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2019 Monthly Goals: April

I can’t believe March is over. How? We had a super busy month and it just seemed to fly by at the speed of light! I’m so looking forward to April because after April comes May and then summer break. Ha! Let’s see how I did on my goals for March. 

1. Personal Goals- 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!

  • Finish all the inventory for our school used uniform committee- DONE
  • Be in bed by 11:00 on school nights- NOPE
  • Delete shows off the DVR that I don’t care about- DONE

2. Book Goals- Eh, I tried.

  • Read at least 5 books from Kindle Unlimited- DONE
  • Re-evaluate my unread shelf- NOPE
  • Read at least 3 books from my unread shelf- NOPE (only read 2)

3. Family Goals- I met all these goals!

  • Try at least 3 new recipes for dinner- DONE
  • Plan Spring break activities- DONE
  • Have at least 1 family movie night- DONE

4. House Goals- I slacked on these a lot!

  • Clean out and organize laundry room- NOPE
  • Clean out and organize kids closets- NOPE
  • List all outgrown uniforms for sale- HALFWAY DONE

5. Blog Goals- Work in progress!

  • Finish updating pages- NOPE
  • Finish sorting posts- ALMOST DONE
  • Update sidebars and links- NOPE
  • Schedule out book reviews- DONE

I’m trying to be realistic about my goals for April because it’s another busy month!

1. Personal Goals

  • Catch up on my favorite shows on the DVR 
  • Concentrate on my new dietary plan
  • Cut my alcohol consumption in half

2. Book Goals

  • Read 5 Kindle Unlimited books
  • Re-evaluate my unread shelf TBR
  • Don’t purchase any book I can borrow from library

3. Family Goals

  • Begin planning Tyler’s graduation party
  • Make decisions about summer activities
  • Try 5 new recipes

4. House Goals

  • Do Sunday prep every week
  • Try a new laundry schedule
  • Clean out garage
  • Clean out kids’ closets

5. Blog Goals

  • Blog more consistently 
  • Get 10 reviews written in advance

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