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Favorite Things Friday {8.10.18}

1. We are well into Varsity Football Pre-Season now. Poor Tyler. He did get a sensor helmet designed to help prevent and detect concussions. It has 3x the amount of padding and sensors all along the inside of the helmet. If he takes a hit to the head the sensors will alert on the trainer’s tablet on the sideline so she can pull him out and evaluate him. The helmet won’t fully prevent a concussion but it will help eliminate the risk of multiple compounding hits to the head! I’ll take what I can get at this point. It’s been a really long week for Tyler. He’s had morning practice with full pads from 7:45-10:30 and then afternoon practice from 12:45-3:30 and then he’s had to go to work from 5-10. He’s so exhausted. And it’s so freaking hot! Monday was miserable- he came from morning practice sick and dehydrated. He also ripped his cleats doing blocking drills. Ripped the cleat right off the bottom and had to have the trainer tape them up so he could finish practice. Ha! At least the coaches can’t accuse him of slacking in practice! We felt so sorry for him practicing in 95+ heat that we went to the QT and grabbed him a Powerade Mountain Blast slushie after his second practice because he wouldn’t have time to do much before he had to be at work. I’ll say one thing about varsity football- you have to LOVE it or you’ll never make it through Pre-Season!

2. These 2 girls of mine. They are sassy and spunky and so amazing. I just adore them. Zoey is so ready to go back to school. She misses her friends and she’s getting bored now. Maia, on the other hand, is dreading it. Ha! It’s her last year of middle school and I’m so hoping she has a great year. These two have been spending more time together lately. Maia has been painting Zoey’s nails for her and doing her hair. I love to see that. 

3. Matt and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary last weekend. And in the true old people fashion, we spent our day running errands, school supply shopping, and then took 3 kids out to dinner with us at Outback. Man, we are old. But it was fun. I love the ages my kids are at now. They are fun, they are fully portable, and don’t require gear. Ha!

4. Maia has had her braces on for a full year this week! And man, what a difference a year makes. Her teeth are so much straighter and her smile is fully aligned now. She’s so happy with the progress! Only 2 more years to go. She was hoping to get her expander out this time but no dice. She’ll need it for at least another 6 months. That was a big bummer for her but I keep reminding her that it will all be worth it in the end! We stopped and picked up one of her BFFs and went out for slushies to celebrate one year down and also drown her sorrows (and tooth pain) about the expander. Teen girls- so dramatic. 

5. I have been working on trying a bunch of Instant Pot recipes this summer so I can have a good amount to choose from when back to school menu planning starts up- next week! Boo. We’ve definitely found some new family favorites and I’ll be sharing all of them here on the blog over the next few months. I’ll also be adding a new section to the Recipes tab at the top for the Instant Pot recipes. I’ll get to that shortly….hopefully. 

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