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Life Lately: Exploring Our New Hood

Moving close to the kids charter school means that we are already very familiar with the area immediately surrounding the school. But our new neighborhood is a different story. We are about 4 miles down the road from the main street with every single thing you could ever need- Target, Walmart, Lowes, Old Navy, and about a gazillion other things. Any place you can imagine to eat is on this one main street. So our main focus was figuring out where the other stuff is- the parks, the libraries, etc. We were driving home one evening taking a short cut that a friend told us about and we stumbled across the best park! We stopped and the kids spent over an hour climbing around.

Of course, one of the very first things we found was the nearest Target. Ha! 

And one of the next things we located was the nearest Little Caesar’s Pizza. If we get pizza take out it’s always from Little Caesar’s. You cannot beat the price when you’re feeding this many people and I’m addicted to their Crazy Bread. 

We also found the closest library to our new house. We are big library people. It’s no secret that I love to read- currently there are about 200 books on my Kindle TBR list. But Maliah and Zoey are also huge readers. Mason enjoys reading specific books- he loves nonfiction, the I Survived series, and a couple of other series. Other than that- no. 

We’ve really enjoyed learning our new area and finding new things. It feels brand new but it also feels like home because it’s so close to school. We really love it here!

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