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Favorite Things Friday {8.17.18}

1. I always forget what a crap show the first week of school is around here. It’s like labor pains- I block it out completely when it’s over. Which is why I have so many kids. The week started with Tyler having to go get new game cleats for football. He ripped his other ones in practice. And he ran into several teammates at the store who were also needing new cleats so I guess practice was intense lately. $200 later and he’s all set for the beginning of the season. The newspaper came and took pictures of the team last week for the online publications. Big Red is front and center and so very happy to be back with his teammates this season. 

2. These kids had their last hurrahs of summer this week. Maia had 2 sleepovers, played tons of Fortnite, and slept until noon every day. Mason hit Carowinds with his 2 best friends and had a sleepover. Zoey had 3 play dates and I didn’t get a single pictures of any of them! I think they had a fantastic summer!

3. We saw this beautiful double rainbow over our house this week. It was simply breathtakingly gorgeous. It made me stop and stare. And then give thanks for all the blessings in my life. What a timely reminder that I needed. 

4. Back to school prep was hard y’all. It was hard. I had to sort all the school supplies and somehow was missing 4 bags! I still haven’t found them. We had Maia’s open house on Monday morning, a football meeting on Monday afternoon, Tyler left for his senior trip Tuesday morning, Zoey and Mason’s open house on Tuesday afternoon, 3 doctor’s appointments on Wednesday, and school started Thursday. It was a painful week. Is it summer break yet? 

5. And yesterday was our first day of school for 2018-19. Here they are- 8th grade, 5th grade, and 2nd grade. Tyler was still gone on the senior trip so he missed out on mom’s annual tradition. The kids all got new alarm clocks and they were up on time, dressed, and pretty much ready to go on time. It was a good morning. 

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