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I am Delia.
A born & bred Sweet Tea drinkin’, self-confessed socially awkward, Southern girl with sass! I might use an occasional naughty word but at least I do it with a smile on my face a drawl in my voice. I am a Southern Belle with an attitude. If that offends you…well, bless your heart.

I am a glass-half-full kind of girl. If life tosses me lemons I’m going to add a double shot of Tequila and make myself a Lemon Drop. I love to laugh and I strive to find the funny even in the midst of chaos, and let’s face it- I have 5 kids. There’s gonna be chaos. I am on a quest to never sweat the small stuff. I believe there is a purpose and a reason behind the things that we go through in life. Sometimes you just have to be patient and trust that eventually it will all make sense. Wine helps a lot with the whole be patient part.

I am Real.
I am a night owl who battles insomnia. I will never be a morning person. I like to eat a lot more than I like to cook. I have an aversion to stupidity. I am often socially awkward despite my Southern upbringing. I revert to sarcasm when I am irritated or uncomfortable. I have an inner diva named Buffy who is not nice when she is angered. I am terrified of heights, and spiders make me scream. Underneath my sassy exterior I am a sensitive soul, insecure at times, and I tend to get my feelings hurt easily. I’m a homebody who would rather curl up on the couch in my jammies and watch a movie with the family than go out on the town.
I am a Survivor.

I have overcome some incredibly dark times during my life. Infertility, multiple miscarriages, a medically fragile child, and postpartum mood disorders (depression, anxiety and psychosis- I’m an overachiever) are among the battles I’ve fought. Every war I have won has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a person. “Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so we see ourselves as we really are.” -Arthur Golden.

I am a Mom.

I love my kids to the depths of my soul even on the days when I feel like hiding in the closet with a bottle of wine to escape. I believe my kids are my biggest accomplishments in life. I believe independence is as important as attachment and I parent accordingly. I have never let one of my babies cry it out. I have done co-sleeping and I have done sleep training. I have breastfed and formula fed. I have been a working mom and a stay home mom. I have adopted and I have given birth. I believe every mother’s best is good enough. “I’d like to be the ideal mother, but I’m too busy raising my kids.” - Unknown.


I am Me.

If you want to know some truths about me, such as why I failed my driving test the first time or what makes me cry, then you should read my If You Really Knew Me post!