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Weekly Family Highlights {9.6.18}

We had a week, y’all. I’m still recovering. For some reason 3 day weekends seem to be more exhausting than relaxing. 

1. We started the week off on a rough note. 3 kids woke up with fevers and sore throats. Mason said it best when he commented “we only made it 8 days before we got sick. We suck”. I concur kid. So they stayed home for a day until I was sure they didn’t have strep throat. 

2. The week then took an uglier turn when my corkscrew went missing. We’re talking 5 alarm emergency, send help! I emptied cabinets and drawers searching for that dang corkscrew! I finally found it 2 days later in the coat closet. Why? How? Not cool. 

3. Maia started the year strong but it didn’t take long for the same mean girls from last year to start their bull crap again this year. But the difference? My girl is stronger this year. She put them in their place and didn’t back down. She held her head up high and didn’t let them get to her. I’m so proud of her!

4. The mister and I actually got a quick impromptu date night this week. I had to pick up something at Target and we stopped in at Red Robin for a quick dinner sans kids. We rarely have time for an actual date night these days so we took full advantage of the opportunity!

5. Tyler’s varsity football game was on Thursday last week for some unknown reason. And of course, Thursday happened to be the most humid, hot, muggy, miserable night of the entire week. We got through a quarter and a half of football before we ended up in a 30+ minute lightning delay. Awesome. But Tyler (#53) had a fantastic game. He slid over to play Guard on offense and defensive end on defense. Those are much preferred positions for him so he was thrilled. They whooped the other team 54-0. 

6. After our 30 minute lightning delay where we all had to go sit in the parking lot because apparently metal bleachers and lightning is considered a bad idea, we finally finished the game. Because our school adheres to the mercy rule, meaning once the score reaches 42-0 the clock doesn’t stop running for anything, the second half went by very quickly. I got some great pictures of Tyler and his senior friends after the game and even got one of him with a teammate who graduated last year and came to watch. 

7. I received some amazing pictures from another parent from the game. I’m so thankful to this parent because he goes to every game and takes the best pictures of our guys and then shares them with us for free. He is truly amazing!

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