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Book Review: The Floating Feldmans


The Floating Feldmans by Elyssa Friedland– Sink or swim! Too bad her kids didn’t get the memo. 

Between the troublesome family secrets, old sibling rivalries, and her two teenage grandkids, Annette’s birthday vacation is looking more and more like the perfect storm. Adrift together on the open seas, the Feldmans will each face the truths they’ve been ignoring–and learn that the people they once thought most likely to sink them are actually the ones who help them stay afloat.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Published: July 23, 2019

Acquired: Public library e-book

Series: Standalone

My Rating: 5 Stars

My Thoughts: What happens when you gather an entire family of parents, grown children, and grandchildren together trapped on a cruise ship with no way out? Feelings are hurt, secrets are shared, fights are had, and truths are outed. Just imagine it- three generations of a dysfunctional family stuck together on a claustrophobic cruise ship! Nothing good can come from all that togetherness when a family isn’t particularly close to each other.

The story is told in multiple points of view, which really made me feel the story and root for the characters in specific ways. Tensions start to appear the moment the matriarch of the family, Annette, invites her grown children, their significant others, and the grandchildren on a cruise. Secrets start to be revealed to the reader immediately and it was really humorous to read along as the family members discovered those secrets. The story wasn’t all humor and family tension though. There were real issues within the family that needed to be addressed and I thought the author handled those issues with extreme care. I definitely recommend this book and I will read more by this author. 

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