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Book Review: The Inbetween Days


The Inbetween Days by Eva Woods– Rosie Cooke is “in between.” In between consciousness and oblivion. Life and death. And though some say that when you’re near death your entire life flashes before your eyes, Rosie can’t remember anything at all—not even how she ended up in a coma. At least not at first.

Then something strange starts to happen. Rosie finds herself revisiting scattered moments from her past: a beach vacation, a play rehearsal, the day her brother was born. But why these memories? And what do they mean?

As each piece of the puzzle comes into focus, Rosie struggles to face the picture of her life that forms. But with every look backward comes a glimpse of what might be: A relationship with her sister. The opportunity to pursue her passion. A second chance at love. And Rosie just might discover that she has much to live for.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Published: January 22, 2019

Acquired: Public library e-book

Series: Standalone

My Rating: 3 Stars

My Thoughts: I was really intrigued by the premise of this story- being in a coma and reliving moments from your life over again with a different perspective. I had really high hopes that the story would just suck me in, but it kind of fell flat. Rosie and her sister, Daisy, were very disconnected and I struggled to find any real emotions between the two. That was really disappointing because their connection had the potential to be extremely powerful in the story. To be honest, I struggled to feel any connections between any of the characters except Rosie’s parents. I think that might have been a product of the way the story was told with the flashback memories. There was a really significant event from Rosie’s childhood that was pretty much just thrown in and then glossed over. I was really disappointed by that because it could have taken the story to a whole other level. 

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