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Family Highlights Weekly {8.20.18}

1. We attended Tyler’s senior breakfast on Friday morning. Senior breakfast. What? I am the mother of a senior now. I’m baffled by this. It was a great morning. It was amazing to walk in, sit in that banquet room, and see all his classmates and friends. Amazing to know them and their parents, to see how many of the parents know Tyler by name and hug him on sight. Amazing to be on a first name basis with administrators and teachers and to hear them speak such confident words over our kids. It was truly a powerful and uplifting morning and I’m so excited for his senior year. 

2. Friday night was Tyler’s first varsity game of the season. I didn’t take many pictures because my heart was in my throat for most of the game. I underestimated just how nerve-wracking it would be to watch him play again. He had a great game and they won 20-14 in overtime. I did get a good picture of him with 2 of his best friends after the game though. 

3. Luckily we have amazing parents at our school who also happen to be friends and also are amazing photographers. I got these fabulous pictures of Tyler after the game and it just makes me so grateful to be a part of this school. 

4. Saturday was mostly spent recovering from the week. It was a long week, y’all. But we survived. Saturday afternoon we did manage to get it together enough to run some errands. Zoey and Maia chose to come with us and then poor Zoey lost her enthusiasm. To be fair, our errands included Dollar Tree, Target, Sam’s Club, and a few other places. You can see the progression of attitude below. Ha!

5. Our Sam’s Club purchases looked somewhat sketchy this week. I only needed a few things but our cart ended up looking like a mix of college kid meets serious dieter. We had everything from edible cookie dough to rotisserie chicken to doughnuts to tomatoes. Very random. 

6. When we were leaving Sam’s Club with some serious bad attitudes we saw the most beautiful rainbow in the parking lot. Instant smiles. Mother Nature knows just how to turn around a bad afternoon. 

7. Mason hung out with friends at a party and got to go bowling. He loves bowling so much! We only got to go bowling once this summer so this was a nice treat for him. I love the friendships he has made at this school. 

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