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31 Days To An Organized & Clutter Free Life

 Welcome! I spent the summer and early fall organizing my entire house one room at a time it seemed only natural to do my 31 Days series on organization. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing projects I did to create an organized and clutter free life! I can tell you that it’s made such a difference in our daily lives around here. The house is easy to pick up and keep clean because everything has a home! You won’t believe some of the transformations!

Over the next 31 days I’ll be sharing with you not only the finished products of my organizational challenges but also the process I used to create the organization. That’s the most important part! I’ll also be sharing some tips and ideas on how to maintain the organization. That’s the hard part!

I’ll be showing you how I organized some of the most important and most often used areas of our home including the pantry, the kids bathroom, and the front closet. I’ll also share how I tackled the biggest clutter problems in our house such as the kids toys, the overwhelming amount of paper, and out of season clothing.

But that’s not the only areas of my life that I focused on organizing. I’ll show you how I organized my meal planning and recipes which led to me cutting our grocery budget significantly each month. Plus I’ll share my new Household Management Binder including the printables I used as well as my newly formed Bill Paying Binder that has simplified my life so much! I will share how I use my new family command center to keep everyone’s activities organized and make sure my schedule stays on track!

I’m telling you- our whole house has been transformed just by getting rid of the clutter and spending some time organizing. Our household runs like a well-oiled machine now so every single second I spent on my 60 day organizational challenge was worth it. If you are looking for ways to organize and simplify your life I hope the next 31 days will inspire you.

This page will be updated every day as new posts are published so you won’t miss a thing!

 Day 1: 31 Days To An Organized & Clutter Free Life Introduction

 Day 2: Getting Started- Embracing A Clutter Free Life

 Day 3: How I Organized My Entire House In 60 Days

 Day 4: 5 Practical Tips to Cut The Paper Clutter

 Day 5: Learning to Live With Less

 Day 6: Effective Chore Charts For Kids

 Day 7: Organizing a Functional Family Command Center

 Day 8: How To Organize Kid’s School Papers

 Day 9: Setting Up an Everyday File System

 Day 10: Organizing Household Files Easily

 Day 11: The Benefits of an Organized Home

 Day 12: Finding a Place for Everything

 Day 13: 5 Apps that Keep My Life Organized

 Day 14: Tips for Organizing Kid’s Toys & Books

 Day 15: Organizing & Saving Family Photos

 Day 16: Solutions for Organizing a Small Pantry

 Day 17: Creating Snack Stations for Kids

 Day 18: Easily Organize Your Kid’s DVD Collection

 Day 19: Organizational Ideas for Kid’s Bathroom

 Day 20: How To Organize Kid’s Clothes Efficiently

 Day 21: A Functional Home Management Binder

 Day 22: Organize Household Bills 

 Day 23: Creating a Magazine Reference Binder

 Day 24: 5 Habits of Highly Organized Families

 Day 25: How to Organize a Recipe Collection

 Day 26: Monthly Menu Planning Made Easy

 Day 27: How to Organize a Small Master Closet

 Day 28: Organizing the Garage

 Day 29- Creating a Locker Style Mudroom in a Basic Front Closet

 Day 30- How to Maintain a Clutter Free Home