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2019 Monthly Goals: May

We are counting down the last days of our school year and I am so ready. Bring on summer break! I had a fairly productive April and I’m hoping to continue that into May! Let’s see how I did.

1. Personal Goals- I tried, y’all. It’s been a stressful month. 

  • Catch up on my favorite shows on the DVR- IN PROGRESS
  • Concentrate on my new dietary plan- DONE
  • Cut my alcohol consumption in half- NOPE

2. Book Goals- 2 done and one in progress!

  • Read 5 Kindle Unlimited books- DONE
  • Re-evaluate my unread shelf TBR- IN PROGRESS
  • Don’t purchase any book I can borrow from library- DONE

3. Family Goals- 1 out of 3…sad.

  • Begin planning Tyler’s graduation party- NOPE
  • Make decisions about summer activities- NOPE
  • Try 5 new recipes- DONE

4. House Goals- Halfway there.

  • Do Sunday prep every week- DONE
  • Try a new laundry schedule- DONE
  • Clean out garage- NOPE
  • Clean out kids’ closets- NOPE

5. Blog Goals- 50/50 on this one. 

  • Blog more consistently- NOPE
  • Get 10 reviews written in advance- DONE

I’m going to be very realistic as this is the second busiest month of the year for us. 

1. Personal Goals

  • Concentrate on eating healthy
  • Continue CBD oil and find my doseage
  • Watch less TV

2. Book Goals

  • Read 5 books off my unread shelf
  • Organize my TBR list

3. Family Goals

  • Do a monthly menu plan for summer
  • Try at least 3 new recipes
  • Do at least 1 family movie night

4. House Goals

  • Clean out garage
  • Clean out kids closets
  • Pull out outgrown uniforms and sort

5. Blog Goals

  • Schedule out review posts a month in advance

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