those funny and/or stupid little moments that happen in every marriage but nobody ever talks about? Well welcome to He Said, She Said: True Stories where I give you an unprecedented glimpse inside the marital dysfunction. You are welcome.}

Setting the Scene: Matt has what I like to refer to as selective blindness, which basically means he cannot find things that are not directly in front of his face. If he has to actually look for them or move something then forget it. The following conversation took place when Matt decided he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had to actually find the ingredients himself.


He Said: Where’s the peanut butter?


She Said: Bottom shelf.


He Said: I don’t see it.


She Said: Left side.


He Said: Still don’t see it.


She Said: Behind the spaghetti sauce.


He Said: I still don’t–oh.


She Said: Yep.


He Said: How about the–


She Said: New jelly is in the fridge.


He Said: Where?


She Said: Bottom shelf.


He Said: I don’t–


She Said: In the door.


He Said: It’s grape.


She Said: Yep.


He Said: Do we have–


She Said: Strawberry jam is in the pantry.


He Said: Where?


She Said: Right next to the peanut butter.


He Said: Are you sure?


She Said: I’m not getting up. Make your own sandwich.


He Said: Damn.


She Said: Nice try though.


The End.


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Getting The Jump On Spring Cleaning


Preparations for Spring are in full force around my house, despite the fact that winter seems to want to hang around a lot longer than I deem necessary this year. I saw my first Daffodil flower a few days ago, so clearly Spring is coming. The trees are in full bloom, the grass is turning green again, more flowers are trying to add some color to my front lawn, my kids have outgrown their jeans, and my allergies are already starting up. These are all signs of Spring in my humble opinion. And you know what that means, right? Other than daily trips to the playground after school?  


Spring cleaning!  


I admit to being one of those people who actually love to do Spring cleaning. There’s something about the smell of a freshly cleaned house and sunshine that speaks to my soul. I have a tried and true system for Spring cleaning. I utilize a one-bag-a-day system to get my house cleaned out. Each day I take one room and I fill at least one bag full of stuff to get rid of. Most of the time that one bag turns into three or four bags because once I start I just cannot stop. Cleaning out all the clutter not only helps me keep the house clean but it seems to refresh my moods just in time for warm weather.   


One of the biggest jobs is organizing the closets. We are blessed to have fairly large closets in our house, but bigger closets also means more stuff. It’s easy to just shove things in the closet and close the door. Over the years I’ve made a real effort at keeping the closets cleaned out and organized. I have it down to a science now and I can get all 4 closets done in one afternoon now.   


1. Remove anything stained, ripped, or outgrown. I keep a very small stack of clothes for outdoor play but the rest is bagged up.   


2. Remove anything you have duplicates of- nobody needs 7 white tees in the same size. This year I found 6 pairs of black tights in one of my kid’s closets and she hasn’t worn tights in 2 years. Get rid of the excess.   


3. Have your kids try on anything you are thinking of saving for next year. If it’s a little tight now then chances are it will be way too small next year. Bag it up. In my little kids’ closet I use a large tub to store their off season clothes. I limit it to one tub per kid and anytime I buy something on clearance for next winter I will pop it in the correct tub.   


4. Have your kids try on anything you saved from last year. My kids love to play fashion show. I have them try on anything I saved in the tub from last summer. Anything too small gets bagged up and the things that still fit are hung. I don’t buy anything until all the existing clothes are tried on and I have a list of what is needed.  


I do the same process in my own closet on a smaller scale. I weed through and pull out anything I haven’t worn in the past 2 years so I can donate it. I try on anything I’m unsure about and only keep the items I know I will wear. What good is having 52 short sleeve shirts when you only wear 9 of them? It’s clutter and I can’t stand clutter.    





I love Spring. I adore the warm sunshine on my face, the birds chirping outside my window, the sounds of kids laughing in the yard, and seeing all my neighbors emerge from winter hibernation. The only thing that puts a crimp in my love of Spring is my seasonal allergies. It would be lovely to enjoy the warm weather minus the itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, persistent coughing and inevitable scratchy, dry throat which is why I am eager to try HALLS® Drops for some allergy relief this season. 


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Finding Fun Activities For Kids On Pinterest


Finding fun ideas to keep my kids entertained during the last little bit of winter has become a full time job for me. I would like to keep them from watching hours of shows on their tablets or playing mindless video games all day. The kids are tired of pretty much every toy they own and they have begun to express their displeasure at being cooped up inside loudly and frequently. I ran through my entire repertoire of activities already and I’ve been reduced to playing endless games of Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders. Seriously, those games go on forever! I’m reasonably confident that one more game of Candy Land will be the end of me. So I started searching Pinterest for ideas and I found a whole bunch of really great boards full of ideas to entertain my kids. Today I want to share with you 5 great boards to follow on Pinterest.  





1. Preschool Daycare– I found so many great ideas on this Pinterest board, including easy craft ideas, simple games, holiday themed ideas, and printables. The board has 151 pins right now and has so many great ideas to engage your kids. I love finding homeschool and home daycare boards because they tend to have a bunch of educational and fun crafts and activities for kids.   


2. Kids Fun– My kids are really interested in Science and this board has a lot of ideas for simple Science experiments for small kids. It also has some great ideas for pretend play activities, which admittedly are not my strong point so all new ideas are greatly appreciated!  

3. Disney’s The Pirate Fairy– I’ve mentioned before how much my kids adore anything pirate themed so this board is a no-brainer for us. I’m always searching for new ideas to incorporate pirates into activities in this house. I can’t wait to buy the all new Tinker Bell movie from the World of Peter Pan now available on Blu-ray™ and Digital HD. I know my kids are going to adore it. I’m going to use this board to find ideas to throw a fun pirate themed party for the movie release. Check the Facebook page for more information.   


4. Toddler Approved– This board is the mecca of all kids activities. It has over 3,000 different pins full of crafts and activities for kids ages 0-6. It includes learning activities, sensory play, easy crafts, and so much more. This is a great board to follow if you have small kids and need some inspiration on how to keep them busy and engaged.  


5. Creative Fun– I found some of the best ideas on this board. It has pins for everything from easy Science experiments, to crafts from household materials, to outdoor game ideas and so much more. I discovered how to make Rainbow slime and Rainbow foam dough from this board!   


I’ve already tried a bunch of ideas from these boards and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the cool activities I want to do with my kids. If you’re looking for some fun ways to keep your kids entertained and busy during these last few weeks of questionable weather I highly recommend these 5 Pinterest boards!