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2019 Unread Shelf Project + Book Resolutions

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Hi, my name is Delia and I’m a book hoarder. I only have a handful of physical books which lets me convince myself that I’m not a true book hoarder. But I have thousands of books on my kindle app. Thousands. Let that sink in. THOUSANDS of books. It’s ridiculous. And the sheer number of unread books makes me have heart palpitations. I need to get a handle on this addiction. This is the year, y’all. 

2019 Book Resolutions:

1. STICK TO A MONTHLY SPENDING LIMIT FOR NEW BOOKS. I have a really bad habit of buying books just because they’re on sale. Two or three 99 cent books doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re buying them weekly (ok fine, daily) then that adds up fast. This year I’m giving myself $15 per month to spend on new books. Anything unused will roll over to the next month. This will force me to plan ahead if I know there is a book coming out that I really want or if I want to shop the sales. 

2. DON’T WASTE TIME ON BOOKS I DON’T LIKE. I’ve always been strict on the start it, finish it rule. Which means I’ve forced myself to finish a lot of books that I didn’t even like. This year I’m giving myself permission to stop reading any book that I don’t like. If it doesn’t have my full attention by at least 35-40% in then I probably don’t care how it ends. Reading is my escape, it shouldn’t be a chore to finish a book. 

3. ORGANIZE MY BOOKS AND WISH LISTS. I have my books organized into collections on my kindle app but I need to condense some of those collections, delete books that I will never read, delete multiples that I am just now realizing I own, and condense my wish lists on Amazon to books I really really want. Basically I need to cut the book clutter. 

4. READ A VARIETY OF GENRES. I gravitate towards romance books but then I get stuck in a frustrating rut where no books appeal to me. Over the last year I’ve tried to read more contemporary fiction and I’ve found a bunch of new authors that I really enjoy! This year I’m going to continue to read books from different genres. I’m really going to try and read more in the mystery/suspense, comedy, and non-fiction genres. 

5. BORROW ENOUGH FROM KINDLE UNLIMITED TO JUSTIFY THE COST. I enjoy borrowing books from Kindle Unlimited but I tend to squirrel and I don’t always read those books in a timely fashion. I need to read enough of the Kindle Unlimited books per month to justify what I’m paying for the subscription or I need to end it. 

6. COMPLETE MY UNREAD SHELF PROJECT. I made a collection on my kindle app specifically for the unread shelf project and it contains 109 books that have been stuck in my TBR collections for way too long. I want to read at least 50% of these books this year. I’m going to keep track of how many I finish.

7. SHARE THE BOOKS I ENJOY ON MY BLOG AND INSTAGRAM. This will help me stay accountable to my goals. I’m going to post reviews of the books I enjoy here on the blog and share books on my new Instagram as well. 

Here’s to a great 2019 full of fabulous books!


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