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Spicy Mexican Grilled Tilapia

I made the best grilled tilapia for dinner last week. It was probably the best tilapia we’ve ever had and it literally took me minutes to toss the dinner together. Matt grilled the fish and I made the topping. I try to have fish on the menu at least once a week but we get tired of the same old recipes. I have to spice it up every once in awhile. This one was super simple and very fast! I’d definitely serve this when we have friends over for dinner. Plus- my kids ate every single bite without complaining about the vegetables!






1 bag frozen Tilapia fillets, defrosted as directed

1 bag frozen corn

2 cups spicy salsa

2 cups shredded Mexican cheese blend

1 carton sour cream  




Grill tilapia fillets on medium heat until fish is white and flaky, approximately 10 minutes.

Cook frozen corn as directed on package.

Mix corn and salsa together in bowl.

Top each tilapia fillet with shredded cheese, enough to cover.

Spoon a heaping amount of the corn/salsa mixture over top of cheese.

Top with sour cream.


Spicy Mexican Grilled Tilapia
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  1. 1 bag frozen Tilapia fillets, defrosted as directed
  2. 1 bag frozen corn
  3. 2 cups spicy salsa
  4. 2 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese
  5. 1 carton sour crea
  1. Grill tilapia fillets on medium heat until fish is white and flaky, approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Cook frozen corn as directed on package.
  3. Mix corn and salsa together in bowl.
  4. Top each tilapia fillet with shredded cheese, enough to cover.
  5. Spoon a heaping amount of the corn/salsa mixture over top of cheese.
  6. Top with sour cream.
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He Said, She Said: Life Insurance

{You know all those funny and/or stupid little moments that happen in every marriage but nobody ever talks about? Well welcome to He Said, She Said: True Stories where I give you an unprecedented glimpse inside the marital dysfunction. You are welcome.}

Setting the Scene: Matt and I recently realized just how old we are getting when our life insurance renewal form came in the mail. We each have 2 different policies each. One policy through our insurance company and then a second supplemental policy through Matt’s company. We got our original policies almost 10 years ago when Maia was a few weeks old. We were just babies and our premiums are less than $15 a month each. And now….well, now we’re old. The following conversation took place while debating the renewal of our existing policies.


He Said: It’s already been 10 years? Are you sure?


She Said: Yep. Maia will be 10 this year.


He Said: Damn. We’re old.


She Said: I know. We need to decide if we want to renew the existing policy, switch to another company, or renew with a higher amount.


He Said: How much will the existing policy rate go up?


She Said: From $14.79 a month to $23.90 a month each. That’s to stay at the $250K each. If we bump it up to $500K each then it goes up to $31.49 a month.


He Said: Do we need that much?


She Said: I don’t know. How much are the policies you have through work?


He Said: I’ll have to check but I have one that is equal to double my salary and then a supplemental that’s triple my salary. On top of the one we need to renew. So in total that’s just under $700K. Do I need more?


She Said: Wow. That much, huh?


He Said: I don’t think I like that look on your face right now. 


She Said: What? I’m just thinking.


He Said: Yeah, that’s what scares me.


She Said: So if we bump it up to a $500K policy you’ll be worth almost a million dollars.


He Said: Yep. 


She Said: I don’t know. I’d call that a little excessive.


He Said: I’m more worried you’d call it motive.


She Said: Such an ugly word.


He Said: So is premeditated.


She Said: You’re such a spoilsport. Now leave me alone. I’m going to look at vacation homes at the beach.


He Said: I’m dead. Just a matter of time.


The End.


**I have no plan to kill my husband. I believe in being spontaneous. I’m fun that way. 


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Random Observations From The PTA Meeting



My feelings about the PTA are well documented on this here blog. I have not changed my opinion. I still steer clear. I have not been asked to contribute to the bake sale lately and I probably will not be approached until the current nazi- excuse me, president- is officially overthrown. Some schools seem to have a glorious PTA with truly wonderful people who all work together harmoniously without strife and petty backstabbing. My children do not attend one of those schools. This is the South. Everything you do, say, and wear is subject to judgement, gossip, whispers, and “bless her heart” comments. It should come as no surprise to any of you regular readers that I do not do well in such environments. Unfortunately I recently was conned into attending a PTA meeting. The way they did it was very sneaky, so sneaky in fact that I can almost appreciate the sneakiness. The flier that came home for the 3rd grade chorus program listed the start time as 6:30pm. What wasn’t listed was that it was a PTA meeting that began at 6:30 with the chorus program starting at 7pm. See, sneaky? So we showed up promptly at 6:15pm to get seats up front to avoid dealing with those parents that ruin every school program. 10 minutes later I was wishing we were late and sitting in the back. While I was tuning out some perky little blonde lady drone on and on about buying the correct hand sanitizer for the classrooms (seriously), I paid attention to the parents around me. 

Random Observations from the PTA:

1. Pretty sure the guy 2 rows over wasn’t drinking straight water out of that water bottle. Nobody looks that happy to be drinking water.

2. If you expose 3/4 of your butt every time you bend over, please buy bigger size pants. I’m begging you.

3. Naming your kid Leroy Luther virtually guarantees he will be a serial killer when he grows up. 

4. Handing your toddler a sharpie marker is never a good idea.

5. Sharpie marker does not wipe off of a nice leather Coach purse.

6. There will always be a kid sitting behind you kicking your seat.

7. Falling asleep and almost falling out of your chair will inspire giggles and snorts from everyone around you.

8. Snotty moms breed snotty little girls. 

9. Snotty little girls don’t like to be called out for being snotty.

10. Neither do their snotty moms.

11. I do not belong in the PTA. Duh.




Setting Some Goals For June




I did fairly well on my goals for May. I finished cleaning out my closet, donated 8 bags of stuff from around the house, read 1 non-fiction book and continued to add pieces to my new wardrobe. So what do I want to accomplish in June?


1. Clean out the paper clutter. School is out in exactly one week and 90% of the paper clutter in this house comes from school stuff. I want to sort through all of the school papers from this year and decide what to keep and what to toss. I also am going to clean out the book bags and not leave everything until the start of school next August. 


2. Donate 3 more bags of stuff. I know there is more stuff in this house that needs to be donated. I need to get ruthless when deciding what goes. The kids toys are a big area of clutter and some of them need to go. We also have an excess of books and DVD’s that never get used so they need to be sorted through too.


3. Read 20 of the books saved on my Kindle. I have so many books saved on my Kindle that I bought when they went on sale but they keep getting pushed back when I find a new release I’m dying to read. I want to take time to actually read some of those books this month.


4. Let my words flow more freely. There have been several posts lately that I’ve started and then deleted because I wasn’t sure of the reaction. I don’t want to do that. This is my space, my blog, my words. I am going to write for myself even if that means my words are not well received by everyone. 


5. Have fun with my kids. No schedules, no plans, no routines. Just lazy, fun, summer days is going to be the goal for this whole summer. Long afternoons at the pool, BBQ on the back deck, FroYo trips at 8pm, sleepovers with friends…that’s what this summer is going to be about.


Did you make any goals for this month?



Mold Mold Go Away

I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own.
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I have mold. There. I admitted it. Mold is my nemesis but it doesn’t have to be a dirty secret anymore. 100% of the homes in the US have mold. Shocked? I was. I thought it was just my house. 


I have the hardest time keeping the mold and mildew out of our bathrooms. The worst offender by far is the master bathroom shower. It’s so bad that I prefer not to talk about it. Or see it. Or use it. But a close second is the kids’ bathtub/shower. The mold seems to appear as quickly as I clean it, which I guess makes sense considering 4 kids bathe in there every single night. And the 3 oldest like to take very long, very hot, very steamy showers. It’s all their fault, clearly. Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours in the right conditions- a moist, room temperature environment. Mold loves my bathroom. 






I spend way too much time trying to scrub the mold and mildew out of the grout in the kids’ bathtub. But usually I’m so rushed that I grab whatever is handy to clean it- usually this means regular old soap and a washcloth. Obviously this is not the right way. Soaps and detergents are not enough to kill mold even if they remove the mold stains. It just grows right back. Lesson learned. Now that the kids are older we are having a lot more guests in our home. They have friends over constantly, sleepovers happen on a regular basis and eventually one of these non-related kids is going to have to use the bathroom. The last thing I want is them going home and telling their parents about my gross, mold infested, bathroom. Not the best impression to make, especially since I see all these parents around the neighborhood all the time. Talk about embarrassing. Who wants to be known as the “mold mom”? Not me. 






So in the interest of not being the “mold mom” I decided to try something different to combat our mold problem. Instead of haphazardly using soap and a washcloth, I used Tilex® Mold and Mildew Remover. It contains Clorox® Bleach and kills 99.9% of household mold and mildew on hard, nonporous surfaces. There is no scrubbing required- just spray it, let it sit for 5 minutes, and rinse it! For me, the scrubbing is the worst part so I really appreciate how easy the Tilex® Mold and Mildew Remover makes it to clean our bathtub. 





My time is valuable and there is never enough of it. Tilex® Mold and Mildew Remover makes it super easy and fast to clean my bathrooms because it can be used on more just the tub and shower. It can be used on many of the surfaces in your bathroom including glazed ceramic tile, grout, tubs, fiberglass, glass shower doors, vinyl curtains, sinks and no-wax floors. I love being able to use one product and get the results I want. 


 I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own.