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Five Things Friday {1.18.19}


New to my Queue




Favorite Book of the Week


When I Wasn’t Reading

Unfortunately I had a bunch of sick kids this week. Today is the first day all 4 are actually back in school. We also had the varsity football banquet for our senior, which was so bittersweet. I’ve spent most of this week medicating, sanitizing, and washing bedding. Is it Spring yet? 


New Books I Borrowed



What’s Up this Weekend

We have a 3 day weekend and we have absolutely nothing planned except relaxing and enjoying some football on Sunday. I need to grab some groceries but other than that I plan to wear my comfy pajamas for 99% of the weekend! I’m trying to fight off whatever devil virus my kids had this week so I cancelled all plans. Next week is super busy so this weekend of nothing is much needed. 


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