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Five Things Friday {2.8.19}


New to my Queue



Favorite Book of the Week


When I Wasn’t Reading

I spent the week battling a virus that mimicked the flu so I spent most of this week lying on the couch watching stupid TV. I read some but the headaches were so bad I couldn’t read as much as I wanted. It was torture. 


New Books I Borrowed




What’s Up this Weekend

I wish I could say nothing but that rarely happens in our house. Two kids have sleepovers planned plus a birthday party. I have a mountain of work to catch up on for the house, the laundry, and my volunteer positions. It’ll be a busy weekend but I always feel so much better when I’m caught up on everything. Also….taxes. My goal is to get our taxes filed this weekend in advance of any possible government shut down. sigh. Adulting sucks. But I have these great library books waiting for me so I’ll push through!

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