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Book Review: Never Tell


Never Tell by Lisa Gardner– A man is dead, shot three times in his home office. But his computer has been shot twelve times, and when the cops arrive, his pregnant wife is holding the gun. D. D. Warren arrives on the scene and recognizes the woman—Evie Carter—from a case many years back. Evie’s father was killed in a shooting that was ruled an accident. But for D.D., two coincidental murders is too many. Flora Dane sees the murder of Conrad Carter on the TV news and immediately knows his face. She remembers a night when she was still a victim—a hostage—and her captor knew this man. Overcome with guilt that she never tracked him down, Flora is now determined to learn the truth of Conrad’s murder. But D.D. and Flora are about to discover that in this case the truth is a devilishly elusive thing. As layer by layer they peel away the half-truths and outright lies, they wonder: How many secrets can one family have?

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Published: February 19, 2019

Acquired: Public library e-book

Series: #10 in Detective D.D. Warren Series

My Rating: 4 Stars

My Thoughts: I’m a huge fan of the D.D. Warren and Flora Dane series. This is book 10 but I haven’t read them all. I didn’t read any of the books before Flora was introduced as a character in book 8. I love her character. She’s a street smart, emotionally distant, bad-ass vigilante who colors outside the lines. And she’s the perfect counterpart to D.D. Warren- who I always feel is alternating between feelings of exasperation and maternal instinct when she deals with Flora. The mystery in this book was great and I didn’t figure out who was the mastermind until it was revealed. I enjoyed the addition of Evie to the cast of characters and I hope we see her more books!

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