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2019 Monthly Goals: March

For a short month, February sure seemed to creep by pretty slowly! We had a lot going on last month and the cold, rainy weather really wore on my mood. I’m looking forward to Spring! Let’s see how I did on my goals for February.

1. Personal Goals- I completed all of these goals!

  • Have a no spend February for anything other than necessities (excluding my book budget)- DONE
  • Work on our family budget- DONE
  • Cut the grocery budget by at least $100 a month- DONE

2. Book Goals- Nope!

  • Read 5 Kindle Unlimited books- NOPE 
  • Organize my Kindle collections- NOPE
  • Read 5 books from my unread shelf project- NOPE

3. Family Goals- I completed all of these goals!

  • Host the Superbowl party- DONE
  • Have at least one family movie night- DONE
  • Start planning our 2019 vacations- DONE

4. House Goals- I completed one and am working on the other 2!

  • Clean out the kids’ closets- IN PROCESS
  • List all outgrown school uniforms for sale- IN PROCESS
  • Organize pantry- DONE

5. Blog Goals- All of these are still in process!

  • Finish updating pages and categories- IN PROCESS
  • Finish sorting posts- IN PROCESS
  • Schedule out reviews for all books I’ve read- IN PROCESS

I’ve been contemplating what I’d like to achieve in March and I have some specific goals in mind. 

1. Personal Goals

  • Finish all the inventory for our school used uniform committee
  • Be in bed by 11:00 on school nights
  • Delete shows off the DVR that I don’t care about

2. Book Goals

  • Read at least 5 books from Kindle Unlimited
  • Re-evaluate my unread shelf
  • Read at least 3 books from my unread shelf

3. Family Goals

  • Try at least 3 new recipes for dinner
  • Plan Spring break activities
  • Have at least 1 family movie night

4. House Goals

  • Clean out and organize laundry room
  • Clean out and organize kids closets
  • List all outgrown uniforms for sale

5. Blog Goals

  • Finish updating pages
  • Finish sorting posts
  • Update sidebars and links
  • Schedule out book reviews

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  • Monica L

    These are good goals! I am hoping to continue the process of cleaning up old posts