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2019 Monthly Goals: February

I swear January was the longest month. We’ve battled illness and appointments and I had a lovely few weeks of stress induced insomnia. This feels like the 548th day of January! I’m over winter! So lets see how I did on my January goals. 

1. Personal Goals- I completed all of these goals!

  • Replace coffee with hot tea in the mornings- DONE
  • Drink only water during the daytime- DONE
  • Delete at least 10 unwatched things off DVR- DONE

2. Book Goals- I completed all of these goals too!

  • Purge and organize my Amazon wish lists- DONE
  • Read at least 5 books from Kindle Unlimited- DONE
  • Work on my delia.reads Instagram account- DONE

3. Family Goals- I almost completed both of these goals!

  • Redo chore lists- IN PROCESS
  • Have at least 1 family movie night- DONE

4. House Goals- I half completed these goals!

  • Clean kitchen every night before bed- DONE
  • Create new laundry schedule- NOPE

5. Blog Goals- Eh. You can’t win them all! Ha!

  • Update pages & categories- IN PROCESS
  • Sort old posts from 2018- IN PROCESS


So I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks on what I’d like to accomplish in February.

1. Personal Goals-

  • Have a no spend February for anything other than necessities (excluding my book budget)
  • Work on our family budget
  • Cut the grocery budget by at least $100 a month

2. Book Goals-

  • Read 5 Kindle Unlimited books
  • Organize my Kindle collections
  • Read 5 books from my unread shelf project

3. Family Goals-

  • Host the Superbowl party
  • Have at least one family movie night
  • Start planning our 2019 vacations

4. House Goals-

  • Clean out the kids’ closets
  • List all outgrown school uniforms for sale
  • Organize pantry

5. Blog Goals-

  • Finish updating pages and categories
  • Finish sorting posts
  • Schedule out reviews for all books I’ve read

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