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My Birthday Bucket List

I turned 41 years old this week! 41, y’all! I’ve left my 30s behind and I’m embracing my 40s. There’s something really freeing about being in your 40s, at least for me. I honestly do not care about what others think of me, my life, or my decisions. I don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses or follow the latest trend or be a part of the in-crowd. I don’t care. I’m me and I’m happy. This year I decided to make a bucket list for myself. It’s not a list of fantasy experiences that I’ll never in a million years be able to afford to do. Rather, it’s a list of things I want to accomplish this year for myself. 

1. Update my wardrobe. I got rid of a ton of stuff when we moved, mostly stuff that didn’t fit or that was old or damaged. But I really need to go through my wardrobe and get rid of stuff that isn’t flattering or not my style. I want to add some classic pieces to my wardrobe…basically I want to dress my age. Ha!

2. Develop a skin care routine. I’m ashamed to admit just how often I fall into bed at the end of the night still wearing my make up. It’s an awful habit and I need to be better about skin care. 

3. Invest in good makeup. I’m the queen of cheap make up and then I wonder why I don’t like the way it looks. ha! This year I want to invest in some good quality make up that works for my skin. I also would love to learn how to apply it properly. Pretty sure a make up artist would have a heart attack if they saw my smearing on foundation with my fingers. 

4. Volunteer more. I want to find my cause. I don’t just want to volunteer. I want to have a cause that I’m passionate about and dedicated to. I’m leaning towards something within the foster care system because that truly is where my passion lies. I’m undecided whether that means going back to being a foster parent or maybe becoming a GAL (CASA in some parts of the country) or maybe a respite provider. I don’t know. But I need to make a difference somewhere, somehow. 

5. Read 10 books outside my favorite genres. I get into a book rut reading my usual genres so I want to branch out. I’m already reading more mysteries and thrillers so I’m thinking about maybe trying some historical fiction and some non-fiction. 

6. Be more spontaneous. I get stuck in my routines and then wonder why I’m bored. I want to add some spontaneity to my life. Live for the moment and all. 

7. Create a database of favorite recipes and cook more. Since adding the Instant Pot to my life I have found my joy in cooking again. I’ve cooked almost every single night for 6 weeks and I’m enjoying it. I’m taking pride in what I’m serving my family again. I want to create a binder or a database of our favorite recipes. I want to experiment more with new ingredients and new recipes. 

8. Take my health seriously. Bleg. I’m terrible with this. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw my PCP for a full physical. I desperately need to see the dermatologist, cardiologist, gynocologist, dentist, and my PCP. This is the year I get serious about my own health.

9. Say yes to more experiences. I’m not good about stepping outside my comfort zone. Historically I’ve found my comfort zone and then settled in for the long haul. But that creates a really monotonous life. I want to be more open to new things and try fun stuff- both with my kids and without them!

10. Let go of the negative. Life is too short for negativity. I’m not one who gets her feelings hurt easily or cares too much about what others think but I can hold a grudge like nothing you’ve seen. I take the whole “burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me” thing very seriously. I want to be quick to forget and quicker to forgive. Life is just more peaceful that way.

11. Watch less mindless TV. I swear this is on every single list I’ve ever made. Ha! I did cut out a bunch of shows when we moved because we had to turn in the old DVR and I just didn’t care enough to catch up on them. There are very few reality shows I currently watch and I’ve cut out a bunch of primetime shows I lost interest in. The sports will never get cut out and neither will House Hunters and Property Brothers. Ha! But the rest of the junk can probably be deleted.

12. Entertain more. I’m very much a homebody and an introvert. But I greatly enjoy my friends. I’ve not been great about hosting in the past and it’s time I get with it. I want to host a few football viewing parties, maybe a Halloween party, definitely a holiday party…we have a much bigger house now so there’s no excuses!

Here’s to a great 41st year of life!

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  • Charbelle4

    I love this idea, I turn 39 next month and I might have to borrow it! If you establish a good skin care routine you won’t have to worry so much with the makeup, it’s a win/win!

  • Nysha

    I like your list. I actually bought a very nice 3 ring binder & dividers to start my own recipe compilation, but I haven’t managed to actually collect all the recipes I’ve got in multiple different computer files or printed piles. I long to be organized, but I have some major hoarder tendencies that get in the way.