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31 Days Of Simple & Delicious Weeknight Dinners For Busy Moms


Welcome to my 31 Day series for 2015. This year I’m going to do share 31 Days of Simple & Delicious Weeknight Dinner for Busy Moms. Over the last year I have been searching out and trying new dinner recipes to add to our meal rotations. I’m trying very hard to expand my kids’ palate and encourage them to try new foods. I set a goal to eat less take-out and fast food this year and I’ve done a great job at meeting that goal. Instead of eating out several times a week, we reserve that for a special occasion. Tuesdays aren’t a special occasion, who knew?

I look forward to sharing some new and fun recipes with you over the next month. I’ll be sharing a lot of 30 minute or less dinners as well as a bunch of crockpot recipes. There will be Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Pasta, Pork, and Turkey recipes. All of the recipes I will be sharing have been tested out by my family and deemed worthy of sharing. 

As the mom of 5 very busy and active kids I know how hard it is to get a delicious dinner on the table in the midst of the chaos. It always seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day and dinner time is the busiest time of my day. I have kids doing homework at the table during dinner prep, and kids who need to be picked up or taken to sports practices and various activities, and puppies who need to be fed, and a husband who gets home later and later. It’s hard, y’all. So this month I’m going to share 30 dinner recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious. 

I’ll be adding each recipe to this page as the month progresses in the form of a photo gallery to make each recipe easy to find. So bookmark this page and check back to find some new favorite recipes for your family. Don’t forget to pin the ones you want to try by hovering over the picture on the individual recipe post and clicking the Pin button.