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2019 Monthly Reading Recap: April

I told y’all in my book resolutions post earlier this year that I’m going to hold myself accountable this year with regards to my reading and book buying and borrowing habits. And I’m going to! Each month I’ll be doing a reading recap with all the nitty gritty details. Doing so helps me see that I’m replacing bad habits (spending way too much $ on books when I own thousands) with good habits. So here’s the breakdown for April.

Books Read: 

Unread Shelf Project- 2 books finished

Kindle Unlimited- 6 books finished

Library Reads- 7 books finished

TBR lists/already own- 0 books finished

New books purchased- 0 book finished

Total books read in April = 15

So there’s my totals on books read. Now let’s look deeper! I set goals for sticking to a monthly limit of $15 plus rollover from the previous month for new books. I also set a goal to read enough books this year from Kindle Unlimited to justify the subscription cost. 

Book Purchases- $23.95 budget

 new books for a total of $9.93 ($14.02 rolls over)

Kindle Unlimited- $128.52 cost of annual subscription

6 books read for a total of $22.94 ($77.83 year to date towards cost of subscription)

I have a complete list of books read in April 2019 along with my favorites on Instagram if you’d like to join me. I’ll have reviews coming soon for several of the books from this month. 

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