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Favorite Things Friday {7.6.18}

1. I’ve been working hard on getting the remaining things done in the new house. I’ve done a lot but it’s just the final few things that need to be finished- curtains in some rooms, wall decor, etc. We’ve had some rainy days lately so I’ve been dragging the family around to IKEA and Hobby Lobby and World Market and HomeGoods. They’re thrilled. Everyone wants their rooms done but nobody wants to know how it gets done. I’m currently working on finishing up the final details in the bedrooms and getting the 2 front rooms furnished and decorated. I’m not going to do a formal living and dining because it’s a waste of space so I’m doing an office/sitting room on one side and a bar/lounge on the other side. I found this amazing tree stump table at HomeGoods for the bar! I love it!

Zoey fell in love with this giant Bull Grill that we found at HomeGoods. She was very disappointed to find out it cannot live at our house. Honestly I think Matt was disappointed too. Ha! Then I had to dash her hopes of having her own princess carriage in the backyard. For $699 the princess carriage better come with a fairy Godmother and some dwarves to clean my house. Just sayin’. 

3. It’s been so nice in the evenings lately that we’ve been grilling out a lot! Between the grill and the Instant Pot I haven’t turned my oven on in over a month! We’ve done pork chops, tilapia, beer brats, and steak recently and I love the simple clean up! I love summer. LOVE IT!

4. I recently bought an air fryer. I’ve been working on stepping up my dinner game lately. We’re all tired of the same old stuff so I needed to change it up. The Instant Pot has been amazing and this air fryer was my next step. The first night I bought it we made chicken wings and french fries. Oh holy cow! The chicken wings normally take almost an hour in the oven to get crispy but they were done in less than 2o minutes in the air fryer! The french fries took 18 minutes and were so crispy! I’m in love! I can’t wait to make more stuff!

4. Matt bought a new car. He loved his Mustang so much that he bought another one. Tyler’s car needed about $7500 worth of work done and we weren’t willing to put that much into a car that is only worth $11,000. So we traded Tyler’s car and Matt bought a new Mustang for himself. So Tyler is driving Matt’s old Mustang. You’ve never seen a happier 17 year old. Now he needs to take his happy self and find a new job. Ha!

5. We fulfilled another item on our Summer Bucket List this week! We took the kids to see Jurassic World 2 and it was amazing! The kids loved it and so did we. Next up is Hotel Transylvania 3! 

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