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Weekly Family Highlights {8.27.18}

What a crazy busy week! I forget how draining the first week of school is and every year I’m shocked by how exhausted I am at the end of it! Ha!

1. Zoey’s teacher this year is so amazing. She has set up a little photo sharing account so the parents can all see images of their kids doing fun stuff all year long. I love that! These were from the first couple of days of the school year. 

2. This kid. He is Mr. Procrastination. His trainer bugged him for 2 weeks to take his IMPACT test for this football season and he left it until literally the last hour. It drives me nuts. But he snuck it in just under the deadline and now the trainer has an updated baseline test just in case. 

3. I’m not sure who gave this girl permission to look so old. I need it to stop. She’s been experimenting with hair and make up tutorials on YouTube and now she looks 16. Make. It. Stop. 

4. Tyler was a captain in the football game last Friday night. The coaches rotate captain duties between the seniors and pick the ones that they think led by example during the week of practices. I love that. We played a long time rival school that is a full conference above us. We lost 28-14 but our guys played hard and strong. Tyler moved back to his normal left tackle position and then filled in at guard when we had an injury. He also played nose guard and defensive end. He had a great game and played really well. 

5. A parent took some amazing pictures of Tyler during the game. I’m so grateful to have these images of Tyler’s senior season, especially since he missed so much of last season. 

6. Zoey came with us to the game and had a blast with her bestie, whose brother also plays on the team. Maia and Mason went to a friends house to have a bonfire and roast S’mores. They all had a great time!

7. Poor Tyler had a rough Saturday. He didn’t get home from the game until 2am. Because of his concussions he has to meet with the trainer after every game. She evaluates him and then downloads the info from his helmet to make sure nothing was missed in the game. He also took an ice bath with the other guys who played most of the game. So he rolled into the house tired and sore at 2am. Then he had to be up at 7am because he was taking the SAT the next morning. He left the house looking tore up y’all- shirt inside out, mismatched socks, crazy hair….it was bad. Ha! He got home from the SAT at 2pm and got to take an hour nap before leaving for work at 4pm. Welcome to the real world, kid. It’s rough. 

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