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I Confess…

1. I have now seen the movie Frozen at least 50 times. I bought it on Amazon Instant Video before it was even released on DVD just to give myself a few minutes of peace and quiet. Matt was out and I just wanted to pee alone. Seriously.



2. I took the kids to the park during one of our brief warm weather teasers and saw neighbors that I swear I thought had moved last year. I was very confused. I think this means I should come out of winter hibernation earlier.



3. Matt turned 37 this past weekend. We celebrated with a trip to the ABC store. Because really, is there anything better than alcohol to celebrate getting one year closer to 40? Didn’t think so.



4. We ate pizza for the third night in a row yesterday. In my defense…no, really there is no defense. We had a buy one get one free coupon on Sunday and the pizza place let us double it so we got 4 pizzas for the price of 2. I think Ty ate one whole pizza all by himself. Never come between a teen boy and his food.



5. Matt had a 4 day weekend so we spent Friday morning at the outlet mall running some errands. Zoey begged to ride the little carousel and Matt gave in while I was shopping. He even put money in it so the thing would really spin, which means Zoey now knows I lied. Those things really do move. I caught the suspicious look she threw my way when I saw her. I hope Matt caught the look I threw at him.



6. On Friday I also waltzed into my favorite hair salon and begged my stylist to chop off all my hair. Luckily she had a free hour so she did me a solid and gave me a cut. She chopped off 14 inches of hair. I haven’t had a cut in almost 3 years. That’s terrible. So now I have a super short inverted bob that is easy to care for and takes 5 minutes to fix in the morning. 



7. I don’t want to live in a world without sprinkles. And Dunkin Donuts. Matt told me this weekend that food is my love language. I think he might be right. I don’t want to examine that statement too closely.



Those are my confessions for the week. Today we are spending some time with my little nephew, Jax, while his mommy has some work meetings. He’s 2 and busy and so adorable. He also reminds me why I am done having children. I get to love on him and then send him home later. It’s the best of both worlds.


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He Said, She Said: Parasitic Worms

{You know all those funny and/or stupid little moments that happen in every marriage but nobody ever talks about? Well welcome to He Said, She Said: True Stories where I give you an unprecedented glimpse inside the marital dysfunction. You are welcome.}

Setting the Scene: Matt is one of those people who is always concerned about what might be in his food. It’s one of the reasons I prefer not to let him watch the news. One little pinky finger found in a can of tuna and he’s all in a panic. The following conversation took place after Matt watched the news last week.


He Said: Don’t buy fish from Costco.


She Said: Why?


He Said: Some guy found a worm in a package of cod fish.


She Said: Huh. Bummer.


He Said: It was a parasitic worm.


She Said: Did he eat it?


He Said: No.


She Said: Well that’s disappointing.


He Said: Seriously?


She Said: The story would have been much more interesting if he’d eaten it.


He Said: I worry about you.


She Said: You’re not the only one.


He Said: So, what’s for dinner?


She Said: Ironically, fish.


He Said: I’ll pass.


She Said: It’s ok. It’s not from Costco. It’s from Wal*Mart.


He Said: Somehow, I don’t find that particularly comforting.


She Said: Huh. And turn off the news.


The End.


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Taking Back Dinner Time

I am in a dinner time rut. I have zero inspiration to cook right now and we’re all tired of the same old menu and the same old dinners. The list of things Mase will eat is much shorter than the list of things he will not eat which leaves me in a bind trying to figure out what to feed everyone each night. I’m ashamed to tell you how many ham & cheese hot pockets that kid ate last week. It’s disgraceful. I don’t know whether it’s the season change, our busy schedule, or just exhaustion but making dinner has become the worst part of my day. 


I need some new ideas. I’ve scoured pinterest and browsed through magazines to find some new ideas. I broke out the crockpot recipes this weekend for a change. A person can only eat so much pasta, especially getting this close to swim suit season. The kids love pasta, they will eat anything if I mix it with pasta and drown it in Alfredo or Vodka sauce. Seriously! Broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, peas….everything tastes better with sauce!


If you’re like me, searching for new ideas to feed the family each evening then check out this new video for some inspiration on simple weeknight recipes!




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The Journey To Becoming Myself

As a little girl I dreamed of growing up to be a famous singer. I didn’t let the fact that I can’t carry a tune in a bucket deter me from that dream. As I got older my dream evolved into something slightly more realistic- I had high hopes for becoming a princess. Hey, I said slightly more realistic. By the time I was approaching adulthood reality had gotten a hold of me. Well, reality and my high school guidance counselor who alternately begged and demanded that I choose a career path. I settled on social work, mainly because I narrowly saw the world as black or white and the rigidity of supposed iron clad rules and regulations appealed to me. My future was set. I had a plan. I knew what I wanted, where I was going, and how to get there.    
Then I became a parent and my whole existence changed. I fell head over heels in love with this little tiny red-headed baby who had me wrapped around his little finger. All of a sudden the world didn’t seem so black and white anymore. The rules and regulations that seemed so comforting to my Type A personality seemed confining and ill-fitting to the life I wanted to lead. I found myself chafing at the orderly routine of my daily existence. I wanted more.     
Suddenly it made sense why I never felt completely fulfilled, why I felt stuck in a rut, why I always seemed to be searching for something. I wasn’t being true to myself. I wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to discover who I was meant to be. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I didn’t like who I saw peering back at me. That weary woman who worked way more hours per week than she should, who honestly didn’t even know if she liked her job anymore- I didn’t want to be that woman. I quit my job. Then I told my husband I was quitting my job. Side note- it’s best to actually discuss those kinds of decisions with your spouse first instead of just jumping off the cliff solo and filling him in later.     
I’d like to say that I felt better immediately or I found my purpose right away but that’s not true. It was a process. I did feel an immediate flicker of relief to be starting a new stage in my life. But figuring the rest out was trial and error- sometimes lots of error. One thing that was clear to me was how much I loved being a mom and how important it was to me to be the one raising my kids. I wanted to be there for their milestones, to chaperone their field trips, to be the room mom, to volunteer in their classrooms. I thought I could do it all- have the best of both worlds. A lot of women do both and do an excellent job of balancing it all. I am not one of them. I was stretched so thin and was so stressed out that everyone around me paid the price.    
I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years now and I have never been happier. I feel like I have found who I was meant to be. There are hard days and messy days and days I want to hide in the closet. But this is the life I choose and motherhood has made me into the person I want to be.   
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The Fear Of Murphy & His Law


This picture has nothing to do with the post. It’s just funny. Girlfriend wanted to do her own hair. So behold- the 80’s have come back to haunt us. 


I have this strange fear. When more than one thing goes right in my life, I start to worry when the ax is going to fall. It’s a curse. I blame my mother. No really, she’s the queen of cynicism. We had it put on a t-shirt for her a few years ago. You know Murphy’s Law? I’m reasonably confident that it’s based on my family. In the past week we’ve had a string of good fortune.


1. We received a refund check from our dental insurance because we paid out of pocket for a service that ended up being fully covered.


2. Our heater went out and we were quoted $320 to fix it. When the repair man went to pick up the needed part he found out it was under warranty. Therefore we only paid $120 out of pocket.


3. We got a new mortgage statement showing our payments have been reduced over $100 a month because of something with our escrow account.


4. Matt got an extra day off at work for his birthday, a vacation day in addition to his regular vacation. 


5. My most favorite jeans ever- the H&M Boot Cut Low Jeans- went on sale online for $12. These are the softest, most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn and I’ll never buy a different brand again.


6. We have a $240 credit on our natural gas bill. We utilize the equal payment plan so we can budget appropriately and apparently we didn’t use as much gas as expected.


7. Ty took some new tests at school last month and we got the results back. He scored in the top 2% of the state in math and in the top 10% in language arts in the state. His teacher wrote me a note that said “no wonder he acts out in class sometimes. He’s bored to death.” Ahhh, sweet vindication. My kid isn’t a troublemaker, he’s too smart for his own good.


8. I found 10 boxes of my beloved pumpkin spice kcups on clearance at Target for $3.28 per box. I cleared the shelf, giggling in glee like an escaped mental patient, as I swept them into my cart. Another lady looked like she was edging in on my find but the crazy in my eyes scared her away right quick and in a hurry. 


9. A few weeks ago we received a bill from our old hospital credit line (from when Zoey was born). The line is paid off and supposedly closed. But we received a bill showing a charge of $1100 from an ER that we’ve never been to before. Matt called and they spouted off all these policies and procedures of what we would have to do in order to get this charge investigated. But last week we received a statement showing a reversal of all charges without us having to do anything.


So now, after all these good things have happened, I sit and wait. I wait for a tree to crash into our roof. I wait for something to happen. Because I just can’t wrap my mind around all these good things happening without Murphy showing up to spoil my joy.


Thanks mom.